The World after the Fall - Chapter 154 - God of Madness (1)

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Chapter 154: God of Madness (1)

[I will never… I repeat, I will never go back into the Great Forest.]

-Budda, the 6th god of the 7 gods of the <Depths>.

Episode – God of Madness.

The center of the 8th site <Caspion> contained, multiple big to middle-sized sites grouped together. One of those sites, <Highseeker>, had different masters because of repeated wars, but it had now found a more permanent master thanks to the ‘Hatchnold Disaster’ that happened two weeks ago.

“What’s all the fuss in there?”

In the palace of <Highseeker>, in front of the central office, Kashim was confused as he heard the sounds coming from within. The office was where the current master of <Highseeker> resided. Kashim had been hearing the screams of a woman from inside and also the sounds of something crashing. It shouldn’t be possible. Who could possibly scream and throw stuff at the master of <Caspion>, and the master of Rupture?

“Oh, Captain. Are you here, sir?”

One of the officers, who had been standing outside the office, quickly saluted Kashim. It was as much courtesy as he would extend to his own master. The tall man, Kashim was a man worthy of such respect.

One of the five Captains in Rupture. The masters of the mighty power that even high-ranking gods and the Generals of the <Great Lands> feared — that was the ‘Captain’ of Rupture.

“What’s happening inside?” Kashim asked in a soft voice.

“Uh… the 2nd Captain is inside.”

“2nd? Yoo Surha is here?” Kashim asked back in shock. “I see. So, that’s what’s all about.”

“Yes, sir.”

The officer’s concern was understandable. The master of Rupture and one of the Captains were fighting inside, and there was no way a mere officer could interrupt. He seemed really happy that Kashim had arrived, he was probably expecting Kashim to do something about it.

Kashim glanced at the documents that he had brought to brief and sighed. He couldn’t wait here for long, so he had to go in.

‘Why did she have to come now? Ugh… it will get ugly.’

If Surha was here, 3rd Captain Imai Kazuki would soon go crazy. And with the recent event…

-You should’ve just kept him in custody then! You tried to kill him?!

-I had reasons to do it.

-What the hell were you thinking? It was you who told me to recruit him in the first place!

Louder shouts were heard from within. Kashim carefully placed his hand on the doorknob, but before he could turn it, the door burst open and someone charged out. The woman was so infuriated that there was lightning sparking around her entire body. It seemed her [Setting] of Lightning Chain had activated without her realizing.

Kashim stared at Surha and waved.



Surha looked up at Kashim.

Moments later.

“So, you were quarreling with the master because of differing opinions?”

“You can say that.”

Kashim sighed at Surha speaking casually.

“What are you thinking? Are you trying to solve it with a [Rupture Battle] or something?”

“No way. There’s no way for me to win. He’s a monster with a legendary [Part].”


“If only he didn’t have the Machina…”

“You couldn’t beat him even when he didn’t have the Machina.”

“That’s… you never know.”

Power trumped over everything in Rupture. When there was a difference in opinion, it was possible to duel in a [Rupture Battle] to see who was stronger, and the winner would be allowed to do things their way. Kashim and Surha were talking about that tradition.

“…You and the Master have a huge difference in world power. You know that.”

Surha didn’t answer Kashim’s point. Yoo Surha’s world power was at 1.5 million and as far as the Captains knew, the Master easily exceeded 7 million, even without the Machina. Surha looked grumpy and glanced at the people behind Kashim.

“Who are they?”

A man and a woman were standing a bit of a distance away behind Kashim.

“Oh, they’re new recruits. I’m training them.”

“Kashim the Tyrant has now become a babysitter? That’s interesting.”

“Don’t say that.”

Kashim turned and the man and woman quickly ran up to them and saluted. It was a man with a smiling face, and the woman had an alluring beauty.

“Good day, Captain. I am Kim Yoonhwan, new recruit to Rupture.”

“Good day, Captain. I am Han Seoyul.”

There wasn’t much about the man, but the woman was something. With that kind of beauty, she was bound to draw attention even within Rupture. Surha closely studied the woman who had introduced herself as Han Seoyul.

“Hmmm. Your introduction is short.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“No, you don’t need to be sorry. We might be enemies the next time we meet.”

“I beg your pardon…?”

Han Seoyul became confused and Kashim quickly interrupted, “Hey, hey. Don’t scare the new recruits.”

“No, I’m being serious.”

“What are you talking about?”

Surha didn’t seem like she was joking and Kashim turned grim.

“Don’t tell…”

“Yeah, I’ve made up my mind.”

Kashim’s lips trembled at that moment. Surha’s words were shocking.

“…Is he that important to you?”

“To me? No, not at all.”

Surha shrugged and answered in a cold voice. Kashim was relieved at those words. There was no way Surha would fall in love with someone. Such a feeling was a luxury that the Captains of Rupture could not afford.

“Then why are you protecting him? Do you have to leave for…”

“He’s important to this world.”

Important to this world? It didn’t make sense at all. However, because it was the ‘2nd Captain of Rupture’ who said it, it was possible that it might have a reason for it.

“Did you… look into the future? Did something show up in your [Premonition]?”

If Surha was talking about it, there was only one reason. Her [Premonition] had shown her some kind of future and the man Surha was looking for played a vital role. Kashim frowned.

“[Premonition] doesn’t show a decided future. You know this better than anyone.”

Even if she saw such a future, it wasn’t enough reason for Surha to leave Rupture. Besides, they had the Master of Rupture. He was the one who was outside of her [Premonition].

Surha did not answer, but turned and glanced out of the window at a corner of the corridor. Outside was the clear sky of <Depth>. She looked at the sky and asked, “Kashim, do you see something in that sky?”

“What are you talking about?”

“An eye, stars… or something.”

“I’m not following.”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

See something in the sky? There was nothing there. But Kashim realized what she was asking and smiled.

“You’re talking about Big Brother, aren’t you?”


“There’s no way I can see him.”

“Right. We can’t.”

The only ones who could see Big Brother up in the sky and fight it were special. The Three Ancient Gods in the past were those kinds, and so was the Master of Rupture. A being only the chosen kinds could see. That was Big Brother.

Yoo Surha spoke.

“Master once told us that if you overcome [Seclusion], you can see him.”

Kashim also heard this story before. The disease that every Awakener suffers. A disease that makes Awakeners close their eyes and ears to keep themselves from the flood of information.

-Kashim, you must not close your eyes or block your ears, no matter how hard it is. Accepting [Seclusion] means losing against this world.

The Master once said this. But even now, Kashim couldn’t understand what he meant. There was no way for an Awakener to keep their sanity without [Seclusion].

-If you overcome your [Seclusion], then you will see the same world that I see.

Kashim’s world had stalemated since a long time ago. However, Surha and Imai were the same. In fact, everyone other than the Master himself had stopped advancing since a long time ago.

They couldn’t get any stronger. No matter how hard they tried, there was this wall blocking their way.

Kashim knew that the way to break that wall lay in [Seclusion]. But knowing it wasn’t the same as doing it. There was no one who could overcome [Seclusion]. Other than the Master, no one in the world could overcome the wall of [Seclusion]. The one who could see Big Brother with their own eyes in this world was only…

That’s when Kashim realized where the story was going.