The World after the Fall - Chapter 166 - Rupture (1)

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Chapter 166: Rupture (1)

Before the fall, every living being who lived in the <Great Lands> and <Chaos> believed that the <Great Lands> was the land of the living, and <Chaos> was the land of the dead.

Of course, this wasn’t an entirely wrong assumption as the <Great Lands> did require a physical body for one to live there while spirits lived in <Chaos>.

But to strictly confine the matter about the land of the living and the dead proved to be dangerous, especially by the beings that lived there.

Some said the following:

-Labeling these lands for the living and the dead is the worst deed that the Lords of the <Great Lands> had ever done.

It was true. Because of that label, countless beings considered the ‘land of the living’ as the ultimate land to live in, and they dreamed of revival through the [Fruits].

It was the beginning of beings who thought the <Great Lands> (Land of living) as ‘true’ life.

This longing for true life became the cornerstone to the Lords’ petty schemes in keeping the <Great Lands> in its warring state, and they successfully utilized the longing to maintain a stable number of Generals for thousands of years.


And from what has been uncovered, most of these thoughts were the outcome of the scheme of the Lords of the 12 regions.

Their faithful followers brought many famous words from the remote lands to glorify the land of the living and its spirits.


This is the darkest part of our history. Today, we consider the body to be just a form of a ‘prison’.

-From the [World before the fall]

Poet – Euphrates

Episode – Rupture

In a palace somewhere in the 8th site <Caspion>…

There had been some weird tensions brewing in <Highseeker>, the newfound capital of [Rupture]. It was very apparent in the Captain’s meeting room where the Captains were gathered.

“It’s today.”

“Yes, today.”

4th Captain Kashim and 5th Captain Mirel spoke almost instantly. They seemed to be determined. Then, someone entered the room.

“4th Captain!”

Two regular members entered. The first one who came in was very handsome and had thick eyebrows. The only downside was that he had a big scar on his cheek that he seemed to have gotten recently.

“4th Captain. Is it true?”

“Why are you here?”

“Is it true, sir?”

The man ignored Kashim’s question and asked again. Kashim frowned and asked back, “What are you talking about?”

“The Lords. Are they really coming here?”

“You are being rude, Yoonhwan,” Mirel interrupted instead. Yoonhwan then took a step back, understanding his impolite behavior. After the <Simulation>, Yoonhwan was a bit more careful around Mirel. Mirel also glanced over at the woman who came with him.

“…Seoyul. You’re here too.”

“Yes, 5th Captain.”

Mirel was known for her beauty, but she was still no match for the woman. Han Seoyul’s beauty was outstanding. Mirel read Seoyul’s frustration along with Yoonhwan’s concern and sighed.

“Yes, it is true. Lords are coming here today.”



Yoonhwan seemed to be troubled. The Lords were coming to the land of Rupture.

“Is it war?”



“I would say that it’s a treaty.”

Yoonhwan shouted in disbelief.


Treaty with the Lords? That was not possible to understand, nor was it possible to accept either. They were at the top of the food chain in Cultivation, and an enemy of all [Products]. There was nothing to discuss with them. Yoonhwan gritted his teeth.

“I didn’t join Rupture for this…!”

“Of course,” Kashim answered this time. “I know how you feel. But the Lords are strong. We can’t just fight them because we are blinded by our rage.”

Kashim looked down at the tea that Mirel poured for him and continued, “Our final goal is <Big Brother>. We have to put aside our differences for the greater goal.”

“What are you talking about? The Lords or Big Brother are all same thing in the end.”


Kashim looked as if he didn’t hear what Yoonhwan said and Yoonhwan snapped at him.

“Are you making fun of me?”

It had been two months since he had passed the simulation. And during those two months, Yoonhwan had undergone many missions as a member of Rupture, gaining a lot of knowledge about <Depth>. And among the knowledge he gained, he learned of something that he had not even thought of before.

“I know that the Great Lands is the 1st site of the <Depth> that Big Brother controls.”

The <Great lands>, which everyone thought to be the center of this universe, was actually only a site of the <Depth>. There was no land of the living, and the ‘body’ was the only thing that showed differences between the 1st site and the others.

“The Lords are Big Brother’s Vicegerents. You are saying that we will work with them to fight their master.”

Kashim smiled, “Seems like you’ve been busy.”

“I know enough, sir.”

“Yes, you are right. Lords are Vicegerents. But you see…”

Kashim sipped on the tea and continued, “It doesn’t mean that the Lords and Big Brothers are ‘one’.”

“What are you…”

“I assume you know this already, but Yoo Surha resigned from the 2nd Captain position.’

Yoo Surha left Rupture. This was a very famous incident that everyone knew. Yoonhwan also even saw her when he first joined Rupture. The woman was as beautiful as Seoyul. He just didn’t realize his first meeting with her was the last.

“Why are you talking about that now?”

“I thought you pick up on it. How disappointing,” Mirel answered. It seemed like she realized what Kashim was trying to say. Yoonhwan thought about it. Big Brother and the Lords weren’t same, but what did that have to do with Yoo Surha leaving Rupture?

Then, Seoyul spoke.

“Sharing the same world doesn’t mean you both share the same goal.”

“You are right. Good job, Seoyul,” Mirel answered and Yoonhwan then realized why Kashim spoke of Surha. Surha had left Rupture, but she still had Rupture’s unique world, [Sea of Blood, Mountain of Corpses]. Even if she had the same world, she decided to walk a different path.

“You mean not all Lords are fine with what Big Brother is doing?”

“Yes. You’re so slow,” Kashim laughed.

“It didn’t seem to make sense at first.”

“Of course, our master isn’t like Big Brother. I was just making an example.”

Whatever it was, it did seem possible. If some Lords were against Big Brother, it was better to work with them to fight against Big Brother than going at it alone.

“But I can’t accept it.”