The World after the Fall - Chapter 161 - God of Madness (8)

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Chapter 161: God of Madness (8)

Runald shouted. There was the attack that wielded millions of world power. It was a power that Jaehwan could not handle, but he did not back down. It wasn’t just some foolish pride that made him stand, but confidence that he knew he could take it.

At the moment of impact, Runald saw forming the shape of a small eye with his hands.

The water soared into the sky like an upside down waterfall as the world power pushed it up. Runald barely was able to get away from the heat with the help from the other warriors. The ground was burnt black where the water touched it. Runald watched his God fighting with a concerned look on his face. Jaehwan and Ra-hamad were now covered by the waterfall.

Soon, all the water fell and the two of them reappeared.

The warriors gasped and Runald opened his mouth dumbfoundedly.

‘Oh my….’

Jaehwan was standing there with a calm look, and Ra-hamad was in the opposite direction, limping. It was apparent that Ra-hamad had taken damage.

Runald asked Karavan, “Did Jaehwan win?”

“I think he did.”

“But how… Great Warrior has millions of world power.”

“Didn’t you see? Jaehwan instantly increased his world power, close to the Great Warrior’s.”

“In the millions?” Runald asked in shock. But how? Jaehwan was back to his 300 thousand world power now. Ra-hamad spoke.

[That was good.]

Jaehwan became curious. The voice wasn’t the same as the usual language.

[You have learned Ouroboros.]

“Is this the Ouroboros you people speak of?”

[There are a lot of kinds in Ouroboros.]

Jaehwan frowned, expecting the usual nonsense.

“Isn’t it about time we stop this nonsense trivia?” Jaehwan continued as he readied to attack again.

“I think it’s time for you to tell me. Who is your leader? Why are you here?”

Ra-hamad then answered as he defended himself against Jaehwan’s punch. He went back to using his language.

[Nas. Pert. Narata.]

You still have questions.

“Yeah, you will answer Ouroboros again, but I thought I would ask for the last time.”


“As expected.”

Multiple explosions filled the air. It was as if missiles were striking each other. As the sound died down, the fighting stopped again. Jaehwan asked, “Okay. If you will not speak, I will speak for myself. I guess you don’t mind that?”

[…What do you mean?]

“I will let you listen to what I found out. It’s up to you if you want to answer to that.”

Jaehwan held up both hands, signaling that he had no intention to fight anymore and before Ra-hamad could say anything, he continued, “You might know already, but I reached the end of this hot spring a week ago.”


Ra-hamad’s face turned. It seemed like he had expected it, but he was still shocked to actually hear it.

“There was no leader there. There was just a short song and a drawing.”

At the end of the hot spring, Jaehwan found a drawing and short song lyrics. To be exact, it was a drawing of a giant snake eating its tail, with the lyrics written at the center.

Naked God.

The place where he left.

Only left with clothes.

As he read the lyrics, Jaehwan realized this was the hidden verse of the Naked Song. And if his guess was correct, this was the last verse. The Naked God who returned home without killing anyone, left home again.

And now, Jaehwan had an idea who this Naked God was.

‘Geshtalt. This is Geshtalt’s song.’

One of the Three Ancient Gods, Geshtalt, was the one who fought Daeus. He was probably the Naked God that appeared in this song. This song probably depicted Geshtalt’s story and what he really did. Jaehwan touched the drawing of the snake as he read the lyrics.

And after a while, an awakening so violent struck his entire spirit.

With the feeling of a galaxy shooting past his entire head, Jaehwan realized a small secret of ‘Ouroboros’. He also understood why these people answered everything in Ouroboros. At the end of his understanding, Ra-hamad spoke.

[I see. So you know everything now.]

The voice seemed sad. The entire race had gathered around the hot spring. They were looking at Jaehwan like a death-sentenced convict waiting for his time. Jaehwan looked at them for a moment and said, “You all once said that you are Geshtalt, but not Geshtalt.”

It was actually Ouroboros that translated that for Jaehwan.

“You also said that Geshtalt does not believe in God. Right?”

Ra-hamad nodded.

“Yet, that is a strange word. You all have Geshtalt’s [Setting] and dearly stick to Geshtalt’s tradition called ‘Metamorphosis’. But you are not his Followers, nor do you believe in Gods….”

Runald and Karavan then turned serious as if they realized something.

“I was a fool. I should’ve known then. There’s only one kind that doesn’t believe in Gods in <Depth>.”

Jaehwan looked at them closely. They all had very similar features, so it was hard to tell them apart. It was asif one person had divided into many.

“You are all Gods with one name.”

Beings who don’t believe in Gods — it was the Gods themselves.

The problem was, who were they? And everyone already had the answer.

Silence fell. Runald and Karavan began shaking helplessly. It was the name that brought fears. One of the Three Ancient Gods that had left a deep fear within <Depth>.

“Geshtalt, the Ancient God.”

They were one with one of the Three Ancient Gods? Runald looked around in fear and asked, “A-are you all really Geshtalt? Every one of you?”

A God who was one, but also many. Countless heads moved in unison, and Runald became pale. But Jaehwan wasn’t finished yet.

“They are all Geshtalt, but they also aren’t Geshtalt.”

Runald and Karavan became confused. They weren’t sure what Jaehwan was talking about.

Naked God.

The place where he left.

Only left with clothes.

Jaehwan recited the lyrics with no melody. Therefore, it was easy to picture the words as well. As they listened, Runald and Karavan imagined a big, giant snake eating away at its tail, leaving many pieces of skin at the tail.


They both understood. Yes, the word ‘Ouroboros’ really fit them.

Jaehwan looked at Ra-hamad with a sad expression and asked, “You all are the ‘clothes’ that Geshtalt took off. Isn’t that right?”