The World after the Fall - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Catastrophe (7)

“Stay here.”

Jaehwan spoke to Cayman as he swung his sword to make the Blue Lion back off.

“It’s you.”

Sameng Hoon looked at Jaehwan, barely standing. There was corruption seeping out from his body.

‘This mere [Product] brought this…’

Because of him, the [Cultivation] failed, the years of work put into overtaking <Chaos> failed, and the Palace of Reincarnation was destroyed. Moreover, the 9th region lost many Generals.

And now, over hundreds of Generals and 5 Commander had to ‘die’ to come into <Chaos>.

“So, is it him?”

“…We came all the way here because of ‘him’?”

5th commander Migata and 6th commander Serim began expressing their complaints. They were weaker then Sameng Hoon, but they were still one of the strongest in the <Great Lands>.

Sameng Yuha even added, “…Did you really need me?”

They couldn’t understand needing to come all the way here because of one [Product].

“I know, but it was necessary,” Sameng Hoon answered, smiling bitterly. He had to prepare for the unexpected. For example…

Sameng Hoon glanced over at the factory.

‘But that’s not possible.’

At that moment, Jaehwan began unleashing his energy. It was the power that killed Sameng Garam. His world began to unfold in front of the Commanders.

“So, he opened the [Creation]. Still weak though.”

Chundo of the Green spat as he watched. Sameng Hoon couldn’t disagree. He had faced many Awakeners throughout his 5,000 years of life with very few who were at the 4th step. Jaehwan was weaker than those people.

Jaehwan’s unique world unfolded. On the top of the Tree of Imagery was ‘Eye of Asura’ with crows flying around. Corpses were strewn all over the place.

“…What the hell is this place?”

Sameng Yuha spoke and other the Commanders were surprised as well.

“The eye. Does that symbolize the [First Nightmare]?”

“Maybe it’s <Big Brother>.”

“What’re those? Crows?”

“I like how he sees humans as corpses.”

They all had different comments, but they had one same thought.

‘He’s crazy.’

No one feared Jaehwan’s world. No matter how unique it was, the world did not materialize fully. The [Creation] was just the beginning of the step. There were a few more steps to take after the world was formed, but Jaehwan did not have anything other than the way to see his world.

‘So, he was their hope? They fought because of him?’

Sameng Hoon scoffed. He was disappointed at what those people trusted.

‘Then what you will now see is despair.’

Jaehwan began to walk and unleashed his [World Stab]. A few of the Lesser Generals perished as they charged toward Jaehwan. The Commanders just scoffed.

“What a puny attack.”

With just a few swings, [World Stab] disappeared.

“May I?” 5th Commander Migata asked. He was the weakest of the Commanders, so it was natural. But Sameng Hoon shook his head.

“No, I’m going to fight him.”

“Oh? You will do it yourself?”

Chundo the Green cautiously requested, “Let me join then.”

“No, I will do it alone.”

“Bah.” Chundo backed away as Sameng Hoon glared at him. The Green family had skills that enabled them to control the opponent’s spirit and minds. There was a chance that he might steal the [Product] right in front of their eyes.

Sameng Hoon thought Jaehwan was very weak at the moment, but there was a chance for him to get stronger.

‘No, maybe.’

Considering the time it took for him to grow, there was a chance for Jaehwan to become even stronger. Maybe he could grow to the point of becoming a Lord.

He then began unleashing his energy. It wasn’t Spirit Power, however. It was more powerful, as the energy was from the System itself. Jaehwan’s unique world diminished as the power from Sameng Hoon pushed it out. It didn’t change the world, but it had made a space that trapped themselves.

‘I See.’

Jaehwan then realized the difference between awakening and adaptation. If Awakeners made the ‘world’ use its power, then Adapters used the current ‘world’ and its power.

“Come. Let me see your best,” Sameng Hoon taunted.

‘He’s strong,’ Jaehwan thought as he looked at the power coming from Sameng Hoon. Then he drew another sword, the ‘Fall’ from his belt, and charged. The Blue Lion appeared and struck against Jaehwan. Jaehwan was struck, and made a counter attack. The lion writhed in pain as it was damaged from the attack, and Jaehwan’s body bleeding.

“Good! I see how you defeated Garam!”

Jaahwan knew, however, that man was not using his best. The attack from the lion was getting harder and harder to block. The claws ripped his thighs off and the fang pierced through his stomach.

“Did you really think you got everything after you opened the [Creation]?” Sameng Hoon asked.

Had he beaten this severely after he came into the Chaos? Jaehwan began to shiver as he was being overwhelmed by the corruption. His ears, nose, and mouth were letting out dark smoke-like substances. Sameng Hoon laughed.

“Your spirit is corrupted. Have you faced the Sole-King?”


“It’s disappointing how the King let you go alive.”

Jaehwan then laid down his sword. He realized that the attack that was being made was very powerful but it was never meant to kill him. If it was, he should’ve died earlier.

“…What do you want from me?”

“Surrender. And join the 9th region.”

It was an expected offer. Jaehwan asked, “…Is that it?”

“And bring the tower that you created.”

That was also expected. Awakeners were very rare. If his tower was able to create a lot of Awakeners in a short amount of time, it was obvious that it would be sought over.

“What if I refuse?”

“Hmph. Refuse?”

Sameng Hoon smiled. “Let’s see if you refuse even after seeing this.”

With the snap of a finger, the ceiling of the space changed shape and began showing a video.

It was an unfamiliar palace. Everything was covered in black, so Jaehwan guessed it was the Land of the Darkness. The video was shaky as if it was being recorded by a handheld camera. Then the video captured a glass showcase. Inside were books, cartoons, computers…and a lot of other objects that were very familiar to Jaehwan.


It was unexpected, to say the least. The body, breathing shallowly without a word, was in deep sleep. It was the body that embodied his spirit for 20 years on Earth.

“You can ‘still’ re-live your life.”

Life? Jaehwan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I will make you the 8th Commander.”

The 8th Commander seat. It was too much of an offer to even consider for a being that was a [Product] until a few months ago.

“It’s not only that.” Sameng Hoon continued, “I will rewind your time.”

And with that, the video changed. It was now showing a place with many high-story buildings, with crowds walking below. It was strange. He never imagined he would feel this way with that distinct sound.

Jaehwan knew where this place was.


And the small country, Korea.

It was his home.