The World after the Fall - Chapter 135 - Ancient God (4)

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Chapter 135: Ancient God (4)

People began to mumbling to each other.

“What? What did he say?”

“100 thousand?”

A few Vicegerents turned to look at Jaehwan curiously. Based on their strong world powers, they were from high-ranking Gods. Jaehwan checked their power and turned to Myad.

Even when he spoke of such a large amount, Myad didn’t seem to panic at all.

‘Isn’t this a lot?’

Jaehwan wasn’t sure about what the man was thinking. Jaehwan felt like he wanted to make Myad panic.

“Reynold! Who is that man!”

“There’s no way that he can pay 100 thousand!”

A few Vicegerents of mid-ranking Gods stood up with rage. The one who was most outraged was the one who offered 12 thousand — the Vicegerent of the middle-ranking God Belkain. It was then that someone stood up silently from the crowd. It was a man with a black hood over his head. After he glanced at Jaehwan and Reynold, he spoke up with a loud voice.

“200 thousand.”

The people became uneasy.


Reynold calmly updated the highest bidder.

-200 thousand! We just might have the highest record of bids today!

Jaehwan checked the name tag of the one who called for 200 thousand. But it was hard to see as clothes covered it. Jaehwan then turned toward the hologram.

Highest Bidder – X – 200,000

X. The was the name of the man.

‘It’s him.’

Jaehwan looked at the hooded man again. It was the man who unleashed the energy earlier that Jaehwan.

“So, he’s your target?”

Myad flinched at the sudden voice.

“…I beg your pardon?”

“You used me to bring him out.”

“Haha. I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

Jaehwan thought there was a certain reason why Myad couldn’t join the auction. He didn’t want to be seen.


Jaehwan thought the answer was because of that man named X. He wasn’t sure why, but Myad was looking for him and he needed to lay low in order to find that man. Myad had now found him, so he had surely reached his goal.

“Well, if you insist.”

“Insist on what? Haha.”

Jaehwan then smiled, “Can I continue on with the auction then?”

As Myad felt something from Jaehwan’s smile, Jaehwan shouted at Reynold.

“500 thousand!”

500 thousand? The amount increased more than double instantly.

“W-wait. Jaehwan?”

Myad now seemed to be surprised by the sudden increase. It was obvious, as Myad had no reason to continue with the auction house as he had met his goal.

-We have 500 thousand!

Reynold spoke in an excited voice. X responded immediately.


Jaehwan shouted again.


“Wait- Jaehwan. We shouldn’t…”

But poor Myad’s voice was wiped away by cheer of the crowd and X spoke again.



Jaehwan spoke again and now X was seemingly hesitant. He paused for a while and spoke.

“…850 thousand!”

The record of the highest bid of the Hatchnold Auction House had long been surpassed. Everyone now fell silent as they watched the fight go on.

-850 thousand! I’ve never even seen such a number in my life!

Some Vicegerents from middle-ranking Gods were now glancing at Jaehwan. To them, 850 thousand spirit stones were worth much more than the Machina itself.

‘He looks weak.’

‘Vicegerent of a low-ranking God?’

‘I’ll take him on.’

Jaehwan then spoke again in a quiet and calm voice.

“2 million.”

The entire crowd became silent. People couldn’t even understand what the number meant. Vicegerents and the powerful ones now looked at Jaehwan silently. Even Reynold couldn’t speak at the amazing amount.

-A-are you serious? 2 million spirit stones…

2 million wasn’t just a number. It was amount that only top-ranking Gods, or the 7 Gods of <Depth> could even thing of paying. It was the amount for a high-ranking God to be allowed to join the 7 Gods of <Depth>, to make it 8 Gods.

The amount was enough to increase world power in such a way.

2 million spirit stones represented the power itself.

But now, Jaehwan just declared that he would pay that much to purchase only a [Part]. People in the auction house were shaking just by hearing the number of 2 million as they knew what the number meant. Even Myad was looking at Jaehwan suspiciously. Jaehwan thought as he looked at everyone who was looking at him, ‘So, opening a creation doesn’t mean that it’s out of the <System>.’

They were people who lived within the system before they created their worlds to become Gods. It was obvious that they were still a part of the System. Reynold spoke.

-Okay! Do we have anymore? No? Th-then… Jaehwan has won the Machina of Daeus for 2 million spirit stones!

Jaehwan then walked up to the podium. As he was guided by Reynold, he took out the personal check that he got from Myad.

‘But how can I use this? Can I just write down the number?’

He had never used a check before so he had no way of knowing. As Jaehwan became hesitant, someone from the crowd shouted, “This is nonsense! That fool can never pay 2 million spirit stones!”

It was Gerald, the Vicegerent of the middle-ranking God Belkain.

And that was the start.

“RIGHT! This can’t be true!”

“We cannot accept this auction!”


As Vicegerents and Followers of those middle-ranking Gods charged in, Jaehwan smiled bitterly at them.

‘So, it comes down to this.’

It was the beginning of the <Hatchnold Disaster> that would be recorded as one of the five incidents revolving around Jaehwan in history.