The World after the Fall - Chapter 114 - Naked God (2)

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Chapter 114: Naked God (2)

‘Maybe I overdid it.’

Runald felt a bit sorry for Andersen.

‘I’m the only one she has.’

Other than her Vicegerent, no one in <Depth> that followed Andersen. Having just one Follower meant that Andersen’s world could disappear at any moment.

“…Goddess, are you there?”

Andersen was quick-tempered and picky, but Runald liked her. Her voice made him remember his lost younger sister. Andersen’s voice was very similar to his sister’s. This was why Runald did not betray the low-ranking God Andersen. She was now the only family he had.

‘Oh well. I’ll play along a bit more.’

Runald then asked, “Goddess, should we look around for a bit more?”

[…Huh? Really??]

Andersen’s voice brightened up and Runald smiled bitterly.

Andersen was still a God. But Gods required Followers. She, too, would want to become stronger. And the rumors said that she used to be a high-ranking God of the Depth. It was through betrayal that she was dragged down to where she was now.

‘But she wouldn’t have picked me if she was at a high rank.’

Runald was somewhat thankful for Andersen’s unfortunate turn of events.

‘And it might be good if we have one more… the Goddess should be less sad.’

Then, Runald smelled something.

He first thought he was mistaken. But as he tried again, it wasn’t mistaken at all.


[What is it?]

“Goddess, do you smell water nearby?”

[…I don’t have the nose to smell it.]

Runald ignored her and began searching around. The neared where the smell was coming and Andersen quietly watched. And after a while, they found a small open space in the forest. Runald screamed as he looked at the center of it.

“T-th-there it is! Goddess! It’s really there!!”


There was a small silvery pond at the center. It was the place called [Fishing Spot] where spirits could be fished up. They had found the place.

Most famous Fishing Spots that had tens of spirits fished up the day had already occupied high-ranking Gods. Lower-ranking Gods were then forced to use public [Fishing Spots]. These spots had maybe one spirit throughout a few days and even those were competed against amongst the Gods.

Runald and Andersen had found a new [Fishing Spot].

“M-maybe we can really get a [Follower]!”

[W-what should I do if we do get it?!]

Andersen also seemed to be excited. It was known that newly found Fishing Spots had good energy in them so lost spirits were drawn to it. That was why a lot of lower-ranking Gods and their Vicegerents searched for new [Fishing Spots]. Most of them had to either return empty-handed or get killed.

[Maybe we can fish up a lot!]

“W-what should we do?!”

[I’ll get a lot of [Followers] and change [Setting] and buy [Parts]….!]

“Settings? You know you have to change my setting first right?”

[Of course!]

“And don’t forget my personal parts!”

[Heck yeah!]

Two of them were already dreaming about living among the high-ranking Gods.

[I can be more powerful and go up the ranks… and become top rank to…!]

After a while of daydreaming, Runald realized it had been an hour since he started fishing.

“Goddess, does it usually take this long?”


After three hours…

“…Nothing’s coming up.”

[Let’s wait. I heard spirit fishing is like fishing time itself.]

“Where did you learn that?”

[It was from the Monthly Fortune.]

Five hours.



And after a day, they decided something wasn’t right.

“WHY! How come nothing’s coming up!?”


“That damn Minerva! Goddess! Let’s go beat her up!”

[…She’s a top-ranking God. I don’t even have a chance.]

“…I know.”

Runald became sad. They finally found a new [Fishing Spot], but they weren’t catching a mere fish. Maybe this [Fishing Spot] was found a long time ago, but was abandoned as nothing could be fished.



[Didn’t that… move just now?]

Runald then turned to the fishing pole. And at that moment, the pole suddenly moved and Runald felt something heavy pulling the pole.

“H-huh? HUH!?”

Something was caught. It was caught… but…

“G-Goddess! I think I caught something really big!”

Most spirits were fished up the moment they were caught, but this spirit didn’t look normal.

“Where did it come from? Is it from that Moorim?”

The spirits of the <Outer Region> had a difference in power depending on where it came from. Spirits from Moorim were especially powerful and were hard fish up.

[…Something’s wrong.]

Andersen also felt something off and began using Runald as a conduit to exercise her world power.

[…This spirit isn’t from the <Outer Region>.]

“What? Where’s it coming from then?”


“W-what do you mean?”

A spirit was being fished up from the [Fishing Spot] when they were coming from <Chaos>? Runald had never heard of such a thing.

[There’s no time! Take off your clothes!]


Runald sighed and held the fishing pole on his mouth and began to unclothe himself. His scrawny body was revealed.

[You’re still as scrawny as ever.]

“Ugh, hurry up with the [Setting]!”

And as his [Setting], ‘Naked’ was activated, Runald’s scrawny body turned to that of a muscled man. But even then it wasn’t easy to pull up.

‘What have we got…?!’

Runald used all his might to pull it up. After a while of heavy pulling, something was dragged outside.


It was an unconscious man. He had dark hair, with wounds all over the body and blood turning into a silver powder. He was entirely naked and…

‘He has a sword.’

There was a sword in his right hand a scabbard on his left hand.

‘Is he from Moorim?’

Runald swallowed his throat. He was weak, but he still was a Vicegerent. Runald felt the power from within the man.

‘He has a world!’

Runald became shocked and quickly asked, “What have we fished up? Goddess, is he a Vicegerent?!”

That was impossible. There was no Vicegerent in <Chaos>. Andersen answered.

[…He’s not a Vicegerent.]

“Huh? Then…”

Andersen became silent for a while. It was when Runald realized the silence wasn’t a good sign that Andersen spoke. Her voice was shaking.

[Runald… I… we… have fished up a ‘God’.]