The World after the Fall - Chapter 163 - God of Madness (10)

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Chapter 163: God of Madness (10)

Ancient Three Gods.

Human spirits who became Gods.

These were Gods who were born through the ‘clothes’ and were more sensitive toward it. That allowed them to become more powerful than any other God by using these ‘clothes’. Yet, their characteristics differed from the different answers they had in regards to the clothes.

What are clothes?

Daeus’ answer was this:

-Clothes are weapons.

Daeus realized clothes could be a powerful armor against other worlds, but also a powerful weapon. Therefore, he collected many clothes as possible and analyzed it all to create the ‘Strongest Clothing’ that could not be destroyed. Then, he created the ‘Machina’.

And there was another who answered differently.

-Clothes are contagious.

It was Catastrophe. He realized that spirits were influenced by others to wear similar clothes. He utilized this characteristic to forcefully create Followers, which was the Void Sword. It was the [Part] that made all beings become ‘Dead Men’ by touching it, and this was was the result of his idea.

And the third God answered differently.

-Clothes are something you take it off.

It was the Naked God, the creator of [Naked] Setting. Geshtalt.

Daues hid himself undernealth powerful clothes. Catastrophe plagued many to become his Followers to grow in power. Geshtalt, freely traveled through <Depth>, naked.

These Three Ancient Gods were requested to end the never-ending war with the other Gods and agreed. They all gathered at the site that was called The Great Forest to discuss it.

How could they end the war? The Three Gods had different answers.

Daeus said that everyone can wear his clothes.

Geshtalt said that everyone can take off their clothes.

Catastrophe said that everyone can become his Follower.

Their opinions were different and they each unsheathed their weapons. This was what happened 210 million years ago.

Karavan spoke then.

“The Three Gods War! That was the beginning!”


“I know a bit about what happened then. Big Brother appeared after that war. If only that war didn’t happen…”

Jaehwan listened to Karavan and Ra-hamad silently. He didn’t know anything about this war and from listening, it seemed that Three Ancient Gods were driven out from that war and Big Brother became the master of <Depth>.

Ra-hamad said,

[We were pulled out from Geshtalt then. Or to be exact, we were taken off.]

Runald screamed suddenly at that moment.

“….UGH! I can’t think of it!”


“Jaehwan, what are clothes? What do you mean that anyone can’t take it off?”

“Were you still stuck on that?”

Karavan sighed at Runald.

“It’s important!”

“Hey, we are not talking about…”

“Yes, it’s important.” Jaehwan nodded toward Runald and added, “You will not understand what happened to these people if you don’t understand that.”

“Right! That’s what I am saying!” Runald then spoke again. “Jaehwan, so what are clothes? Can you make it simple?”

“There’s no point in saying it. I can explain with it something similar, but it doesn’t mean the same thing. The meaning becomes useless once it is put to words.”

“…I see. I get it.” Runald nodded and answered, “Then let me change the question. What about the clothes we wear that changes our being?”

“Like a scrubbing glove making you become a scrubber?”

“Yeah.” Runald smiled. “I see that the ‘clothes’ you or the Great Warrior speaks of aren’t about physical clothes. But there are things that can’t be explained. For example…”

Runald paused for a second before he continued, “You have a sword, but that doesn’t make you a swordsman. You can cook with it, or you can chop down a tree. Then, are you a swordsman, a cook, or a lumberjack? If the clothes define who you are, then what happens with this?”

Jaehwan tried to speak, but someone interrupted.

[That is interesting Ouroboros.]

Ra-hamad’s voice filled the area. Runald was surprised as he didn’t expect Ra-hamad to answer. What he continued with was even more surprising.

[You are right. How can ones’ clothes determine one’s being?]


Ra-hamad’s words were the exact opposite of what he had been saying before. Runald was at a loss for words and Ra-hamad continued speaking.

[But the clothes still choose who you are.]

“…What are you talking about?”

Runald began to anticipate where this was going. This man would say nonsense for a while and end with ‘Ouroboros’ at the end. Soon, Runald found out that his expectations were wrong. Ra-hamad said this:

[Let me say this. You are a naked boy.]

Runald became confused and answered, “…Yeah. I am a naked boy.”

[And you are a Follower of Jaehwan.]

“Yes. A loyal and faithful Follower that is,” Runald agreed.

[And you are a friend of the criminal, Karavan.]

“What are you talking about? I’m not a friend of this boy.”

