The World after the Fall - Chapter 172 - Rupture (7)

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Chapter 172: Rupture (7)

It had been 3 months since the meeting with the Lords was held. 3 months as a period of time that could be long but also short. These 3 months had been hellish for <Depth> and all living beings in it.


Yoonhwan couldn’t hear being called upon as he looked up to the sky of Ragnarok, the 5th site.


“Oh, yeah.”

He then turned. His lieutenant was standing next to him.

‘Am I really a squad leader now?’

Yoonhwan was still unfamiliar with the position.

24th Squad Leader, Kim Yoonhwan.

It was due to Rupture’s unique system that allowed Yoonhwan to be promoted in such a short period of time. Rupture, a group of Awakeners, had a difference in ranks due to Awakening steps. It was due to having a huge power difference between different steps that 3rd step Awakeners would automatically become Squad leaders or higher.

“What have you been thinking, sir?”

It was his lieutenant, Adel, who spoke to him. Adel was a 2nd step Awakener who joined the <Depth> Invasion along with Yoonhwan.

“Just the usual,” he commented as he observed the countless defeated spirits. There were spirits on the verge of being evaporated into silvery dust. They were Vicegerents to the 5th site, or the ones who followed all kinds of Gods from Norse or Greek mythology. The beings who once had the power to call thunder or drive out seas were now at the brink of becoming the nutrients for the Tree of Imagery.

“S-save me…”

A few spirits reached out to Yoonhwan in fear. Yoonhwan almost moved his hand unconsciously to help, but stopped. His men were watching.

Soldiers who had been finishing up the spirits moved on and finished them. Yoonhwan couldn’t tear his eyes away until the body turned into dust.

Then came the sound of thunder.

“Those Lords are crazy,” Adel mumbled in astonishment. Yoonhwan nodded.

“Yes, they are.”

At the center of Ragnarok, at the palace of [Olympus], there were Gods using all of their Settings to fight to their last breath. There were two Lords and one Captain against one of the 8 Gods of <Depth>.

They were against the God of the 5th site, Chronos, the God of Time.

Chronos, who had taken control of his Vicegerent, was using all of his power to control time to fight back with incredible speed. But even if he was so powerful, he was still alone.

It was impossible to win while being outnumbered.

“Don’t you think it’s weird?”

“What is, sir?”


They saw Olympus the Palace being destroyed from afar. The ‘Forest Giant’ Setting of Lord Illiones destroyed the palace, and Lord Siegfried’s Setting ‘Gram’s Blade’, destroyed Chronos’ Law type Settings. It was then that Mirel struck a blow at Chronos.

Chronos screamed. The 8th God of <Depth> kneeled.

Adel said, “It’s not like we’re seeing that for the first time.”

He was right. It wasn’t their first time seeing this, but it was something that was hard to get used to.

‘However, I am getting used to it.’

During the past 3 months, Yoonhwan had seen the destruction of countless sites. Beginning with the 3rd site while Ignis was vacant, they had destroyed the 4th site, ‘Syndrome’, which was controlled by Pest, the God of Disease. And then they came to the 5th site.

“I’m sure the 2nd site is being attacked. But I heard it’s hard because the Dragon God Droyan is there.”

“Droyan? The one that uses Dark Dragon Flame Setting?”

“Yes, sir. The 1st and 2nd Captain are there. I heard the 1st Captain alone isn’t enough.”

Yoonhwan remembered what happened in the meeting room 3 months ago.

1st Captain of the Rupture, Budda, the God of Reincarnation.

He was one of the few 8 Gods of <Depth> who could fight against two Lords alone. He was the one who had stronger power than Gerome of Darkness, the strongest Lord.

‘Who would’ve thought that Budda was the 1st Captain…’

The appearance of Budda was shocking news for all low-ranking Awakeners of Rupture. The meeting turned upside down after Budda appeared and every condition was in Rupture’s favor.

“Oh, I heard you were a secretary at the meeting then?”


Adel was curious, “Then, do you know what exactly they talked about that day?”

“I do.”

Yoonhwan remembered the topics of the meeting. He could still remember it clearly. There were three main topics:

The Alliance of <Great Lands> and <Rupture>.

Asking the Lords to help with Rupture’s Depth Invasion attack.

Requiring the Lords’ inaction when attacking Big Brother.

Adel became pale as Yoonhwan spoke of those words.

“Is-is it okay to tell me that?”

“Everyone will know soon. You are my lieutenant, so don’t worry.”

Adel then bowed.

“Don’t thank me. It’s nothing.”

Adel then continued, “I heard about the alliance between the Lords. But it is surprising to hear about asking them not to fight when we fight against Big Brother.”

“Actually we decided to talk to them about that.”

Allying with the Lords? Yoonhwan didn’t think it was right even then. But considering the Master or Captains’ point of view, it was understandable.

“It’s for the greater good.”

Yoonhwan wasn’t really sure what the ‘greater good’ actually meant. His only guess was that it was to destroy Big Brother.

Yes, that was important. Everything that happened was because of Big Brother after all. But was that enough to justify everything? Yoonhwan wasn’t sure.

“I see, Big Brother. So that was our condition.”


“What did those Lords ask in return?”

If Rupture had conditions, then the Lords must have had conditions too. It was obvious, but Yoonhwan was surprised by Adel who had calmly listened to his words.

He then thought he should tell Adel about what went on that day. It was a decision that was hard to understand. Even if Adel was his lieutenant, it was against the order to tell him everything happened that day. Yoonhwan himself couldn’t understand his question.

Yet, he still thought he should talk. He had to.

Thinking back now, Yoonhwan maybe guessed that something was coming. Telling Adel gave Yoonhwan an important motive to go onward.

And after a while…

Adel made a comment.

“I see. So, it was that.”

Yoonhwan became nervous at the calm and careful voice. It was as if he was a kid waiting for his homework to be graded.

“Providing [Fruits], not interfering with the reconstruction of the [Palace of Reincarnation] and help cleanse <Chaos>…”


Yoonhwan sighed with relief that he had given accurate information. Yoonhwan wasn’t really sure what the conditions actually meant and the gravity of the situation since he did not have much knowledge about <Chaos>, or the Palace of Reincarnation.

Adel added, “It’s bad.”


“Yes, sir. It’s bad.”

“How bad?”

“We might not have the word ‘Human’ in Rupture anymore.”

It was not an exact description, but Yoonhwan felt the seriousness of the Lords’ conditions.

“…I didn’t know it was that bad. I was more shocked by the last condition.”

“Last condition?”

As the meeting progressed, Yoonhwan was most enraged by the last one. That one was something he could not just ignore. It was about the [Cultivation].

-All [Products] cultivated onward from [Cultivation] will be divided up in a 1:1 ratio between Rupture and the <Great Lands>.

Yoonhwan couldn’t accept this.

It made sense to get help from the Lords to fight Big Brother. It made sense to provide them whatever they required Rupture to do for the greater good.

But what was this? Divide [Products]? Didn’t that mean accepting Cultivation?

Yoonhwan remembered 5th Captain Mirel talking to the enraged Yoonhwan in a low voice.

-I know what you are thinking. I know. But think about what we have to go through to defeat Big Brother and the Lords eventually.

-But… but…!

-Rupture can’t just stop being Rupture. We must make sacrifices for greater change. The cost of our pride can bring the change.

Yoonhwan hated himself for not being able to speak out loud. He felt as if he had been denied everything.

Adel nodded.

“I see.”