The World after the Fall - Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Catastrophe (11)

“Master, did you come here through the [Narrow Door]?”

“Are you working with any of Renowned families or Lords?”

Euren tried to explain, but it wasn’t easy. There were too many stories to unfold to explain everything.

‘Right… that is your limitation.’

Sameng Hoon then used his final powers to control the video to deliver a final blow.



People shouted angrily. They were raged. Some even ran directly at the person that was shown in the video.

“Cayman! What is THAT!”

“What have you done…!!!”

Cayman glanced at the video as people started grabbing him. He knew the scene very well. It was showing the Palace of Reincarnation where Cayman destroyed all remaining fruits.

“Why did you do that!!”

There was no way to calm the crowds. Even Euren and the other clan leaders seemed to be in shock. Nobody knew what had happened at the palace, but it was too late to explain. If he explained that he destroyed it because it would fuel an unnecessary fight over the [Fruits], would they believe him?

‘It’s done.’

Cayman closed his eyes. Maybe it wasn’t because of Lords that their expedition failed 900 years ago. It was because they were human.


Sameng Hoon smiled silently. His plan failed but at least one thing was a success. He had successfully destroyed <Chaos>. But then-

“I ordered him to destroy it.”

Someone spoke up.

“I ordered Cayman to destroy those [Fruits].”

People turned at the voice. Cayman quickly whispered to Jaehwan.

[Master! What are you…!]

But it was too late.

“What is that! Why!!”

People began to shout in protest. James then asked, “Is it… because you are ‘alive’?”

Silence fell. It was short but had enough impact to be transferred to everyone. Then, it was followed by a question. He is alive. He does not need the [Fruit]. Then why-

“…Master, what is your real purpose of going to the <Depth>?”

Chunghuh closed his eyes and Karlton bit his lips. Cayman clenched his fists. They knew the answer to that. That’s why they wished Jaehwan would not answer the question. They knew people will not accept his answer. Fortunately, Jaehwan did not answer. Then came another question.

“WHY! Why did you give the order to destroy the [Fruits]!”

Jaehwan did not answer. He couldn’t answer.

He silently raised his sword and a few members backed away in fear. But what Jaehwan was after wasn’t them.

The darkness began reaching out from him and his unique world filled the area.

“What is the meaning of this?!”

People then realized they were inside Jaehwan’s unique world. What was he up to? People looked around frantically. But Jaehwan was looking from the top. Soon, people too saw something above Jaehwan faintly.

“Wait… is that?”

There was a thin line on top of his head. The link that was connected to somewhere.


Sirwen spoke in shock and people began their rage. But the rage turned into shock at Jaehwan’s action. His sword moved against the connector. And with it, the link was broken.

With that, on the video, they saw Jaehwan’s body inside the video losing life.

What did he just do? How could a human do that?

Jaehwan then put his sword away and spoke.

“This is the real life.”

The spirit freed from the life defined by the System. The spirit spoke.

“I am going to the <Depth> to protect this life.”

Silence fell. Unexpectedly, a man who broke the silence with his laughter.

“HAHAHAHA! You are crazy… you are MAD!!”

Sameng Hoon was laughing like a maniac. Everyone turned to look at him in shock. Was he still alive? But his spirit was now fading away into a silvery powder. He was at his last breath.

“I see. So, you have… even death…”

And he disappeared. People then lost energy to stand and slumped down. Mental shock struck them. Their minds calmed down as Sameng Hoon’s skill was deactivated and they realized what they just had done.

Jaehwan looked at each and one of them.

Everyone was silent. No one dared to speak up. Some were even shaking. They couldn’t bear to even look at the man who had just give up on his way back to move onto the <Depth>.

Jaehwan turned back and began walking, limping from the damage he acquired through becoming a Dead Man.

But no one dared to run up and help him. They now knew that it was the way that only a free spirit could walk.

Soon, a few members stood and followed Jaehwan. It was those who were not suspicious of Jaehwan from the start.

Chunghuh was the first, then came Karlton. Sirwen then glanced around and quickly followed Jaehwan at last.

Then they saw the door of the Void Factory becoming distorted. Inside, was darkness. Catastrophe had accepted their entry to the <Depth>.

Clan Leaders lowered their head and Euren bit his lips in sadness.

Jaehwan was now being helped by Chunghun and Karlton. Euren smiled.

‘At least you are not alone now.’

Cayman also watched them walk away. He wanted to go with them badly, but he couldn’t. Jaehwan had asked him to do something else.

And when Jaehwan took a step inside the <Depth>, a voice came from behind.

“My King…!”

It was Euren. He was kneeling down, toward Jaehwan.

And with that, beginning with Cayman, the other Leaders started kneeling.

The Leaders were Yong who had lost two eyes, Kanghwang who had lost an arm, Mukeuk, who had lost his right leg, Aisa the Master of Dryad, and even Huidon, the Master of Garuda.

They couldn’t follow the path they were walking toward, but they knew how noble it was to walk and be admired.

<Chaos> was kneeling down to him.

‘Farewell, our last King.’

He did not invade, so he couldn’t rule.

He did not rule, so he wasn’t worshipped.

But even then, he was the King of <Chaos>.

The last King that <Chaos> accepted.

The King had now left <Chaos>.