Ra-hamad continued,

[And you are a large Ouroboros of the Long Living race.]

“…Is that sexual harassment?”

Some warriors cackled as Runald answered.

[And you are…]

Ra-hamad kept on going with different descriptions. You are that, you are this… Runald stopped answering, and Ra-hamad also stopped speaking. Runald was then struck with the truth. He mumbled with a hollow voice “…I see. Why didn’t I know that before?”

The reason why a prince is still a prince even if he is wearing a bum’s clothes. The reason why no one can truly be naked. The reason why Ra-hamad said of all that. Runald now understood. He said, “We don’t just wear ‘one’ piece of clothing.”

Ra-hamad nodded. Runald now realized what the clothes were. It wasn’t ego or a personality. Clothes were the core elements that formed beings. The clothes… were themselves.

“We are beings created with countless ‘clothes’.”

Ra-hamad mumbled Ouroboros.

“Then that means you are the clothes of Geshtalt…”

“They are particles of Geshtalt himself,” Jahewan answered instead. Ra-hamad was looking at Jaehwan now. Runald then became pale and shook. That was the reason why these people were Geshtalt and also not Geshtalt. “Ra-hamad. Why did Geshtalt disappear after taking all of you off?”


“Does that have to do with Geshtalt’s [Part]?”

Jaehwan didn’t miss a vital point in the long story. There was one thing Ra-hamad didn’t speak of in the long history of the <Depth>. There was one thing that he failed to describe.

Jaehwan now knew why Andersen sent him here. He lost to Machina two months ago, and the only thing that could fight against one of the [Parts] of the Three Ancient Gods was another [Part] from them.

[You always exceed our expectations. You are right. We became this because of the [Eye of Geshtalt].]

The last [Part] of the Three Ancient Gods. A weapon that could fight against the Machina. Jaehwan realized that he had finally reached the end of the long questions. This time, Ra-hamad was the one to ask him a question.

[Let me ask you this time.]

Ask? Jaehwan felt strange. It was always him who asked. Jaehwan nodded.

[Jaehwan. What do you think ‘metamorphosis’ is?]

Jaehwan couldn’t answer. He didn’t understand metamorphosis yet. He understood everything about clothes and Ouroboros, but the metamorphosis was different.

“It’s hard to explain… but isn’t it taking off clothes? Dividing the being?”

Jaehwan remembered the voices he heard as he went through the process of taking off his clothes. He realized that it was the voice of his many clothes stored deep within. Ra-hamad asked,

[Then why do you think we continue doing so?]

Jaehwan hesitated and answered, “To increase world power?”

[…You do not get it yet. Then let me ask you this. Why do you think that metamorphosis increases your world power?]

Why? Jaehwan didn’t have an answer to that at all. If unclothing was to remove a being from within, metamorphosis should have decreased the world power. Ra-hamad then said,

[The answer is this. ‘Metamorphosis’ does not increase your world power.]

“…What do you mean?”

[You are right in saying that metamorphosis just divides your being.]


[As you know, there are only two ways to increase world power in <Depth>. Take it away from other Gods, or gain Followers who believe in you.]

That was impossible. If those were the only ways, then how did Jaehwan increase his power through metamorphosis?

“Wait. Then how did Geshtalt increase his power? He didn’t kill anyone.”

Jaehwan remembered what Andersen said. There was the song of a naked God who had not killed anyone. If the song was true, then Geshtalt never killed another God to steal world power.

“Did he gain the power through Followers?”

Ra-hamad did not answer. Instead, he began singing a short song along with the other warriors.

Lonely, naked God.

Without a single friend.

Without a single friend.

They were gloomy lyrics, but the melody was so bright and happy. It seemed like the striking irony was trying to say something. Jaehwan became confused.

“No Followers? Then how…”

[A faith can be there even without a Follower.]

Jaehwan then realized. Gods received ‘faith’ from Followers to increase their world power. The faith was something to be given by others. It was an emotion given by a being that had no relation to itself.

Then who was this being? It was simple. Someone other than me.

Jaehwan looked at Ra-hamad. Ra-hamad was smiling sadly.

Geshtalt was a God who never took a world or forced his own upon others.

What did he do to increase his power? Jaehwan knew the answer now. He looked at each one of the people here.

“…Geshtalt gave up and made himself a Follower. You are Geshtalt and a Follower of Geshtalt.”

The secret of Geshtalt — that was the loneliest faith in the world.