The World after the Fall - Chapter 121 - God and Follower (1)

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Chapter 121: God and Follower (1)

[There was a common mistake that most newbie Gods who just created their unique worlds made. It was to create a lot of [Settings]. This hit its peak in the 2nd year that those new Gods arrived in <Depth>.

We’re not talking about other Gods.

It’s about you.

Let’s be honest here.

Don’t you have all these things going on in your head, like having superman-like powers, or a magical universe like Harry Potty?

…No, maybe you already have created them.

I will offer my condolences for the shame you will face two years later.

In two years, you will know that there are about 214 [Settings] that are related to having superhuman-powers and about 753 of them that are vaguely similar. (This information is from the unofficial Setting record from the <Akashic Records>.)

And your unimaginative invention of the world of Harry Potty will be the 754th similar magic world.

And then, you will realize what you have done during the past years, and blame your Vicegerent while you watch other Gods scoff and smirk at you, asking why your Vicegerent did not stop you.

Then, you will change.

It is because you have learned a lot during those two years. During that time, you probably have learned that your few [Followers] are not enough to create a [Setting] that is powerful enough, and the number of [Followers] is everything in this damned world.

You will become a low-ranking God who yearns to increase your [Followers]. You will lose your innovative mind. You will aim to create safe, proven [Settings] rather than create a unique one, and choose something that will appeal to general [Followers] rather than something that will show your own traits.

After that, you will spend time and more time, creating the same [Settings] just like the other Gods, waiting to have more [Followers].

Then, maybe, after a long time, you might realize.

That there might have been something more important than this.

But, by then, it is too late. Imagination, dreams, and purpose. They will never come back. They will have left you, forever.

It is the way of a God.

To be a God in the <Depths>.

-God of Mischief, Pierre

Episode 100 – God and Follower

At the 84th Gate of <Caspion>, at the border of ‘Blue Grass’ forbidden area and ‘Red Depth Desert’, a naked man and a boy were standing in front of the portal of the Gate.

The man looked down at his naked body and asked with suspicion.

“…Are you really sure that no one will become suspicious?”

“Don’t worry. The <Depth> respects differences. It’s a personal choice.”

“Even though I’m naked?”

Jaehwan was staring at Runald doubtfully. Jaehwan wasn’t really fond of any kind of ‘Gate’. Even when he was at <Chaos>, he had gotten into a fight with the Gatekeeper.

But if Karlton was here, he would’ve told him this.

‘…wasn’t it you who started the fight? You breached Gorgon Law, Chapter 27…’

Karlton must be here in <Depth> somewhere. Perhaps he was reciting those damn laws even now. Jaehwan spoke as he shook away the thought of Karlton’s perfectly handsome face.

“In my world, walking around naked was enough to cause suspicion.”

“What? What’s wrong with being naked??”

[It’s okay! Don’t worry. Trust me.]

As he heard both the voices of the boy and girl, Jaehwan mumbled to himself that the <Depth> did seem different and shook away his thoughts. Surely, it was wrong to think that the Gods would have the same perspective as humans. Jaehwan decided to confidently enter the Gate with Runald.

Moments later, Jaehwan was arrested by the Gatekeeper.

In the Detention Center of the 84th Gate of <Caspion>.

The Gatekeeper Captain, and a follower of the high-ranking God Valibar glanced between Jaehwan and Runald and spoke grumpily.

“It’s suspicious enough to be naked… and what? A [Setting] that makes you stronger the more you’re naked? Who uses that kind of [Setting] these days?”

As Jaehwan listened to the Gatekeeper lecture on, he mumbled quietly.

‘I’m going to have a talk with you later.’

[That’s weird. It’s only natural! I think that Captain is just stuck up.]

‘You’re useless.’

[Don’t worry. Just wait.]

Then, a soldier came to the Captain in distress.

“Captain, I think what he says is right. There was a Goddess named Andersen, who registered the [Naked] Setting about 8241 years ago.”

The Captain’s eyebrow was raised.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir. I heard a rumor of such a Goddess too.”

“You heard?”

“Yes, sir. I heard of a [Setting] that makes your muscles grow stronger when you take off your clothes… but….”

The soldier then glanced at Jaehwan before whispering to the Captain.

“S-she was once a high-ranking God? I see…”

It was easy to guess what they were talking about. The Captain then read through the document that the soldier brought to him and scoffed.

“Isn’t that weird though? Why such a strange [Setting]…”

Jaehwan wanted to ask the same question.

“Naked Andersen, eh? …so you’re her Vicegerent and the boy next to you is her Follower. Right?”

Jaehwan wanted to answer no.

[Say that he’s right. It will cause trouble if you don’t.]

However, he had to change what he was going to say because of Andersen.


The Captain seemed uncomfortable from Jaehwan’s confident (arrogant to his eyes) attitude. He was the Follower of a high-ranking God and there was an unofficial caste system between Followers, depending on whose God they served was higher in rank. With that said, Jaehwan had to be polite with the Captain.

The Captain cleared his throat.

“Hmph. But this is different from the recording… The pattern of the world power is different and according to the record… Andersen only has one Follower…”

“Oh, our Goddess increased her Followers recently! We now have two!”

It was Runald who quickly intervened.

“Vicegerent, isn’t it exciting? We can now create a new [Setting]! Like- uh, superman-ish powers or something! We have two Followers now!”

Jaehwan wasn’t sure why Runald was being this overly excited. However, when the Captain heard the word ‘superman-ish,’ his eyes narrowed weirdly. Runald turned to the Captain and continued.

“Captain, you must have had days like us, right?”

“Huh? Oh, haha. Yeah, of course.”

Was it because of Runald’s cute look or his innocent question? The Captain didn’t seem to be bothered at all from the sudden change of subject.

“Superman, huh? Yeah, I used to want one of those powers… I was foolish…”

“Captain, how was it like back then?”

“Haha, well, when I was your age…”

The Captain then began to recount his story as his mind traveled back to the time of his youth. It seemed that he thought Runald was a new Follower. Half of the Captain’s story was his own feats and the other half was unneeded advice. Maybe he was once the Follower of a low-ranking God.

As he heard the Captain’s boring stories, Jaehwan turned to Runald. Runald was eagerly responding to every detail of the Captain’s stories.

Jaehwan was surprised. This boy knew how to deal with adults.

And after a while, the Captain finished telling his stories and stood up with a bright smile on his face.

“Hmph! I will let you go this time, so don’t forget to update your records.”

“Thank you, captain!”


The Captain smiled at Runald and turned to Jaehwan with a cold expression.

“Don’t walk around naked next time. Enjoy your [Setting] in your own unique world. Don’t taint these innocent kids.”