The World after the Fall - Chapter 136 - Ancient God (5)

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Chapter 136: Ancient God (5)

Through the fierce battle, a single man smiled between the battle of the Gods. It was a Vicegerent with fiery red hair. He was astonished by the black blades stabbing all over the place.

“Ignis. He’s one of a kind. Look at the Setting! It’s crazy!”

It looked like if he was talking to himself, but there was no way Vicegerents would talk to themselves. All of their conversations would be heard by their Gods. There was no ‘alone’ the moment a Vicegerent decided to serve a God.

Needless to say, a voice answered from nowhere.

[Hmm… he’s familiar. Wait- isn’t it him?]


[You know, the [Product] I tried to purchase before. Ugh, that damn Cultivator. What was his name? Lain… something?]

“Oh, did you? I don’t remember.”

The man’s name was Karavan. Karavan the Flame. He was one of the most popular Vicegerents within the depth because his God was the one of seven Gods of <Depth>.

The God with worst temper, and owner of the best [Setting], was named ‘The Hell of Flame’. Every God of <Depth> called the God with this name.

Ignis, the God of Flame.

Ignis, was laughing maniacally within Karavan’s head.

[HAH! LOOK! I searched <Little Brother> and this popped up! I think it’s him!]

After Karavan checked on the shared image from <Little Brother>, he opened his eyes wide in shock and asked, “Wait- isn’t he the one who butchered all those Generals in <Chaos> while ago? The Generalslayer?”

[Yeah! Yeah! It’s him!]

“Whoa, I serve the best God and I’m still called a ‘flame’, but he’s already a ‘slayer’? How unfair.”

[Haha. You might get one for yourself if you kill him.]

“I would like to be called like Slayer of the Flame or something.”

Karavan scratched his chin as he looked at Jaehwan fighting in the distance. The ground tore apart at one stab and the Followers of middle-ranking Gods were being ripped apart and were swept up by it. However, it wasn’t enough to be considered ‘strong’ yet. What Karavan was focusing on was the [Setting] he was using.

“God. His [Setting] is really weird. What is that?”

The black blade stormed the air as the black aura from Jaehwan’s sword destroyed all the Strength type [Settings] of the other Gods. What was weirder was that all those [Settings] that were destroyed were losing power as they were destroyed. Igniss spoke.

[I think it’s a [Setting] that destroys [Settings].]

“What? Is that possible? How can such a thing exist?”

[But that’s the only way to put it. Look.]

Ignis wasn’t wrong. The Vicegerents who were struck by Jaehwan quickly lost their world powers, lost their linkage with their Gods, and fainted. Unless there was a [Setting] that destroyed a [Setting], there was no other way to describe what was happening, especially when the world power difference between the others and Jaehwan was very small.

“I have never heard of such a [Setting] in <Depth>. And what type is that…”

[It’s a Dual type.]

“Dual? What- were there others with Dual type too? I thought we were only ones with it.”

[Of course. Remember, the Dark Dragon from Droyan is also a Dual type?]

“Oh, right.”

[I think it’s based off the Strength type, then mixed in with a Physics type on top of it… but he did he make it?]

“…’The Hell of Flame’ is also a Dual type. Why are you so astonished?”

[… That was just coincidence.]

As they talked to each other, their astonishment just grew even further. Now, half the Vicegerents had been wiped out already. Karavan said, “I think he’ gets stronger the longer he fights.”

[It seems so. His world power is growing as he fights.]

“But how’s that possible? Is he a Saiyan or something?”

[…S aiyan? What’s that?]

“There’s a thing like that,” Karavan said as he remembered the comics from World 294 that he borrowed from a close Nightmare friend. Ignis seemed to be uncomfortable for a second, but then continued.

[… Anyway, so his world power grows as he destroys other [Settings]. It can’t be possible but… wait. Is he?]

“What? What is it?”

[Is he killing [Gods]?]

Killing Gods in <Depth> was close to impossible, especially if the God was above middle rank. It was because Gods did not disappear as long they had at least one Follower. And even if all Followers were dead, there still was a bit time left.

“No way! Those are middle-ranking Gods… and how is it possible for a God to die after losing a Vicegerent?”

[…It’s not just the increase in world power. Look at the [Setting] he’s using now.]

Karavan then focused on the [Setting] that Jaehwan was using. There were a lot of things that weren’t normal. Jaehwan first started out with a black blade, but he now had other Strength type Settings.

It wasn’t anything special as most high-ranking Gods had all the Settings that Jaehwan was now using.

The problem was that those Settings were the ones that the Vicegerents were using that Jaehwan just killed. There was only one answer to this.

He killed a God and stole the [Setting].

“What… it’s impossible!” Karavan spoke in outrage. As far as he knew, only two beings could be called ‘Godslayers’.

Guardian of the System – Big Brother.

And the Godslayer himself – Catastrophe.

If what Karavan seeing was true, then he needed to add one more to the list. Karavan spoke with a tense voice.

“Should I jump in? If that man really has 2 million spirit stones, that will cause trouble down the road.”

Jaehwan’s current world power was about one thousand. It meant it equaled about 1000 Spirit Power. He sometimes unleashed about 10 thousand power, but even at 10 thousand, it was no match for Karavan. However, if Jaehwan consumed 2 million spirit stones, it would be different.

He used a [Setting] that could destroy another [Setting].

If he were to wield that powerful world power, then there was no stopping him.

[2 million? Haha.]

But the God laughed it off.

[Are you dumb? Do you really think he has 2 million spirit stones? He’s bluffing!]


[Yeah. If he had 2 million, he could’ve just consumed it all and ambushed the auction house. Why would you pay for a [Part]?]

It was true. If the being had 2 million in world power, it was easier to just attack the auction house and take it away. There was no need to purchase it.

[He has a man behind him. I think the man ordered the others to cause trouble when he was about to pay it. There’s no way that a man with such weak world power can bluff that he has 2 million.]

“Oh- I see. You’re right. So, who IS behind him?”

[I don’t know. What’s sure is that HE will be by the Machina soon.]

It was true. The most important thing in this battle was of course, the Machina of Daeus. That’s when Karavan shouted, realizing something.

“OH! Right! The man’s going to try to steal Machina then?”


“Yeah! That must be it! That’s probably why he caused such a ruckus!”

Karavan shouted excitedly as if he felt like he just solved a puzzle. But Ignis didn’t seem to be enthusiastic at all.

[Well… it can be true, but unless the man’s a fool, he’s not after the Machina.]

“What are you talking about?”

[You still don’t get it yet?]

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Ignis then answered in disappointment.

[You dumbass, that Machina is FAKE.]