The World after the Fall - Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Catastrophe (9)

The Five Commanders each faced the King’s descension with different reactions. Commander Serim seemed to be confused. He had been told by Sameng Hoon that there was the possibility of fighting against Sole-King Catastrophe if things didn’t turn out as planned.

Sole-King Catastrophe was one of the Three Ancient Gods.

However, the King didn’t seem as powerful as he had imagined. He sure looked powerful, but it wasn’t as much as he imagined.

“Isn’t it enough to have a fight against?”

Serim spoke and turned around. But he had to change what he was thinking right away. Commander Magita was shaking severely as if he was having a seizure. He was barely standing with bubbles coming out of his mouth.

[How pitiful.]

Serim then turned to the voice. He thought it was toward Migata, but the King was looking at Serim directly.

[An insect cannot even see the true power.]


Serim then unleashed his energy.

“No! Stop!” Sameng Yuha quickly stopped him.

“Do you not see that?!”

She too was shaking severely in fear. Serim was puzzled.

“What are you talking about?”

Then, horrifying laughter came from the King.

[You have the 11th stage as a Commander? Fools!]

Serim was the only Commander who had not reached 12th stage adaptation. Hence, he did not have the ability to see the King’s true power, just like how Jaehwan couldn’t see his true body clearly.

[Hmph. There’s one that’s quick to understand.]

Catastrophe spoke as he glanced over the direction where Chundo the Green was standing. He was already a mile away from where they were. Chundo thought, ‘…Impossible! Sole-King?!’

He regretted he had come. If he knew this was a possibility, he would not have joined the fight. They had a hundred Generals with 5 Commanders, but it was no use. No one could resist the disaster.

[The Green. I see… the fools that created the Spirit Stones by peeking into my world.]

Then, the huge shadow appeared behind him and reached out, extracting the time and space. At that moment, Chundo’s body was held by the grasp of the shadow and from the distorted space, Chundo’s body was crushed.


All Commanders froze in place. The 3rd rank of the Green Family. 13th stage adapter. The powerful Commander was now lying in front of them.

Then, they turned to the same place. The place where Sole-King had appeared from. The place where their only ‘hope’ existed. They looked toward the Commander who brought them here, and the most powerful among the 5 Commanders.

There, they saw despair.

Sameng Hoon, with his remaining eye and badly injured body, was looking at Catastrophe. He was mumbling with disbelief as he barely stood.

“But how… the Lords of 12 Region sealed you…”

He gathered all the information, even the <Akashic Records> about Catastrophe. It clearly said that the Lords had sealed Catastrophe and he could not leave the Void Factory.

King looked at Sameng Hoon.

[…Lords of 12 regions?]

He spoke with a laugh.

[They sealed me?]

The laughter shook the earth, and the sky trembled. The world was laughing at him. Sameng Hoon felt as if his spirit was melting away. Then he realized it.

‘I see…’

The <Akashic Records> was a lie. There was no way that Lords from the past, who were only about at today’s Commander level could have managed to seal off the King. The King spoke.

[They didn’t do anything. They were busy running away.]

Sameng Hoon then thought. He needed to get out of this crisis for now. They did not know what Catastrophe was up to, so the best solution was to talk things out. Catastrophe bowed and spoke.

“…O’ the great King. We have no intention of fighting you.”

[Hmm? Is that so?]

The King smiled.

“The only thing we want is that [Product] you used to come down to us.”

[This one? Then I cannot let you have it.]

Sameng Hoon then asked, “…Wasn’t it promised that you would not meddle with the Chaos? I believe you made the promise with <Big Brother>.”

[Do not bring that name up ever again.]

Sameng Hoon flinched.

‘I see. So, it was Big Brother. How strong is Big Brother then?’

Sameng Hoon had lived long, but he did not know much about who or what Big Brother was. But that wasn’t important for now.

“I’m sorry. Anyway, I acknowledge that you do not have a ‘Vicegerent’ because of that.”

Catastrophe then scoffed.

[This one is not my Vicegerent.]

“…Pardon?” Sameng Hoon asked back in shock.

‘Not a Vicegerent? Then how…’

Then he realized something wasn’t right. Gods didn’t descend themselves in usual cases. They just let their Vicegerents borrow the power. But this Jaehwan had fully lost control over his body.

[This one said he will never give up his ‘world.’]

Being a Vicegerent meant the Awakener needed to accept the God’s world. Jaehwan refused it however.

“Then you came because…”

[We made a ‘deal’.]

“Deal? What is the deal?]

[You do not need to know. What you DO need to know is that you will all die.]

Then, all of <Chaos> began to shake. Storms came from the desert and waves came from the Southern Sea. The Northern Forestland was in flames and from the west came the Dead Men.

Sameng Hoon gritted his teeth.

“And by that, I assume you are not keeping the promise with <Big Brother.>.”

Catastrophe was angered. A mere insect, threatening the King? But a promise was a promise. It was his responsibility to answer it.

[No, the promise is still intact.]


[The power is mine, but the will is not.]

And the world began coming down on the Commanders. Sameng Hoon then realized it was Jaehwan who called upon Catastrophe to create this disaster. He also learned that Jaehwan’s body was in a very unstable state.

‘It’s imperfect descension. It won’t take long to finish.’

The descension would not take too long. Jaehwan’s spirit was too small to hold the Sole-King in place.

[Everyone, gather up!]

Sameng Hoon whispered to the Commanders.

[We have to hold for a few minutes! Then we will win!]

The world was falling down at them. Generals were powerful beings who could fight against thousands of enemies. But even then, they were used to fight against individuals, not nature itself.

Sameng Hoon then shouted, “Stay alive! 10 minutes. No, in five minutes, victory will be ours!”

And at that moment, Serim who charged at Catastrophe, blew up. It was just one blow. Then, Magita screamed as he charged at Catastrophe. He also ended up dead after getting crushed against an unknown force.

Sameng Yuha, also ran to fight against the King. She resisted the landslide, fought the sandstorm and hail of the southern ocean. And after she made it through all that, she disappeared into silvery dust just a few steps short of Catastrophe.

The last one to die was Chundo the Green. After losing his two arms, he tried to bring up insects from his mouth. He was going to let out poisonous insects, enough to kill everyone in the area. It wasn’t possible to kill the King, but it should’ve been able to damage the body. But before he could manage to do so, a transparent sword penetrated his stomach.

[Don’t take out that filth.]

It was the Void Sword, the most powerful sword that would make all beings perish.

Chundo’s spirit became corrupted immediately and he turned to the Dead Man, pledging allegiance to the King. However, Catastrophe scowled and spoke.


And he did explode to his death. Sameng Hoon couldn’t bring himself up together. The world had turned to silver with everyone dying from left and right. Then, after a certain time, it became silent. Sameng Hoon looked around, but there was no one.

Someone was walking toward him. It only took 5 minutes for all Generals to be killed to be wiped out.

It was this day where Jaehwan’s later gained the nickname, ‘Commanderslayer.’

‘You’ve won,’ Sameng Hoon thought as he watched the God of Disaster.