The World after the Fall - Chapter 153 - The Great Forest (8)

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Chapter 153: The Great Forest (8)

Karavan shouted. At that moment, a torrent of arrows that contained world power struck the horned monsters and the Dead Men.

[Deusen. Castrophen. Turga!]


It was a language that could not be translated. But Jaehwan understood what was said. He couldn’t make out the language itself, but it seemed the meaning was being transferred to him.

‘Get lost, dogs of Daeus and Catastrophe!’

‘Get lost!’

That’s what they meant. He saw the Lost Ones moving away, one by one. Who were these people? Jaehwan then saw them.

They looked like normal humans. They had giant bows or spears, resembling the Native Americans of World 294, Earth, but there was a large amount of world power coming from them.


As the Lost Ones retreated, they now pointed their arrowheads and spears at Jaehwan. World power of at least a million was directed towards Jaehwan and his group — even Karavan flinched and stepped back.

“Wh-what the hell…?”

They seemed to be carrying ancient [Parts], but the vicious energy coming from them easily defied their archaic appearance. They were created with ages of training since a very long time ago. Karavan swallowed and Runald hid behind Jaehwan’s leg as he shook in fear. As they pulled back their bows, Jaehwan and the others realized that they were not friendly.

Maybe these people were trying to kill them.

It was when those people were about to shoot their arrows, Jaehwan spoke.

“Long Living race.”

He didn’t know how he knew, but the words just came to his mind. After he said it, he realized why he had déjà vu earlier. He knew the place because Mulack had visited it 900 years ago.

‘I see. So, Mulack met them before.’

Mulack called them the ‘Long Living race’ in his Record of the Depth. The people of the Long Living race looked at each other after they heard what Jaehwan had said. Their hostility waned.

“What? Do you know them?”

Karavan looked at Jaehwan, but he had no way to explain.


“Then how…”

“It’s my [Setting]. I just have a way to find out sometimes.”

He didn’t have such a [Setting], but he didn’t feel like explaining everything. He didn’t technically lie about the Record of the Depth anyway.

“What kind of [Setting] is that..”

However, Karavan was cut short.

[Janshor. Nas. Merga.]

‘Do you know us?’

‘Who are you?’

One of them spoke to Jaehwan.

“We are…”

Jaehwan wasn’t sure how to describe themselves. He realized the name of these people, but he wasn’t sure what kind of people they were. The Record of the Depth didn’t give him any other information.

‘Daeus? Catastrophe? Geshtalt?’

Jaehwan thought about the names of the Three Ancient Gods. If they too were Lost Ones, then they must be the Followers of one of those three. It was likely that they were the Followers of Geshtalt from what they just did earlier.

[Nas. Geshtalten?]

‘Are you Followers of Geshtalt?’

The voice seemed to even help Jaehwan. But he didn’t feel like lying and decided to speak honestly.

“No. I don’t trust the Gods. I’m not a Follower of anyone.”

It was a fitting answer for Jaehwan. Karavan asked Jaehwan, “What- what did they say? Why did you say that?”

“They asked if we were Followers of Geshtalt.”

“And you said no?!”


Karavan turned pale.

“Are you out of your mind?! You should’ve answered yes to that question!”


“Because they chased away the Followers of Daeus and Catastrophe! They must be the Followers of Geshtalt for sure!”

Karavan spoke furiously as the people of the Long Living race talked among themselves.

[Nadach. Merlen.]

[Geshtalten. Alo. Geshtalten.]

[Hatero! A- Hatero!]

[Nahur. Geshtalten Narga?]

[Nagamaren. Nadaro. Aiharo.]

‘He doesn’t believe in any Gods.’

‘Really? Then he must be Geshtalt.’

‘Naked! Naked! It must be!’

‘That one’s not naked. Is he Geshtalt?’

‘Doesn’t matter. I like him.’

Jaehwan understood what they said but he wasn’t following what they were talking about. And soon, one who looked like he was in charge spoke.

[Nas. Geshtalten. Armarelium.]

‘Yes. Geshtalt doesn’t believe in God.’

‘I can sense the will of Geshtalt in you.’

At that moment, Karavan shouted as he ran out.

“HEY! Geshtalt! I believe in Geshtalt! I love him!”

He would’ve had the wrath of Ignis upon him if Ignis heard that. In fact, Karavan was scared as he saw fire land in front of his face, thinking that the link to Ignis had been restored. But as he looked again, he realized it was an arrow with world power, not fire. Those people were aiming at Karavan.

“What? Why…?!”

Jaehwan then walked up and talked with them, and their leader responded. Jaehwan then said to Karavan, “They say Runald and I are okay, but you aren’t.”

“What- why?”

“You are not a real Geshtalt Follower.”

Karavan frowned. Arrows were still being aimed at him. Jaehwan thought for a second and talked with their leader again before speaking to Karavan.



“Take off your clothes.”

“W-what are you talking about?”

“Do as I say if you want to live.”

Karavan realized something and looked down at himself. He then glanced at Jaehwan, Runald and at the Long Living race. Karavan was the only one wearing clothes.

Jaehwan warned him, “If you don’t, they said they will kill you.”

They were looking at Karavan with strange expressions.

Minutes later…

Karavan was shaking his head as he shouted.

“This is shameful. It’s a travesty!”


Runald frowned as he looked at Karavan. Karavan kept on mumbling, “No… I’m not me anymore. I’m not!”

“…Cut it out, will you? You’re just naked. It’s not a big deal!”

“I’m not just naked! It’s like something important was also taken from me!”

With Karavan muttering by their side, Jaehwan and the others arrived at the deepest part of the Great Forest, where the Long Living race lived. One of them, Ra-hamad, stopped and turned back to them and said,

[Nas. Sakrikford. Amadar.]

It meant the following.

Welcome to the Forest of Madness.