The World after the Fall - Chapter 134 - Ancient God (3)

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Chapter 134: Ancient God (3)

The auction was at its peak when Jaehwan arrived at the central auction house.

“Jaehwan, you’re late,” Myad greeted Jaehwan.

“Oh, you got some clothes? It fits you.”


Jaehwan nodded and sat down on the chair that Myad saved for him. Runald also came next to Jaehwan and sat down. He had flown down here anxiously, but the atmosphere was different than he expected. There were powerful individuals within the auction house, but none of them were unleashing the uncomfortable presence that Jaehwan felt earlier.

‘This is strange. I felt it for sure.’

In front was the giant hologram screen that showed the top price of the auction and Auctioneer Reynold. Jaehwan looked at the giant metal object crouched down in front of the screen.

“Is that the Machina of Daeus?”

The metal object was shaped like a man. It was probably over ten meters just based on the sight. Myad answered, “Yes. It’s the best Gigantes of <Depth>.”

Gigantes. Jaehwan once read the information about it in the [Record of the Depth].

Those metal giants could be controlled from the inside, created in the days when Ancient God Daeus was in full power. It allowed the rider to increase their world power by 1.2 to 3 times when riding in it. It was the [Part] that everyone from mid-ranking Gods and up wanted to have.

The Machina was the best out of all the Gigantes.

Jaehwan increased his [Suspicion] up to the limit as he examined the Machina. Surely it was a much better object than Reinholdt’s Long Coat which he was wearing. But he felt that the Machina was lacking.

‘Is that really it?’

Jaehwan once faced one of the three [Parts] before- no, he actually ‘used it’. He didn’t know it was considered so highly before, but now he could see it.

‘It’s nothing like the Void Sword.’

That sword that turned every being into a Dead Man. It was, of course, Catastrophe himself who wielded the sword and Jaehwan only was the vessel to hold Catastrophe in, but Jaehwan remembered how it felt to hold the sword.

He remembered the sensation of wielding the blade.

Even when he was the one wielding it, he felt like as if his spirit was being ripped apart by it. It didn’t seem to be possible to control it. That was the power of such Divine Parts.

[Jaehwan, we must go back. I don’t feel good about this!]

Andersen shouted with a concerned voice. She too seemed to have sensed something.

‘Andersen. Who are ‘they’?’


‘You mentioned that there are ‘they’ here.’


But in the next moment, Andersen’s voice became disrupted and disappeared. It felt like something was interfering with Andersen and Jaehwan’s communication.

-Whoa! We’ve got the new highest bidder! 11 thousand spirit stones!

Reynold’s voice filled the area and Jaehwan spoke to Myad.

“So, I just need to buy that?”

“Yes. Did you make up your mind?”

“What about spirit stones?”

“Here you go.”

Jaehwan took the bag of spirit stones from Myad. Runald became pale as he peeked into the bag.

“WHAT! There must be about 20 thousand spirit stones in there at least!”

“Is that a lot?”

“Of course it is! It’s too much!”

One spirit stone equaled one Follower. Only one spirit stone could be acquired by processing a spirit. Of course, normal Followers didn’t have much value and it was the fighter Followers who would equal to 5 to 10 spirit stones that became valuable, but 20 thousand was still a lot.

It was enough to have a low-ranking God to rise up to the bottom of the high-ranking Gods.

Jaehwan said, “Twenty thousand… it might not be enough.”

“Not enough?”

“You never know what might happen.”

This time, Myad became astonished at Jaehwan being so calm while holding onto so many spirit stones.

“You really are something. How can you be so calm even with that many spirit stones?”


“I don’t think there’s anyone- even in the <Great Lands> or <Depth>- that doesn’t get carried away by the number.”

“That’s enough. So, do you have more? Or what?”

“I think 20 thousand is enough… but I’ll give you this just in case.”

Myad then began writing something down and handed it over to Jaehwan. It was a piece of paper created by the hologram. It was a personal check from the Myad Federation. The voice was heard again then.

-12 thousand! Anymore? 12 thousand!

Jaehwan looked down at the check for a while and turned to Myad again.

“You just met me for the first time today.”

“Yes, I did.”

“What is the meaning of all this?”

“Meaning? Oh, you mean the check? Like I said… I like you and…”

“…Never mind. I was a fool to ask.”

Jaehwan stood up and shouted toward the auctioneer.

“I will bid on it.”

People’s eyes turned straight onto Jaehwan. Reynold then turned to Jaehwan and spoke.

-OH? I haven’t seen you around! In my experience, this is the sign of a strong bid! So… your name is…

“I’m Jaehwan.”

-I see! So- how much will you…

“A hundred thousand.”