The World after the Fall - Chapter 142 - Ancient God (11)

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Chapter 142: Ancient God (11)

Silence descended for a while. It wasn’t too quiet as Myad was still fighting X, but he was momentarily speechless.

“…How did you know?”

For the first time, Myad seemed to be genuinely surprised. Jaehwan moved closer to Myad as he kept an eye on the Vicegerents closing in. Myad asked again, “How did you find out that it’s me who sold the Machina to the auction?”

“It’s only natural if you think logically.”


Jaehwan did not answer right away. The Vicegerents of the high-ranking Gods weren’t closing in any further as Jaehwan stood next to Myad. The man was stronger than any of them. They were probably trying to guess the relationship between Myad and Jaehwan.

Jaehwan calmed his breathing and spoke again.

“If it’s a [Part] from the Three Ancient Gods, anyone would be interested. However, you didn’t seem to be interested at all.”

“Well, that’s not enough to come to that conclusion.”

“What’s more suspicious is that you gave away 2 million spirit stones to give that Machina to a complete stranger.”

Myad smiled. “Well, I’m rich.”

“No, you had ways to get back the money that you gave away from the beginning. Even if the method required you to do illegal things.”

The cold and accurate analysis was making Myad’s smile disappear, little by little.

“Even if that’s correct, it’s not important right…”

Myad tried to speak but quickly stopped. Something came into his mind. He calculated the distance between the Vicegerents and Jaehwan, between Jaehwan and himself, and smiled.

“I see. So, that’s why you thought I was the one who sold the Machina to the auction house.”

It was as if he knew what Jaehwan was trying to do.

“I mean, if it’s me who’s selling it, I will get back my money even if I have to pay some fees.”


The two of them were now back-to-back as they spoke. Just like close friends. The Vicegerents couldn’t do anything other than stop attacking. A few of them had realized who Myad was: the Master of the 3rd World Federation. He was someone that should not be easily messed with.

“However, your method had a problem.”

“A problem? Which is?”

“The seller cannot join the bidding.”

Jaehwan spoke as he recalled the rules of the Hatchnold Auction House.

“So, what you are saying is that I asked you to bid on my auctioned item?”

“Something like that.”

“I see. It is a very fascinating assumption.”

“Assumption? No. It’s a fact.”

Myad smiled.

“I can see many flaws, but even if I let go of all that, there’s still one critical point that you missed.”

“What is that?”

“Even if your assumption is correct, there’s one thing that’s not coming back to me.”

“…The fees?”

“No. The object that I sold.”

That was true. If Myad sold the Machina and re-purchased it, it was only through ‘Jaehwan’ being a bidder.

“No matter what happens, I promised to let you keep the Machina right? That will be a loss for me.”

Jaehwan then scoffed, “That Machina is fake. You think I would not know?”

Myad didn’t think that Jaehwan would know that much and frowned. Jaehwan continued.

“What is your purpose? I think it’s about time you tell me. And who is that X?”

Myad did not answer, and Jaehwan thought he would not answer anyway. There were certain types of people that never revealed their true selves. Myad was like the embodiment of those types.

“I guess you won’t tell me.”

He was curious, but didn’t need to hear it. He had achieved his goal.

[…That was brilliant.]

Andersen was astonished.

[You used him to recover your world power…!]

Jaehwan’s world power had recovered to a certain amount. It was enough to use [Fall] maybe two or three more times. It was still lacking, but it was enough to fend off any Followers as he ran.

‘Let’s go.’

Jaehwan carried Runald on his back and activated [High Speed Flying] using the Long Coat.

No- he tried to activate it, but right as he was about to, Myad’s words made him stop.

“If you help me, I will help you find that ‘Yoonhwan’ person.”

The Vicegerents were closing in and Andersen’s frantic voice filled his head. But Jaehwan couldn’t think of anything else.

What did just Myad say?

“The person you’re looking for is probably not here, but I know where he might be,”Myad continued before Jaehwan could respond.

“It’s not important how I know. What’s important is the choice you make.”

The situation had changed in seconds. Jaehwan bit his lip as he looked at the Vicegerents in front of him charging toward him.

In the skies over the 8th site.

Between the roads to Hatchnold, there was a giant flying ship. It looked like pink cotton candy, which was the direct result of the creator’s taste, but it was named [Fall], which did not fit the ship at all.

“We have to go faster! Can’t you speed up?”

“It’s at full speed already,” Sirwen responded in annoyance to Yoo Surha. Sirwen then shouted at Karlton who was on the key.

“HEY! Justice boy! Put in more world power! We’re losing speed!”

“…I’m doing my best.”

“What! Weak sauce! You think being handsome is enough?!”

Chunghuh then interrupted, “…He hasn’t even unlocked his unique world yet. What do you expect?”

“Ugh. Everyone else is on creation and theory and crap. What were you doing all this time?”

Karlton had already reached the 4th step, but he still hadn’t unlocked his unique world. That was why Sirwen didn’t consider him much help here. Sirwen sighed and mumbled, “We finally got to <Depth> and the only men I have with me is an old man and a sissy… I miss Jaehwan.”

Chunghuh became angry and tried to respond, but Surha interrupted.

“…Are you close to him?”