The World after the Fall - Chapter 176 - Rupture (11)

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Chapter 176: Rupture (11)

“I think we have things to settle later.”


“Wait outside,” Jaehwan snapped coldly and Surha backed away toward the door. Why? Why was she afraid of him? Surha shouted in objection, “Wait! What are you…!”

“Be quiet, Miss! It’s important now!”

It was Runald. Surha was shocked by the powerful world power within the boy. Who was this boy? Then she heard a familiar voice from behind.

“Ugh, he started again.”

“Jaehwan! I told you to go slower!”

“…He hasn’t changed a bit.”

Three people were walking over the Vicegerents of Eepoche that had fallen behind the door. Surha frowned.


“Surha, I didn’t know you were here,” Chunghuh smiled. He was followed by Karlton and Sirwen. These were pirates who were called the ‘Fallbringers’ and the people whom Surha had spent the last 2 years with. She then found the ship outside the window.

‘By the Gods… did they bring that giant thing all the way here?’

Surha became angry.

“Why are you all here?! Didn’t I say I can persuade Anonymous?”

“It’s not up to us. We just followed him.”

“Then you should’ve stopped him! He can’t come here and just destroy everything like…”

But Surha couldn’t continue as Jaehwan began talking as he walked over to Anonymous.

“Are you Pierre?”

Anonymous was shocked.

“…Who are you?”

“Pierre, the God of Mischief. Right? I know your face.”

Surha became dumbfounded. She glanced between Anonymous and Jaehwan and thought, ‘Pierre?’ What was he talking about? There was no way…

Anonymous then asked, “…How do you know my real name?”

Surha screamed in shock, “PIERRE?! Anonymous, you were ‘that’ Pierre?!”

“What? Who’s Pierre?”

“Teacher, don’t you know? The God of Mischief? The one who wrote the…”

As Surha and Chunghuh began to shout frantically, Anonymous asked Jaehwan again.

“I asked how you know my name.”

“Your ‘friend’ told me.”

Jaehwan tapped on his head as he spoke.

“Mulack Armelt.”

Anonymous was shocked once again. It had been so long since he was this shocked after he had earned [Premonition]. Every future event was shown to him and he just needed to choose the best or sometimes, the least worst.

Yet none of the futures he read showed this man appearing in front of him

And Mulack? How long had it been since he heard the name? Anonymous, no Pierre, mumbled in reminisce.

“…Do you know Mulack?”

“I’ve never met him, but he’s the one I know best in this world.”

Pierre narrowed his eyes as he glared at Jaehwan. He was the most powerful God in terms of Law type Settings, but he couldn’t read this man. Nothing came up on his [Premontion] and nothing came through his [Eye of the Truth].

‘Is he outside the System? But that’s impossible…’

Pierre asked, “So, the one who knows Mulack. Why are you here?”

“I thought about getting help from you.”

“…Are you a friend of Surha’s?”

Pierre glanced over to Surha. She was startled.

“As I’ve already said to her, I have no intention to…”

“I didn’t ask you to help me yet.”

“What? You just said…”

“I need to see if you are worthy enough before asking for your help.”

Pierre opened his eyes wide and laughed. The maniacal laughter made Surha and others flinch.

“What an arrogant…”

But Pierre couldn’t finish his words as Jaehwan’s powerful world power swept away his voice. Pierre felt he had felt this world power a long time ago.

‘Is this true?’

A long lost memory came back to him.

Budda. Mulack. And the naked Gods…

The Great Forest and the hot springs.

Memory of going through Metamorphosis.

“Great Warrior Ra-hamad sends his greetings also.”


Pierre shook with shock. Jaehwan continued, “He wanted me to ask if you are still doing metamorphosis. And…”

From Jaehwan’s left eye, the shadow of a giant snowstorm was spinning.

“If you were lazy in your training, you must pay the price.”

The energy began to fill the room. It was the energy of the Fall. Pierre quickly stood up with a pale face. He was no longer able to just stand aside. Soon, his eyes turned also. The bright shine of world power filled the entire room.

Moments later, Jaehwan and his friends were outside the Edmunt. Surha, who was still dumbfounded, asked, “…So what happened back there? Can anyone explain?”

Chunghuh answered, “Do you want a long version? Or the short version?”


“Hmph. It’s hard to make it short.”

“…Then why the hell did you give me a choice?”

Chunghuh laughed and began to speak. It was the long version. After hearing the long story, Surha stopped Chunghuh since she was annoyed, “Okay. I see that you are glad to see Jaehwan again.”


“But listen if I understood correctly.”

Chunghuh nodded and Surha explained what she understood.

“So, what you’re saying is that all of you went to the Great Forest just to find him?”


“And you met Geshtalt, one of the Three Ancient Gods?”

“It’s Jaehwan who met him, not me.”

“And what are you talking about, having power from Geshtalt? And the [Part]?”

“I don’t know exactly. I just heard from Karavan.”

Surha turned in shock.

“Karavan? Vicegerent of Ignis?”


“When did you find him? I have been looking everywhere for him.”

“He was with Jaehwan.”

“…What? Ugh, is this all true?”