The World after the Fall - Chapter 139 - Ancient God (8)

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Chapter 139: Ancient God (8)

Jaehwan jumped toward Runald as he took out spirit stones from the bag to consume him. He felt the uncomfortable feeling of the stones being swallowed and-


A powerful storm of world power was unleashed from within Jaehwan. He then charged straight into the Gigantes in front of him.

The Gigantes was flung back as Jaehwan collided into it.

-What in the world…

A Gigantes being pushed away by a man? The Vicegerents were dumbfounded. But Jaehwan wasn’t satisfied.

‘Still not enough.’

20 thousand world power was rushing within him, but it wasn’t his own yet. The enemy he was facing had also over 20 thousand world power and was immune to his [Fall]. Then how…

[Jaehwan! Take your clothes off!]


[Take it off! Listen to me!]

Andersen’s voice urgently filled Jaehwan’s head.

[Come on! We don’t have time!]

Jaehwan gave up on thinking and threw away his Long Coat. He stared with disappointed eyes at the coat as he threw it. It was a coat that he had just gotten…

‘Why do you want me to take off my clothes?’

[So you can use my [Setting].]

‘…the [Naked] Setting?’

Andersen then calmly responded,

[The [Naked] Setting was originally made to use against Gigantes.]

It was something he did not expect. Then, a bright light covered Jaehwan’s entire body. His body now shone so brightly in gold that it was hard to even look at him directly.

[IT WORKED! YES! I think you can complete up until the 1st verse with this world power!]

He wasn’t sure what she was excited about, but Jaehwan knew something was going to happen soon.

[Look. This is the true power of the [Naked] Setting!]

And with her voice, Jaehwan’s body flew high up into the sky.

-Wh-what’s up with him?!

The Vicegerents riding the Gigantes were shocked. The man threw away his clothes and soon began to shine brightly, but the Vicegerents felt untold fear. They didn’t know what he was doing, but there was something definitely wrong there.

-He’s an idiot! Kill him!

-He’s just mad!

And in the next moment, the words of a song were heard.

A long long time ago,

A Naked God lived.

He hated clothes-

So, he lived naked for his entire life.

No one was sure who was singing or where the song was coming from, but time was slowing down and the space was being distorted. The Vicegerents looked at Jaehwan. Jaehwan, buttnaked, was walking slowly toward them, a light-footed God with an innocent voice.

Just like an old fairytale, as if they had all been pulled into, they looked at Jaehwan.

Yet, they didn’t know what kind of finale was waiting for them.

One day, a naked God walked.

He was bored and walked outside.

And he met his first friend.

The page of the fairytale turned, and the riders of Gigantes now realized that they were part of the cast of this fairytale. They tried to clear their mind of this eerie terror.

It’s okay. This is an illusion. It’s nothing. He’s human.

But the man in front of them wasn’t human.


A giant, naked God was watching them.

A naked God was talking to them.

Let’s play.

As they heard the voice, their minds became blank. Things that were possible and not possible began to get mixed up in their heads. Nothing was done to them, but the Gigantes were backing away.

‘W-what is that… what the hell is that…!’

They reassured themselves.

‘It’s okay. I’m inside this machine. He can’t hurt me here…’

The naked God was now smiling in front of him.

Hey you, what is that?

Say, it’s not CLOTHES, is it?

The Gigantes flinched. It was as if the giant metal armor was shaking in fear. The Vicegerent inside began to shake as if he was having a seizure and fell. Nobody was there to hear it, but the Vicegerent lost his mind and was mumbling something.

“No, these aren’t clothes. These aren’t clothes… Ha… Haaha… Go-go away… go away… GO AWAY…!!”

And soon, a voice came from the Naked God.


Everyone turned silent. All the fights in the auction house stopped. Myad and X. The Vicegerents who were fighting each other. Hatchnold and the auctioneers who were trying to stop the fight.

The giant body of a Gigantes was ripped apart like a piece of paper.

Karavan, the Vicegerent of Ignis, who had been watching from a distance spoke.

“…God. That’s not fair. It’s crazy.”


“What the hell is that thing? God… say something, will you? What kind of [Setting] makes you become that strong just being naked and singing like some lunatic?”

[…That [Setting] still remained. I didn’t even guess, I don’t think ‘he’ is still alive… is it preserved through another God?]

“Huh? Do you know of such a [Setting]? I’ve never seen it.”

[Of course you’ve never seen it. It’s a [Setting] that was created 210 thousand years ago.]

“…210 thousand years ago?”

210 thousand years ago was the time when the Three Ancient Gods were active. Who created such a [Setting] during that time?

The naked God was still busy with his act. The [Setting] unleashed a ridiculous amount of power only when facing Gigantes.

The third and fourth Gigantes were ripped apart by Jaehwan’s bare hands and Ignis spoke in a bitter voice.

[It was created by a mad God who hated Daeus.]