The World after the Fall - Chapter 171 - Rupture (6)

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Chapter 171: Rupture (6)

“…Is everything Ouroboros to you?”

It was Karavan who covered his genitals at the word since he was still naked. He smiled awkwardly at Sirwen.

“Hehe, it’s quite complicated. Like you said, it’s kind of a Law type Setting.”

“…And you are?”

“I thought I introduced myself…”

“Sorry, I wasn’t interested.”

Karavan was disappointed.

“I’m Karavan. Vicegerent to Ignis.”

“Oh, right…”

Sirwen who seemed to be uninterested, soon turned to Karavan in shock.

“WAIT! You said Ignis?!”

“Haha, yes! So you know!”

Karavan smiled triumphantly. Sirwen tensed up at the name.

“Of course I do. Ignis…”


Karavan widened his shoulders.

‘See? This is how famous Ignis the Flame is!’

Karavan then glanced over at Runald. Runald frowned as he looked back at Karavan. In the opposite direction, Chunghuh, Karlton, and Sirwen were talking amongst themselves regarding Ignis. It seemed that they were all shocked by the fact that Karavan was Ignis’ Vicegerent.

“…So, you are something I guess?”

“Hah, it’s too late to recognize that now, boy.”

Karavan cackled but Runald pointed at Karavan’s genitals.

“But you’re still naked.”

Karavan then saw the people’s eyes looking in that direction and blushed.

“I-it doesn’t matter!”

“I just said you’re naked, that’s all.”

Runald answered with smirk and Karavan frowned. He didn’t realize it when he was in the forest as everyone had clothes off, but now that they were back out, everyone had their clothes on. Karavan just forgot that it was weird to not have clothes on.

He felt ashamed. It was especially hurting to feel Sirwen’s disgusted look.


Jaehwan and Runald also had their clothes on. Karavan lowered his shoulders in disappointment. This was no way to glorify his God, Ignis.

“H-hey Jaehwan.” Karavan asked for help, “Can’t you clothe me with your power too?”

But the help did not come.

“You are not my Follower, so it’s impossible.”

“It only works for your Followers?”


Karavan wondered if he should abandon his God just to get out of this shameful situation when Runald cackled.

“Why are you so ashamed of being naked? Didn’t you say being naked was the real way just a few days ago?”

“S-shut up!”

“You look like a naked God. It’s so cool.”


Karavan’s body was shaking in anger with his reddened face as Runald mocked him when someone walked over. Karvan was then covered by a coat.

“Please, use this.”

It was Karlton.

“T-thank you.”

Karlton became so thankful that he even teared up He was wary of Karlton since he looked like a sissy, but it seemed like he was the nicest man in this group. Karlton smiled.

“It’s nothing. You must have a hard time if you are a Vicegerent to Ignis.”



Karavan asked, “Did something happen to Ignis?”

“Didn’t you said you were a Vicegerent…?”

It was a foolish question. If something happened to his God, Karavan would’ve known about it.

“Yes, I am. But…”

Karavan frowned, thinking of how he should explain what had happened.

‘So, the link not having been recovered fully was…’

Karavan’s link between Ignis had not fully recovered. The link to share world power and the Setting was established, but the link to communicate was still unstable. The only words he had heard from Ignis a few hours ago was this:

[You fool! Where have you been all this time!!]

He should have guessed that something was wrong back then. Karavan then thought about how surprised Chunghuh and his friends were when they found out that Karavan was Ignis’ Vicegerent. Were they surprised for another reason other than the fact that Karavan was a Vicegerent of high-ranking God?

Karavan explained shortly.

His link had been broken and it was now recovering, but he cannot communicate with his God yet. That was why he did not know what happened to him.

Karlton understood what happened quickly.

“I see. So, that’s why…”


Karavan thought this sissy was actually smarter than he thought. Karlton then said, “Then you might be shocked to hear this.”

“…Did Ignis get hurt?”

Karavan thought it was a stupid question. Gods were beings above beings. There was no way to hurt Gods. No, there was a way, but that was…

“He should be fine. But this might be a bigger problem then Ignis getting hurt.”

“…A bigger problem?”

“From what I know, Ignis was the ruler of the 3rd site. Is that right?”

“Yes,” Karavan answered dumbfoundedly. And in the next moment, Karavan guessed what Karlton was going to say.

“The 3rd site no longer exists in <Depth>.”

“Wait. Wait… are you saying…”

Karlton’s calm voice turned into despair for Karavan’s ears.

“Rupture attacked the 3rd site a month ago. The 3rd site has fallen.”