The World after the Fall - Chapter 182 - Rupture (17)

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Chapter 182: Rupture (17)

The bash exploded out, destroying everything around it. A dust cloud was kicked up and the entire land area was torn apart. The bash had perished many souls with it.

It was the power of the strongest Lord, Gerome.

Jaehwan appeared through the dust cloud.

‘He’s powerful.’

Jaehwan felt as if he had been struck by a giant hammer. He barely succeeded in turning the bash’s direction, but his entire left arm was numb and his wrist was painful as if it was broken.

‘Getting to this level of power by Adaptation…’

Jaehwan understood that Adaptation and Awakening were very similar after he fought Sameng Garam before. Just like how a human can overcome their limit through Awakening, they can reach a certain point through Adaptation too.

One blow from the bash destroyed about 10% of the 7th site. It seemed like its power made a few people feel dumbfounded also. Yoo Surha couldn’t hold back her shock.

“You were lucky.”

Even after such a powerful strike, Gerome’s world power had not decreased at all.

“I never knew you could gain this much of power through the System.”

“Through the System? You still speak of that?”

Gerome continued, “You can only gain such power through the ‘System’ only! Awakening and Adaptation are no different. It’s just a different world and a different system!”

Jaehwan then realized that Gerome’s System wasn’t just a System as a unique world. Jaehwan answered, “Maybe you are right. Perhaps I am a part of the system.”

Jaehwan also had a similar question for the longest time. If Awakening was really outside the System, it had to be an entirely different thing. Of course, there was a difference to Adaptation as it did not show any stats. But it wasn’t enough. Awakening did have steps, and if they were counted, then there was a certain number of stats that could show their power.

“No, you are in the System. There is nothing that’s outside the System.”

“I can’t agree with that.”

“…And why not?”

“Just because you have not traveled outside your planet doesn’t mean there’s no one out there.”

Gerome glared, “No. There is nothing outside the System. Even if there is something, no ‘being’ can live out there!”

It was a very solid and confident statement. Jaehwan felt sad as he heard that. He felt this from all the Generals too. Why did they despise being outside the System? Jaehwan couldn’t understand.

They all had lived for thousands of years. They must have experienced a lot of things in the world and seen a lot of the unsightly, filthy part of the System. But why weren’t they changing it?

Jaehwan declared, “I will find the way.”

Gerome laughed.


He began splitting his body into multiple clones. The number of Geromes increased, and after it exceeded 50, Gerome stopped.

It was a skill to make a copy of himself. It was also a skill that all newcomers learned at the tower. Jaehan knew this skill.

[Shadow Substitute]

Of course, this wasn’t the effect of the skill he knew. The skill he knew only made one copy, with 10% of the original’s power. However, these copies of Gerome wasn’t that. They had at least half of the original’s power.

-You cannot do anything alone.

50 Geromes spoke in unison. It was so scary that all the spirits in the vicinity shook in fear.

But why? Jaehwan wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t afraid when Gerome destroyed the site either. He knew Gerome was strong, but that was it. Jaehwan wasn’t shaken. “I’m not alone. There are people who’re with me.”


All the Geromes smirked.

-And who that might be? The girl from Rupture? Or that naked Nightmare? Or…

And at that moment, a few of the Geromes disappeared and Jaehwan quickly took a few steps back to prepare. Multiple bash attacks struck him. World power exploded like fireworks and threw Jaehwan into the air.

-Or is it all the trash you left behind in <Chaos>?!

Jaehwan stopped in the mid-air. Gerome scoffed.

-How funny. Do you think they still live?

Jaehwan turned serious at that moment.

“What do you mean?”

-I see you have built an empire in <Chaos>. And to think you used Catastrophe…

“I asked you what you meant.”

50 Gerome cackled at once.

-You made a pact with Catastrophe, did you not? I believe you realize your pact has been broken.

Jaehwan did not speak for a second.

“What did you do to <Chaos>?”

There was one thing he could guess. A while ago, Jaehwan tried to recover the link between him and Catastrophe after he acquired the [Eye of Geshtalt], but Catastrophe did not answer as if he had disappeared. Geromes laughed again.

-Fool! Do you think we would let those traitors live?

So the Lords attacked Catastrophe. If Catastrophe was defeated, then <Chaos> was done for. The forces of <Chaos> were no match against even few Commanders. Jaehwan knew Gerome knew this as well.

-It should be done by now. No beings will be left to live in your dream world. You will dream in your own world alone, and die.

Geromes laughed.

‘I see.’

He did hear the rumors, that Rupture and the <Great Lands> had signed a treaty. If so, there was a condition about <Chaos> too. They did not want <Chaos> to become a force, and probably decided to send their forces out there also.

Chaos would be in a devastating state by now.

-I’m sorry I can’t show you the sight.

Jaehwan then realized Gerome’s intention. That Lord was intent on killing Jaehwan in the most horrible way. Jaehwan looked at all 50 Geromes. Moments later, a few Geromes had weird expressions. They asked Jaehwan,

-Why are you laughing?

The Palace of Dead Men located within Fortress Carpediem of <Chaos>… a group of people appeared within the darkness. There were hundreds of them.

“Is it here?”

“It’s been a while since I came to <Chaos>.”

There were two groups each with distinct world power.

“Long time no see, bastard Lords.”

“Ah, so insects of Rupture.”

Commanders from the <Great Lands> stood on one side, and the leaders of Rupture stood on the other.

“It’s only a temporary co-op.”

“Bah. I will hate every second of it.”

They were here to clean out <Chaos>. One of the Commander spoke.

“So, this is the palace of Catastrophe. It’s a bit empty.”

They began exploring the summoning circle to prepare themselves against an unknown threat. But there was nothing in particular.

That’s when a few of the scouts screamed.

“T-there’s something here!”