The World after the Fall - Chapter 129 - God and Follower (9)

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Chapter 129: God and Follower (9)

“If you say so, I will consider it.”

“You will?”

Myad was excited.

“But, I won’t bid right now. If the Machina is as great as you say, it will come up at the end.”

“…You’re correct. I believe the Machina will be put last in the auction.”

“I came here with a different purpose, so I’ll look around first. If the central auction is not finished when I’m done, then I’ll do as you say.”

It was the best decision he could make without asking for advice. It was the only way that would allow him to find Yoonhwan and get Machina. Myad shrugged and nodded.

“You can do that. If Machina is about to come up, I’ll come over to you.”

Myad smiled and disappeared towards the center of the auction house.

Jaehwan and Runald were now moving toward the north through a small road.

“The Follower auction is this way!”

The Hatchnold Auction House was dome-shaped, with the center auction house right in the center. To the south of it was where people traded with each other, and to the north was where people bidded on low to mid-grade [Parts].

On the 7th small road to the north was where Followers were put up for sale. It was because the north road was directly connected to the Caspion Jailhouse.

That was where spirits who were fished up from the public fishing spot were brought to be sold.

As Jaehwan moved, he glanced around at all the Products on sale. The Followers of Hatchnold were bringing in [Parts] to put on auction, the place where the low to mid-high grade [Parts] were on sale.

There was a deep blue mid-high grade [Part] on auction at the moment.

-Reinholdt’s Long Coat! We have the highest bid at 420! 420!

Jaehwan then found the blonde girl who came together with them into the auction house. Was her name Benya? It seemed that she did not stay together with Myad.

“480! We have 480!”

Jaehwan looked in her direction, then looked down at himself and moved on.

‘Who cares?’

Jaehwan and Runald walked along the road and soon reached the 7th road. The heat of the auction house faltered and a dark, cold atmosphere surrounded the area. At the corner of the street, he could hear whispered moans from the people.



People from within glass walls looked at Jaehwan. Some seemed desperate, while some were in despair. There were a lot who were biting their nails or drooling.

Jaehwan felt his heart grow cold. He had expected as much, but expecting it and seeing it was different.

These were the people of <Depth>.

“…I hate this place.” Runald said, “If I wasn’t taken in by Andersen, I might’ve ended up in there.”

Runald had complicated feelings. He felt relieved at being different from them, and at the same time, he was also disgusted at himself for being relieved. Jaehwan looked at Runald and thought, ‘If I can take all of them as my Followers…’

The thought then became a question that made him grow even colder.

‘But will allowing them to be my Followers make them happy?’

Jaehwan realized one thing with the recent happenings. That he would never be an appropriate [God]. His thoughts became certain as he talked with Andersen or Myad.

-Your world is too dark and gloomy. People are having a hard time as it is. Do they really need to see yours?

Jaehwan thought that maybe Andersen was right. Maybe it wasn’t the truth that those people needed. People were too weak to accept the truth.



“You regret becoming my Follower, right?”

Maybe it was fake ‘comfort’ that those people needed. Warm comfort, not the cold truth. Even if it was fake, it was what kept them living.

“It’s not like you to say such a thing.”

It felt weird to hear that from Runald, as he hadn’t known Runald for long. But Jaehwan asked back calmly.

“It’s not like me?”

“You didn’t even ask if I am regretting it. You just assumed that I do. That’s not even a question.”


Jaehwan became surprised. Maybe he wasn’t like himself after all. This boy was brilliant at catching onto things like this.

“Honestly, I do regret some parts. I mean, I like Goddess Andersen’s world better.”

He spoke honestly and continued, “I will continue to think that way. I will consider that Andersen’s world is better… that it was a good time… uh, are you hurt? Your expression is…”


“Hehe, anyway yeah. Your world has no flowers, no good scenery, and no naked girls… honestly, your world has nothing. But then…”

Runald then looked up to the sky. Jaehwan could see what Runald didn’t say. Runald spoke again.

“But, even then…”

He was still looking at Jaehwan’s sky. Even when he fainted the first time he saw it, but Runald could now confidently look up at it. The giant eye in the sky, with the vision that could rip the boy apart at any moment, was upon him, but Runald still looked straight at it.

“When I’m in your world… I don’t feel like I’m running away. I don’t know what it is… but it feels like I’m standing against an enemy that I can never win without fear.”

Jaehwan also looked up to the sky. The naked man and naked boy looked up at the same sky for a while. Runald then wiped his sweat from his forehead and said, “…It feels weird to talk like this when we’re naked.”

“Yeah,” Jaehwan nodded.