The World after the Fall - Chapter 127 - God and Follower (7)

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Chapter 127: God and Follower (7)

‘This man…’

The man was looking around Jaehwan’s unique world as if he didn’t mind that Jaehwan was staring at him. That wasn’t normal behavior for a person when another had a sword in front of him.

“Anyway, this really is one of a kind.”

As the man looked carefully from side to side, Jaehwan’s expression changed. He felt something similar when he clashed with Sameng Garam back then. But this felt more powerful.

If he felt that Sameng Garam received understanding from him, this man seemed like he just understood Jaehwan. The face of a man in front of delicious food. As the man stood looking around for a while, he finally let out a deep breath.

“Your world has a very familiar smell. There were Gods with worlds like this, a long time ago. Gods who existed before <Big Brother> came to this world, before the monster named ‘System’ appeared.”

The man closed his eyes and continued talking, seemingly impressed.

“They didn’t need Vicegerents or Followers. They created their own world, represented their world by themselves, and never forced their world upon others. They believed in their own world, and died alone. Your world is just like the world of those Ancient Gods.”

A God without Vicegerents or Followers?

Jaehwan was interested in what he had to say and decided to let him continue.

“However, it’s a shame. This doesn’t fit the current trend. It would be really good if you fixed a few things…”

The man then opened his eyes. His golden eyes met Jaehwan’s, and after a few moments, he spoke again.

“If you feel like it, how about you join our Federation of Worlds? You’ll be respected within our ranks.”


“We’ll help you with fixing your world too. A world of this much value is worthy of respect.”

Whatever it was, Jaehwan could not stop feeling disappointed after he heard everything. Jaehwan withdrew his sword as the man didn’t seem like he was going to fight.

“I’m not interested.”

“Really? That’s a shame.”

The man seemed really disappointed, but he also didn’t have the intention to force his offer on Jaehwan.

“Benya, don’t stand there like an idiot, apologize. I asked you to go to the auction house first, but instead, you caused trouble.”

“I-I’m sorry, Sir Myad.”

“You should apologize to that gentleman, not me.”

“I’m sor…”

The blonde girl bowed with a reddened face and Jaehwan felt something was familiar. It wasn’t because of her apology, it was the name that he just heard.


He thought that he heard the name somewhere before.

As he remembered, Andersen spoke in shock.

[….Myad? Myad van Deklan?!]

Myad van Deklan.

The owner of ‘Myad Federation,’ the 3rd Federation of Worlds, and one of the most powerful Vicegerents in <Depth>. Because of his many feats and achievements, he gained nicknames such as ‘Owner of the 3rd World,’ and many others. But most people in the <Depths> referred to him with this nickname.

‘The Starseeker’

The reason for that name was because his world had a blue star in the sky, but more because of a very dangerous reason.

At the 274th Grand Crusade, he once declared the following in front of many high-ranking Gods,

“You can reach the stars even if you have short hands.”

The Gods were shocked.

The sky in <Depth> had no stars. The only star it could mean was one.

Myad was one of few Vicegerents who did not give up on challenging <Big Brother>.

‘Sameng Garam told me to look for him.’

Jaehwan remembered that as he glanced at Myad explaining about the auction house. Sameng Garam had told him once that when Jaehwan got to the <Depths>, to look for Myad.

‘Starseeker… maybe his purpose is similar to mine.’

“I didn’t imagine one such to have had encountered such problems. There are needless and complicated rules in <Depth>. But if you join the Myad Federation…”

“I am not joining.”

“Haha, you should consider it.”

Myad decided to help Jaehwan gain entry to the auction house to apologize for what the blonde girl did to Jaehwan. It seemed that the authentication of a high-ranking God was enough in place of a regular God authentication.

[Be careful. You never know what he might be thinking. There’s not much information about him. I don’t even know what God he serves…]

Jaehwan did not need to heed Andersen’s advice, as he didn’t intend on sharing much with Myad anyway. It was good that he helped them enter the auction house, but that alone wasn’t enough to warrant trust.

Beside, Sameng Garam, who recommended him, was one of those evil Generals after all.


‘This man knows I’m an Awakener.’

That was the most concerning issue. He had been under the guise of the Vicegerent of Andersen to others, but Myad seemed to have realized that Jaehwan’s unique world was his own. It was as if he had known about Jaehwan.

“I see. So, you are traveling with him?”


“And you are not afraid of his world?”

“…I am. But it’s not just afraid. Like- isn’t it scarier when you can’t see it?”

“Oh, you know something, don’t you?”

It seemed two girls following them had befriended Runald. The blonde girl was Benya, and the short-haired girl was Sinya. They were Followers of Goddess Aphrodite who were accompanying Myad to the auction house.

‘I have to find Yoonhwan.’

As he walked at the front, together with Myad, Jaehwan was using his [Suspicion] to scan the area. He remembered seeing Yoonhwan’s face an hour ago at the gate. It was definitely Yoonhwan. He seemed to be sick and fatigued, but Jaehwan was certain.

Jaehwan knew that Yoonhwan would not remember him. All [Products] who had not cleared the tutorial had their memories wiped. Jaehwan knew this from Beastlain’s explanation a long time ago.

However, it didn’t matter if Yoonhwan didn’t remember him. He was already prepared for this.

That’s when Jaehwan scanned a few powerful beings with his skill. They were at least as strong as Greater Generals, or even Commanders.

They glanced towards Jaehwan and then distanced themselves.

“Are you looking for something? Your presence is quite vicious.”

Jaehwan then quickly stopped using [Suspicion] after Myad’s words. This man had noticed Jaehwan using his skill. Jaehwan changed subjects.

“Is the auction house always this crowded?”

“Oh, no. It’s more crowded than usual. I think it’s because of the rumors…”


“I heard the [Parts] used by Ancient Gods, or the Three Divine Objects, are being sold today.”