The World after the Fall - Chapter 137 - Ancient God (6)

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Chapter 137: Ancient God (6)

‘It’s fake.’

Jaehwan realized it as soon as he saw the Machina. He hadn’t been sure when he saw it from a distance, but he was sure when he saw it close up. It was well-made, but it was fake.

“How dare you do this in Hatchnold’s Auction House?!”

Reynold and the other auctioneers were now jumping in to quell the fight. It wasn’t easy, as all the Vicegerents and Followers were already in a huge brawl. Jaehwan was in the center.

Jaehwan frowned as he deflected storming blades from all sides. He wasn’t sure why he had to go through all this for a fake product. No, maybe it wasn’t because of that.

‘I see. It’s for the spirit stones.’

Jaehwan then remembered the check he still held. Maybe Myad had guessed this situation would occur. If so, his goal was still far from being achieved. Jaehwan looked around for Myad, but he wasn’t around anymore.

“Give me the spirit stones!”

It was Gerald, the Belkain’s Vicegerent, who shouted as he attacked. Belkain had 10 thousand world power which was equal to normal high-ranking Gods. Jaehwan’s heightened [Suspicion] read through his [Setting].

[Vicious Claw]

‘It’s a Strength type.’

Low to middle-ranking Gods mostly used simple Strength type [Settings]. It focused on using brute force.

Destroy the world.

All of it.

Bring it down.

Countless Jaehwans shouted from within Jaehwan. He didn’t know why, but this happened often after he opened the ‘Creation’.

‘Everyone shut up. It’s me who’s fighting.’

It confused him, but it helped his fights as the voices instantly multiplied Jaehwan’s world power.


Powerful energy, not even comparable to when he stabbed with his world power, was unleashed from his sword. His world that destroyed other worlds filled the air. It tore apart [Vicious Claw] like paper, and Gerald was swept away.


[AAAARGH! Who are you…!?!]

Middle-ranking God Belkain also seemed to be in shock at what happened. And without having a way to fight it, his world was soon swept away by Jaehwan’s [Fall] and disappeared. All of his Followers instantly became Lost Ones.

‘I can fight middle-ranking God Vicegerents at least.’

Jaehwan confirmed that his [Setting] was effective in <Depth>. He wasn’t sure why, but it worked especially well against Gods.

‘But it takes way too much energy.’

He used all his might, but a single strike made him fatigued. Jaehwan knew why.

‘I need more Followers.’

He had only one Follower. In the Gods’ calculation, his world power was only at 2. In that case, unleashing 1000 to 10 thousand world power was already something that was impossible. Jaehwan only could guess that him being an ‘Awakener’ was the reason he could do this.


As a few Vicegerents died, the other Vicegerents began to work together to fight Jaehwan.

Jaehwan felt that he was running out of time. Without enough world power, his [Fall] wasn’t working correctly. The speed of the opponent’s world regenerating was much faster than the speed of his [Fall] destroying their world.

However, it was then that a large amount of world power was transferred from the dead Gerald. It wasn’t the entire amount he had when he was alive, but it was enough to recharge Jaehwan completely. Using all of his recharged power, Jaehwan blew away a middle-ranked Vicegerent.


And right after, Jaehwan’s world power regenerated again in a similar manner.

Jaehwan realized, ‘I can steal world power from the Gods I kill.’

Moreover, Jaehwan felt that his movements had gotten much lighter and easier. The [Settings] that other Vicegerents were using had now transferred over to him. He could now easily dodge attacks that were hard to avoid before. The Vicegerents’ faces darkened. They weren’t sure what Jaehwan’s [Setting] was and yet he was now stealing [Settings] from those that he killed.

“This is mad! What is going on?!”

“This is impossible!”

The tide began to turn and as Jaehwan’s total world power increased, his strikes grew more powerful. Now, one strike meant one Vicegerent’s death, adding another [Setting] for Jaehwan.

‘This can’t be!’

Losing to a no-name like this? It was already shameful as it was. But Jaehwan’s body turned and began to fly off towards someplace. The Vicegerents turned toward that direction.

“Machina of Daeus!”

“He’s after the Machina!”

However, Jaehwan wasn’t after the Machina.


In front of the Machina, there was a hooded man, X. He was swinging his metal arm at someone. It was the man who had been sitting next to Jaehwan.

Myad van Deklan, the Starseeker.

He and X were fighting. Jaehwan dodged the attacks at him from the Vicegerents and watched Myad and X fight. The unique world power being used by X reminded Jaehwan of a certain memory.

‘That power…’

The energy that Jaehwan felt. It was more ‘familiar’ then ‘uncomfortable’ as he studied it. It was like the weird world power that the Overseers of the Void Factory used. It was similar to that.

‘What is he…?’

His thoughts were abruptly interrupted as he felt a shockwave from behind.


It was a strike that his new Setting, [Hardened Carapace] couldn’t even withstand. His body was thrown meters away towards the billboard of the auction house.

‘Commander… or stronger.’

Jaehwan brushed aside the debris and stood. The damage he received from the strike was quite severe. He was bruised and some ribs were broken.

Was there someone with such world power?

Jaehwan remembered a few Vicegerents of the high-ranking Gods, but he wasn’t sure which one could do this much damage.

However, he had no time to think. As he stood up, he had to get out of where he was right away.

The area he stood in was destroyed as if a bomb had gone off. As the dust clouds settled, there was an 8-meter-long giant spear stuck in the ground.

It wasn’t a weapon that could be used by a human.

After seeing that, Jaehwan knew what was behind the attack.

‘I see.’

He saw silver giants through the dust clouds. They were crude and old, but their presence was still outstanding.

-HAHAHA! Bring it on!

-We should’ve done this earlier!


The [Parts] that filled the battlefield of the <Depth>.

An army of Gigantes was approaching Jaehwan.