The World after the Fall - Chapter 132 - Ancient God (1)

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Chapter 132: Ancient God (1)

Recently, theories have been circulating that Three Ancient Gods weren’t all removed by <Big Brother> at all.

The crater with a diameter of 248km, located near the 8th site, <Caspion>, is evidence that supports the theory. According to the local recordings, the crater was created about 210 thousand years ago, around the time when the Three Ancient Gods disappeared from <Depth>.

Some researchers claim that there was the 9th site of <Depth> upon this crater, and the crater is the trace of a fight between Daeus and Geshtalt, two of the Three Ancient Gods.

Few claim that the Followers of Daeus and Geshtalt continue the fight that started 210 thousand years ago even to this date at various places within <Depth>, but there is no evidence that confirms this claim.

Currently, this crater is called as [The Great Forest] and are considered one of the 8 Forbidden Areas of the Depth.

-[History of War of the Depth]

Episode – Ancient God

Within the 5th site [Ragnarok], there are concentrated illegal site areas in the darkest corner of the site.

It is nicknamed as the ‘Moon’s shadow.’

It’s the place where one trades for illegal [Parts] or smuggled [Followers]. It was illegal, but no high-ranking Gods that resided in Ragnarok interfered with the ‘Moonland’.

The profit coming from the Moon’s Shadow was just too great to have it removed.

And in the center of the Moonland, a beautiful woman and old man were standing there. It was the old man who spoke first.

“Dammit, this is damn hard to find. Are all your regional offices hard to find like this?”

“Don’t talk like you don’t know. You were a part of this before, remember?”

Yoo Surha, the 2nd Captain of the [Rupture] spoke.

‘So, what came to this?’

Surha recalled the memory of that ‘day’ of 2 years ago. It was the day when Sole-King Catastrophe came down to <Chaos>, the day when hundreds of Generals were killed and the path to the Depth was opened. That day, Surha stood in front of Jaehwan and his friends to stop them.

‘That was already 2 years ago?’

It felt like time had flown by so fast.

“Teacher, I have to remind you this again, but this doesn’t mean I’m working with you people. Get it?”

“Hah, I don’t want you to work with us either.”

“I’m staying with you all just until we find ‘him’. Better watch out.”

“You watch out, girl. Unless you want to get stabbed while you’re asleep.”

“…Hah, sure.”

The old man next to Surha was Chunghuh, the Doctor of Despair. They were enemies 2 years ago, but were now traveling together as they had the same ‘goal’ for the current moment.

“But can’t you hide it better? It’s too obvious.”

“What? What are you talking about?”


Chunghuh looked up to where Surha’s finger was pointing. In the sky of Ragnarok, there was a giant structure barely visible through the floating clouds.

“Isn’t it too crude for a creation from a Nightmare?”

It was hidden by an optical illusion, but it was enough to notice that there were distortions if one looked hard enough.

-Shut up. I can hear you too.

“Hah, Nightmares and their hearings.”

Surha mumbled as she looked up to the ‘Flying Ship – The Fall’ hidden up in the sky.

“What kind of a name is a ‘Fall’? It’s stupid.”

-Hey! Will you shut up?

Sirwen’s voice thundered through the earpiece. Karlton’s voice came after.

-Doctor, are you still looking for it? Our stealth is imperfect, so we will need to hurry.”

“Be patient. And it’s not me who’s looking for it. It’s this girl.”

Surha sighed at Chunghuh who was blaming her. She would have beaten him up if it was like before, but she couldn’t do it anymore. A lot of things happened between the 2 years since they arrived in <Depth>.

‘He’s gotten stronger.’

In those 2 years, Chunghuh had achieved quite a bit of growth in strength. He was now in his 4th step, and so he could now fight as an equal with Yoo Surha.

‘He really is something… making teacher become this strong….’

Surha’s eyes, as she glanced at Chunghuh, met with his eyes as he turned to her side. They both looked at each other for a slight second.

“Hey, girl. I wanted to ask you something.”

Chunghuh started talking awkwardly and Surha scoffed.

“Don’t ask me out or something like that.”

“…Why are you after Jaehwan?”

Chunghuh did not respond to the joke and asked seriously. He didn’t miss Surha’s face growing heavy at the moment.

“No, let me rephrase it. Why did you let him go back then?”

“…Back then- when?”

“When do you think?”

It was an obvious question. There was only one time the word ‘when’ applied to for them.

“I know you didn’t fall behind in strength. You’re the Captain of Rupture.”


“Or was Jaehwan much stronger than I thought he was?”

Surha then became angry at his words.

Was he strong?

“I don’t know. How should I put it…”

She frowned as she remembered the day when she fought against Jaehwan. He was strong. No, he became stronger. Much stronger than when [Rupture] first found him. He was now strong enough to fight against the Captains of the Rupture.

And Yoo Surha was the 2nd Captain of Rupture.

She was the one who killed many Generals with her weapon, ‘Thunder Demon’. Her lightening rained hell as she moved her deathly scythe, and thus she got her the nickname, ‘Early Dawn’. She earned 5th place in the power rank within Rupture and was the fearmonger among the Generals.

That was Yoo Surha.

She was to outpower Jaehwan. Yet, 2 years ago, she couldn’t stop him.

It was Chunghuh who asked again as Surha became hesitant about continuing.

“You saw something.”


“You saw something- a potential that you can’t find in anyone else, or any Captains. Isn’t that it?”

Surha did not answer, but she bit her lips. There was a voice that came into her mind.

-Your ways will not change the world. The cultivation is only the outcome. It is the ‘reason’ that needs to be dealt with.

Jaehwan spoke to her when she explained and offered Jaehwan to join Rupture. It was an obvious point and she had no way to fight against it. Although it was true, it was equally impossible as well. But Jaehwan told her the outcome of his ‘impossible’ story.

-I will destroy this ‘world’.