The World after the Fall - Chapter 138 - Ancient God (7)

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Chapter 138: Ancient God (7)

“Wow, that’s too much,” Karavan commented as he saw Jaehwan being cornered by many Gigantes.

“Ignis, should I jump in?”

Even if Jaehwan was strong, there was no way he could fight his way through that many Gigantes. The man only had 10 thousand world power after all.

[…Jump in and do what? Who are you trying to help?]


Karavan was surprised. He didn’t really care if Jaehwan was going to lose. His focus was to find the man behind the ruckus. It was better for him that Jaehwan, who seemed to have some kind of connection to the man behind this, to be in a pinch.

‘Why was I trying to help him?’

If Ignis did not point it out, he would not have even realized it. He had gotten absorbed in watching Jaehwan fight.

[Haha. I guess you’ve come to like him?]

“Uh… well.”

[What do you like about him? Naked man… with a coat… WAIT. Are you…?]

“Hey, I’m not interested in men.”

Ignis cackled, but Karavan was confused. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling towards Jaehwan. He barely knew the man named Jaehwan, but he had heard some rumors.


Pioneer of the Impossible.

Destroyer of the Tower.

They were all unconfirmed rumors. Meaning, Karavan did not know anything about this man named Jaehwan.

But why? What was with this feeling?

“It’s hard to explain, but I want to cheer for him.”

Karavan glanced at Jaehwan facing his enemies. It was a clean and simple battle form, but the world power being unleashed was abnormal. It was a power that threatened to sweep away the entire world. A madness that could not be weakened by any enemy. Karavan thought, How should he explain it? It was as if…

“He’s fighting like a mad man.”

[Haha, right.]

“Though he might die soon.”

Karavan felt like he and his God were having the same thought after a long time. Ignis spoke.

[No, it’s too early for us to jump in. Look- he’s not even done yet.]

As Jaehwan stared at the Gigantes, he recalled information from the [Record of the Depth].

War machines of Gigantes.

As far as everyone knew, Gigantes were created by Daeus. He was the God of all machines, with an almighty power in terms of creating [Parts]. The Gigantes represented his masterpiece and legacy.

When he was gone from the <Depth>, people were concerned if it was even possible for them to create new Gigantes. Fortunately, 7 of the [Masters] who worked under Daeus began creating new Gigantes, and thanks to them, the Gigantes were now a vital part of the <Depth>.

-HAHAHA, he’s nothing!

Jaehwan gripped his sword as he watched the Gigantes. There were more than five of them, and they were being ridden by Vicegerents who had almost died to Jaehwan.

‘Multiplying power? It’s mad.’

All the Gigantes came with a [Setting] to increase world power. Only the Gigantes had such power.

The Gigantes fired upon Jaehwan, and each shot created a crater. Each strike contained a powerful world power. It felt like Jaehwan was now facing a man that had become three times more powerful.

The problem didn’t stop there.

‘[Fall] is not working.’

Jaehwan realized this as he faced one of the Gigantes. Under normal circumstances, a Vicegerent would have to retreat with serious injuries when faced with his sword, but the Gigantes didn’t seem to be damaged.

Jaehwan wasn’t sure if he was weak, or it was the power of the Gigantes, but there was no way for him to win here.

“I see. So, your [Setting] doesn’t work against [Parts]. I was wondering what penalty it had.”

The voice came from behind him. It was Myad who had been fighting behind him.

“Not to mention the fatigue when you use it each time…”

“If you know so much, how about you help me out?” Jaehwan spoke sarcastically, but Myad continued without stopping.

“Also, your [Setting] can only be used by you. I don’t think your Followers can share that [Setting] with you.”

Jaehwan felt it was strange. How would Myad know that when Jaehwan himself didn’t? Myad seemed to have realized that Jaehwan was curious and pointed somewhere as he dodged X’s attack. Jaehwan looked in that direction.

It was Runald.


Runald, who had been swept by an explosion from a Gigantes, had fallen on the ground. But he was too far away for Jaehwan to save him. Also, if he jumped in to save Runald, there was no way for him to dodge the explosions from the Gigantes.

‘I need more world power.’

He needed something more powerful that could destroy the Gigantes in one strike. That’s when something swept in his mind. Powerful world power. He had in him. He couldn’t use the check, but he still had 20 thousand world power.

‘…Sh*t, let’s just see how it goes.’