The World after the Fall - Chapter 126 - God and Follower (6)

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Chapter 126: God and Follower (6)

[What kind of Setting is that?!]

Andersen was shocked by the world power she felt from Jaehwan. She knew that Jaehwan had lost a part of his memory and fought against the Generals of the <Great Lands> in <Chaos>. But, she thought he managed to do all that with pure luck. In fact, he even borrowed power from someone else when he faced those Commanders.

‘What is this power then?’

As Jaehwan pulled out the sword from the world, his world power increased by a great amount. The power that equaled a Vicegerent of a low-ranking God changed to one of a high-ranking God.


Andersen gasped as she looked at the name shown above the sword. If it had a name like that, she was certain that it was a [Setting], but that world power didn’t seem normal.

[Why… this can’t be… This is unfair! What type is it?!]

All [Settings] within <Depths> were divided into types. Even if some God wanted to create a Setting that might make him twice as powerful as his enemy, it still wasn’t possible because of the type.

Even with strong power, there was a weakness to it.

There was no Setting without weakness, and stronger powers had huge penalties. There were no Settings that would allow a low-ranking God to have the power that equaled a high-ranking God’s.

Yet, that was now happening in front of Andersen’s eyes.

The blonde girl who felt Jaehwan’s power paled. His power that easily trumped her own terrified her.

‘This is impossible! He is a Vicegerent of a low-ranking God!’

The blonde girl shook as she thought that, and in the next moment, charged at Jaehwan. It was as if a mouse, who was cornered, was charging at the cat. The rapier containing Artemis’ Setting [One Fatal Strike] turned her sword into a giant arrow as she charged.

Jaehwan’s face grew cold.

He didn’t intend to fight. He just thought pulling out [Fall] would be enough of a threat for her to back off. But it didn’t work.

‘So, it’s come down to this again.’

Jaehwan was disappointed. When he first came to <Depth> and met with Andersen and Runald, he was a bit excited. If what they said was right, <Depth> respected all kinds of worlds.

Many Followers lived in various unique worlds and enjoyed their own. It even seemed like what Jaehwan had been looking for: a world where there was no discrimination and everyone interacted with each other on even grounds.

If that was the case, Jaehwan thought that there might be some kind of a possibility.

However, it didn’t take him long to realize that <Depth> was another version of <Chaos> or the <Great Lands> after all.

Weak worlds were looked down upon, and weak Gods were discriminated. There were right answers to things and people only cared for efficiency.

As Jaehwan looked at the arrow and its green world power, he heard something from deep within him. It was the voices he heard when he opened ‘Creation’. There were the voices of the countless Jaehwans who agreed with Jaehwan’s creation. They were ordering him.

-Destroy that world.

-You are born only to destroy worlds.

His sword that wielded the power of ‘Fall’ ripped that world. The green arrow began to decompose the moment it touched the power of [Fall]. As it dissipated entirely, the blonde girl backed off.


Her [Setting] was losing power. The world was leaving her, as if someone had ripped her world apart from her. She felt terrible fear. It was the fear of world loss, and she had never felt that after she became a Follower of Artemis.

She even heard Artemis’ voice for the first time ever.

[Who are you?! How did you manage to pull me away from my kid… You dare…]

And with that, her presence disappeared completely from her. As if she had been struck on the head, she felt her vision turning white. The God wasn’t a spirit, but a concept. How could a concept be damaged? She had never heard of a [Setting] that could do such a thing.

Jaehwan approached with his sword and her arrogance completely fled.

‘N-no… I’ll die…’

She couldn’t understand. It was just like any other normal day. She only wanted to take a look at the world, that was all.


She gripped her rapier tightly. But she knew it was a futile effort. The sword would come to her, and cut her head off at any second…

“Please, wait.”

A voice interruptedthem. Jaehwan turned to the man who had spoken. He had very thick facial lines and a well-built body. He seemed to have been well-trained. As he stood in front of Jaehwan, he looked back to the blonde girl.

“You should stop too, Benya. What have you done?”

“S-sir… but…”

“You just experienced that and you still don’t get it?”

Benya gritted her teeth.

“But he is a low-ranking God’s…”

“Are you still talking about ranks? I guess it was pointless to send you to Artemis.”

The man spoke as he pulled the girl up to stand. Jaehwan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man who didn’t seem to be bothered by his world.