The World after the Fall - Chapter 170 - Rupture (5)

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Chapter 170: Rupture (5)

After exchanging names, Jaehwan, Runald, and Karavan was taken into the ship along with Chunghuh, Karlton, and Sirwen. Jaehwan asked, “Old man, what happened while I wasn’t here? How did you find me?”

“Heh, is that all you’ve got to say after all this time?”

“Oh, you wanted a hug?”


Chunghuh smiled and gave a short summary of what happened. He began from when they were taken apart from Jaehwan, and decided to move on their journey after waiting for Jaehwan a bit. Then they were beat up by hundreds of middle-ranking gods, and then tens of high-ranking gods. They also went to the Nightmare Union at the 5th site with Sirwen’s help to build the pirate ship called the Fall. Then they traveled all parts of <Depth>, killing notorious low to middle-ranking gods while gaining world power, and they ended up with a nickname of the ‘Fallbringers’. Chunghuh also got his hands on one of the [Parts] from an ancient god and it increased his power by a large margin.

That’s when they heard Jaehwan’s news a few months ago, and finally went after him into the Great Forest.

It was short but long 2 years and 3 months. Chunghuh spoke most of the time while Jaehwan listened. Karlton and Sirwen seemed to be nervous while they listened. Jaehwan made sure he checked each of their powers while he was listening.

‘They’ve grown in power.’

He was astonished by his friends’ powers. All of them, including Sirwen, was much stronger than what they were like 2 years ago. Sirwen was a Nightmare so it was hard to tell, but at least Chunghuh and Karlton looked they could take on most high-ranking Gods.

Jaehwan realized what kind of fear they had brought upon these gods and how many they had fought. Chunghuh laughed, “…Haha. We should have a duel sometimes. You will be shocked to see my unique world.”

“Oh, that would be fun.”

Runald watched them talk to each other jokingly and thought,

‘He looks just like an old man.’

Runald also heard about rumors about these ‘Fallbringer’ pirates. They were notorious pirates who had been appearing on the eastern side of <Depth>. He was curious about how scary these four people were, but they seemed to be nice.

‘I heard there were four though. Is it four including Jaehwan?’

Of course, they were just not scary-looking and not close to just being ordinary men. Karlton, the blonde guy, was one of the most handsome men Runald had ever seen, and Sirwen, a Nightmare, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Runald was at a loss for words at his first sight of a Nightmare.

‘So, that’s a Nightmare.’

Runald glanced over at Sirwen for a few seconds and then turned to Chunghuh. It seemed like they had finished talking. Runald figured it was a good time to speak up.

“Uh, so were you with Jaehwan since <Chaos>?”

“Yes, my child.”

Chunghuh spoke with an unusual and dignified voice. It seemed like he was glad to see an innocent boy like Runald in <Depth>. As Runald began to speak, Sirwen and Karlton also began speaking up. They wanted to speak since a while ago, but the awkward feeling toward Jaehwan stopped them. They had longed to meet him for a long time, but they were not sure about how to start.


It was especially so with Sirwen. Unlike Chunghuh or Karlton, she was not actually Jaehwan’s friend. She was more close to being an ‘enemy’.

Sirwen was now realizing that the emotion she had built up during the past 2 years was not actually permitted. That’s why she became afraid.

What if Jaehwan shunned her out now? What should she do with her affection that she built up alone? And why was she, a Nightmare, trapped with such emotion?

Jaehwan looked at Sirwen.

“What is it?”

“Uh, it’s…”

“Go on.”

His voice was cold. There was no friendliness or kindness, but Sirwen found herself feeling relieved. Relieved? How could she feel relieved by a cold voice?

“Haha… ah…”

Why did she have tears in her eyes?

“Why are you laughing?”

“No. It’s nothing.”

With those short words, she realized that this man was Jaehwan. No matter how the world turned, and how many years had passed, he was Jaehwan. She then realized what she had to do.

If he was Jaehwan, then she just needed to be ‘Sirwen’.

She took a short breath. Her 2000 years of life made her find her calmness just by taking a breath. She smiled and said, “I was looking forward to seeing you naked, but you aren’t.”

She thought it was a good topic to joke around with, but Jaehwan responded seriously.

“I am naked.”


“I am naked.”

Sirwen quickly scanned Jaehwan from top to bottom. To her eyes, Jaehwan was wearing a dark blue long coat. She even checked the inside of the coat, but Jaehwan had simple vest and pants on the inside.

“Are you trying to make a joke?”

She knew Jaehwan wasn’t the type to joke around, but there was no other way she could think of. Jaehwan said again, “It’s hard to explain. Anyway, I’m naked.”

“Yeah. If I have to put it into words, he’s in Ouroboros state.”

It was Runald who added to Jaehwan’s words. Sirwen raised her eyebrows.

“And what is that, kid?”

“Ouroboros is Ouroboros.”

Sirwen smiled at the confident answer.



“You want to get whooped?”

Sirwen threatened expressionlessly and Runald quickly hid behind Jaehwan. Jaehwan then grabbed Runald shoulder. A black coat-looking cloth appeared upon Runald’s body. It was the same design as Jaehwan’s. Sirwen asked in surprise, “W-what? What did you do? How did you do that? Is it a Setting?”

“Similar, but different.”

What Jaehwan did was by using the [Eye of Geshtalt]. After getting his hands on that [Part], Jaehwan had been freed from just putting on clothes. That was why he said he was naked even when he had clothes on. But he didn’t want to go into the details on such a complicated issue.

Sirwen began to ask, “What happened during all this time…”

Runald interrupted her again.

“I said, it’s Ouroboros!”