The World after the Fall - Chapter 168 - Rupture (3)

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Chapter 168: Rupture (3)

When the meeting first started, Yoonhwan didn’t think the meeting would go well.

The <Great Lands> and [Rupture] were sworn enemies.

Former Captains of Rupture had killed many Generals and even Lords at times. Why would these Lords want to talk with Rupture then?

Yoonhwan’s concerns grew to the peak once he faced the dark-caped man.

‘They are the Lords!’

It was as if the meeting room itself was becoming dark. As Yoonhwan faced the dark man’s eyes, he felt chilled to the bones because of his fears.

Talking with them? It was impossible. They were here to fight a war.

Yoonhwan was sure of it and didn’t realize that his hand had moved over to his sword. However, the Lord seemed to be interested in Yoonhwan who was not backing down at his presence. More powerful energy was about to be unleashed but…

“That’s enough, Darkness.”

A voice stopped him and the Lord of Darkness Gerome smiled.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you, Rupture’s slut.”

“I see that you still are as vulgar as ever,” Mirel snapped coldly. Yoonhwan was shocked. It seemed like these two had met before. Gerome glanced over at Yoonhwan and Seoyul standing at the corner of the room and asked, “Who are they? New Captains?”

“No. They are secretaries. They will be recording the meeting.”

“I see. I thought they were too weak to be Captains.”

Yoonhwan bit his lips. It was true. He was barely withstanding the energy that the Lord was unleashing.

People started sitting down within the meeting room. From the center seat to the left were Rupture’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th Captains, and to the right were the four Lords of the <Great Lands>.

Yoonhwan checked their names.

1st region. Lord of Forest, Illiones.

2nd region. Lord of Destruction. Siegfried.

4th region. Lord of Dragons. Varkant.

9th region. Lord of Darkness. Gerome (Leader).

‘Four? I thought there were 11?’

Yoonhwan was wondering why, but Gerome began speaking.

“A while ago, I sent out my boys to find you Ruptures at the <Great Lands>. I didn’t know you hid yourselves within <Depth> already.”

“It’s been a long time since we moved. You were too slow,” Imai snapped at Gerome coldly and silence fell. Their eyes met, and they were each checking another’s power. Yoonhwan realized that it was a battle of world power.

It was Varkant who broke the silence.

“Where’s the sickle girl? I need to teach her a lesson.”

His voice was so calm that it was hard to believe that he had been challenging the others with his powers. Yoonhwan realized the Lords had gotten the upper hand from the fight. Imai frowned and said, “…Sickle? Are you talking about Surha?”

“I heard she’s the one who killed the former Lord of Dragons. He was a fool though. A Commander becoming a Lord? Pfft.”

Varkant, who was a half-dragon and half-human, scoffed. He had become a Lord about 400 years ago. Kashim answered, “Surha has left Rupture.”

“Really? That’s a shame.”

Varkant seemed to be very disappointed. Maybe he really was here to fight Surha.

‘They are all terrifying. Were these the ones I tried to fight?’

Yoonhwan couldn’t even guess who powerful his Captains were, but he had a rough guess through the rumors he heard. And from the rumors, Imai was the strongest, then Kashim, and then Mirel. Kashim’s world power was rumored to be at about 3 million, so the other Captains should have been close to that.

‘Then, just how powerful are they?’

The Captains didn’t seem to be comfortable and it was likely that the meeting would lean in favor of the Lords. Yoonhwan felt like it was hard for him to breathe after the Captains had failed to overpower the Lords with their world power. Gerome looked at each Captain and asked, “Oh, and where is Myad?”

“…You should not call that name so easily.”

“If he doesn’t come, there is no meeting.”

“The master gave us permission for this meeting.”

“HAH! Nonsense,” Gerome scoffed. “You all have no right to hold this meeting.”

And at that moment, everyone flinched. Even Kashim and Imai became pale from the terror. Gerome’s world power began to explode and Kashim gasped, “…So, that’s why the war stopped. You have been hiding your powers.”

“I had planned to reveal it… but not this soon. Thanks to the weird one who made a mess at <Chaos>.”

“…You are talking about the General Massacre.”

General Massacre?

Yoonhwan did not know what that was, and he just jotted it down in his notes. Gerome nodded.

“Yes. I had empty spots for my Commanders, and these hyenas began rushing in.”

Gerome then glanced over at the three Lords next to him and smiled. His vicious smile even made the Lords look away. Yoonhwan then realized that Gerome was the strongest of all the Lords.

“It took some time to ‘persuade’ them. I mean, we didn’t even have the [Fruits] and these fools were coming at me like crazy. Wasn’t it, Siegfried?”

“Oh, uh- y-yeah. I’m sorry about what happened then.” Siegfried answered frantically. It was terrifying world power.

‘Who can fight him? Can Master? Or one of the 8 Gods of <Depth>?’

Yoonhwan wasn’t sure.

“So, where’s Myad?”

“He’s not coming, Gerome. He’s not here.”

“Where did he go? Was he too scared to come?”

Mirel then became infuriated.

“Shut up. It’s not like all of you are here either. If all of 11 came, Myad would have come. But just four? We are the ones who are offended by this rudeness.”

Yoonhwan became terrified. Speaking so fiercely against that terrifying Lord? Would it not anger Gerome? However, Gerome’s expression turned awkward.

“That I can explain. We were planning to come. All 11 of us.”

“Explain? And what will that be?”

“Don’t play games, girl. You all must know.”

Mirel then closed her mouth. She blinked for a few seconds and spoke.

“So, Catastrophe did not let you guys pass easily.”

Catastrophe. The Gatekeeper blocking the way from <Chaos> to <Depth>, and one of Three Ancient Gods. Gerome gritted his teeth.

“No. He didn’t even plan to let us pass. Why did you not tell us before?”

“We didn’t think that he would try to stop you. Catastrophe normally doesn’t care about letting the Lords passing through.”

“Don’t lie. There’s no way that you all did not know.”

“…So did you fight Catastrophe head-on?”

Gerome became silent, but it was not hard to guess why.

“Five out of eleven died. And two were too injured to come with us.”