The World after the Fall - Chapter 131 - God and Follower (11)

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Chapter 131: God and Follower (11)


“It’s not that we just can’t see. It feels like we can see them, but we can’t.”

Runald felt something beginning to puzzle together. To him, the Gods were the voices and beings that showed the world, but they never revealed themselves. Runald felt them, and he felt like he could see them, but he was never allowed to actually see. It was still not enough. Benya then placed her hand under her skirt and spoke.

“Well- it’s something like this.”

She began to lift her skirt up very slowly, showing her clear, white skin. And…

Runald swallowed as he watched.

More. Just a bit more…

Then, when it felt like something underneath it would show in a bit, Benya stopped. One felt like it could be seen, but couldn’t. Runald became confused.

“See? Do you get it now?”

Runald felt as if he had been struck with lightning at that moment.

This was the god.

He had witnessed many naked women in Andersen’s Naked World. However, in front of him was a woman whose beauty exceeded that of any naked woman he had witnessed in the world. He felt his 17-year-old runny nose and realized his life had reached another stage.

-True beauty lies at the magical point of visible and not visible.

This- this was the word that would later describe Runald as the ‘Naked Saint’, throughout the <Great Lands>. But for now, he was just a fool for getting a nosebleed after peeking at a pretty girl’s underwear.

Jaehwan was amused.

Perhaps it was because of his new eye-opening experience, but Runald’s body was shining with golden world power. The Follower’s world power was evolving.

‘…Becoming powerful after watching something like that? What the hell is going on here?’

It didn’t seem like the surrounding world was normal at all.

‘A point visible or not visible?’

Jaehwan then glanced down at his bottom. If this was Earth, he would be considered much worse than just being naked with only a coat on him. He looked at Runald for a second and then spoke to Benya.

“I don’t know any about all that nonsense, but why didn’t you get me a pair of pants too?”

“Huh? Oh, I thought you were naked there on purpose…”

“Why would I?”

“I’ll go some pants and a shirt right now-”

“It’s alright.”

Jaehwan waved his hand and buttoned his coat from top to bottom. It felt weird as his shins were still exposed, but it was much better than his naked self moments ago. Benya then asked, “Are you here to find a Follower?”

“I’m looking for someone.”

Jaehwan then summarized why he was here to Benya.

“Oh… it would’ve made things much easier if you told us earlier.”

Benya quickly walked up to the guard standing at the corner of the street. After the guard exchanged a short conversation with Benya, he opened the search engine for her.

After a while-


“No, ma’am. There’s no one named Yoonhwan on the auction house today.”

“It’s not just Yoonhwan. It’s Kim Yoonhwan. Did you search thoroughly?”

The guard looked at Jaehwan who just interrupted with a frown and replied, apparently annoyed by the intrusion.

“I DID search thoroughly. No.”

He even showed the result he found.

“These are all spirits we fished up from public Fishing Spots today. The spirit you mentioned is not on our list.”

Jaehwan was disappointed, but he soon turned the suspicion at himself.

‘Was I mistaken?’

But that was not possible. It was the face of a friend who had spent tens of years with him. How could he forget? It was Yoonhwan for sure. Benya noticed Jaehwan’s disappointment and quickly asked the guard.

“Is… there a chance for a spirit to taken somewhere else rather than auction house?”

“Oh, uh… that’s…”

The guard hesitated and Benya quickly handed over a spirit stone to him. He refused at first, but soon received it as he glanced around to check if anyone was around. He then waved at Jaehwan and Benya clandestinely and whispered.

“There are gods that take spirits from the Detention Center from time to time. It’s done to capture the quality spirits before anyone else has the chance to take them.”

“Who are they?”

“I don’t have the names. That’s all I know.”

It seemed like he really didn’t know since he was just a guard after all.

‘I guess there’s no other way but to break in and find out myself.’

Jaehwan turned at the Caspion Jailhouse at the end of the street. As he tried to walk toward it, there was the sound of a whistle and a giant dome style barrier appeared to block the way to the jailhouse.

Jaehwan tapped on the barrier with his hand. It was a powerful one; he wasn’t sure if he could break it even when using his full power.

The guard spoke up from behind.

“Oh, I guess today’s best auction is up.”

“How do you know?”

The guard then pointed at the barrier.

“That’s the highest quality barrier by God Hatchnold. It’s only activated when the best auction is being held. It’s just a precautionary….”

Before he can finish, the voice of the auctioneer, Reynold, was heard from the central auction house.

[Ladies and Gentlemen! The time has come!]

At once, powerful energies from various areas began to move. It was powerful energies that Jaehwan would have a hard time fighting against. It felt like the energy was very familiar to Jaehwan’s as he clenched his sword’s hilt.

‘This energy…’

[Hey- what the hell happened?]

It was then, when Andersen who was thought to be disconnected, spoke. Before Jaehwan could answer her, Andersen shouted.

[…Why- why are ‘they’ here?!]


[RUN! You can’t stay here!]

But as Jaehwan asked Andersen, he was already activating the [Setting] equipped in the Long Coat.

[Wait! Where are you going! That’s the wrong way!]

With [High Speed Flying], Jaehwan and Runald flew quickly toward the central auction house.

“Wait for me!”

Benya’s lone voice filled the area behind them.