The World after the Fall - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Catastrophe (6)

Sameng Hoon glanced around.

‘It’s time for me to clean it up.’

The group of people with a middle-aged man in the front were holding off well even after a lot of them had been subdued.

‘Was it Cayman?’

It was very interesting to see an Awakener fighting against many Lesser Generals. Sameng Hoon then picked up a sword from the ground. He then walked toward him and threw it.

It was just one sword, but it made everyone turn silent for a second. Then came the scream.


Yong screamed in pain as he lost two eyes, Kangwhang moaned with his one arm cut off, Mukeuk fell down with his leg cut off, and Euren knelt as he held onto his waist.

Sameng Hoon then glanced at Sirwen. She shook in fear.

“Hmph. So, the [Nightmare] girl was here too.”

[Nightmares] who betrayed Darkness – even if they were rare beings and were protected by the Union, he couldn’t let her live. Sameng focused his energy, but Cayman blocked her.


He was heavily injured and barely standing, but his eyes were clear.

“You are brave. I like you.”

Sameng Hoon walked up to Cayman.

‘This is… the power of a Commander.’

Cayman felt terror striking him as he felt the energy becoming greater as Sameng Hoon walked over. He bit his lips. He had tried so hard for so long. Yet he was still too far behind.

“Where is Jaehwan?” he asked.

“Tell me, and I will let you live.”

Cayman couldn’t do anything. The only thing he could do was lift him up.

‘He befits the title ‘General’ better than that fool, Laika.’

Sameng Hoon was astonished, but that was it. If men like these were left alive, they would pose a potential threat to <Great Lands>.

“Kill me.”

An Awakener was a valuable asset, but he didn’t need all Awakeners. He didn’t need one who was going to fight to the end like this one.

‘I’ll make him an example.’

Sameng Hoon raised his sword and Cayman saw it coming.

‘I’m sorry, Master.’

Then came the voice.


Two figures came rushing against Sameng Hoon’s sword. Chunghuh and Karlton’s swords both broke. Even both of them combined weren’t enough to fight off a Commander’s sword, but it was enough to twist its direction, which allowed them to take Cayman away.


Chunghuh bit his lips as he felt the power coming from Sameng Hoon.

‘Cayman, how did you manage to fight that monster?’

Even Jaehwan wasn’t that terrifying.

“Doctor… Where is…”

“He’s not back yet.”

Cayman looked disturbed.

“Two hours… have passed… did he…”

“We do not know yet.”

Cayman mumbled. He then looked to the back.


There were three figures that appeared from inside of the factory.

[Sameng Hoon…? What is the meaning of this?]

It was Edsac who spoke first. He glanced around at the silvery powder of the dead people and horned monsters.

“Long time no see.”

[…I asked, what is the meaning of this.]

Sameng Hoon frowned. They were too arrogant. They were weak and arrogant. Sameng Hoon couldn’t accept it. However, Generals and Lords weren’t allowed to touch Overseers. It was because they were holding the Sole-King back.

For the most powerful God, 12 Lords and Big Brother had to join forces to seal it away. Sameng Hoon spoke.

“I’m looking for the [Product]. I will return once I find it.”

[The [Product]. Are you talking about a human?]

Sameng Hoon did not answer.

[You people do not change even after thousands of years. You consider a living being as a thing.]

Sameng Hoon was shocked to hear that. He was being lectured by a machine.

“…Anyway, open the door.”

[And for what reason? I cannot do that at the moment.]

“It seems that my [Product] has run off inside.”

Edsac replied sternly,

[As I said, that is not possible at the moment.]

“Not possible? …You don’t understand.”

Sameng Hoon then removed his smile for the first time.

“Open the f*ck up, you worthless piece of scraps!”

Sameng Hoon let out powerful energy which even cracked the side wall of the factory.

[How dare you…!]

Ias’ arm shook and changed its shape into a blade. The Overseers were ready to fight. Sameng Hoon’s glared at them.

‘I don’t know how strong that Sole-King is…’

Sole-King Catastrophe. There were a lot of rumors about him.

‘A long time ago, the Lords of the 12 regions were much weaker than they are now.’

And Sameng Hoon’s power was much stronger than that of those Lords from the past.

He knew he was more powerful. He was not afraid of some fallen God. That was why he was here. He quickly cut off Ias’ limbs and cut down Johniac’s waist. Edsac’s head was sliced off.

Chunghuh looked at the sight grimly.

‘…No way. We cannot defeat him.’

Chunghuh then felt someone grabbing him from behind.

“D-doctor… what’s going on? Can we win?”

It was Yong who was bleeding from his both eyes.

“Doctor, please. Tell me.”

Chunghuh then realized that he couldn’t see. He didn’t see the terror in front of them.

“W-Where’s Master?”

Chunghuh then thought of Jaehwan. Jaehwan went to face Sole-King Catastrophe. Chunghuh knew that being was much more powerful then Sameng Hoon. However, Chunghuh also knew that Jaehwan would’ve remained as Jaehwan even against such being.

Maybe he might’ve died by now. However, he would not have given up.

‘You are always ahead of us.’

Chunghuh then felt his fear being lifted.

“Yong. Master has not come yet.” He spoke calmly, “And we have not lost yet either.”

He did not give up hope.

“We can still fight.”

Jaehwan wasn’t here. But so what? Was that a problem?

“…I see.”

Chunghuh took Yong’s hand and helped him get up. He couldn’t see, but he still rose to stand. The other members slowly rose at once.

Kanghwang without his left arm, Mukeuk without his right leg, and Euren with a huge cut on his waist – they helped each other stand up.

They were <Chaos>.

‘I can’t believe this.’

Sameng Hoon looked at them in astonishment. He had shown them the power beyond imagination. Power enough to make them cower in fear. But why?

Why were they trying to fight? Why were they looking at him like that?

Sameng Hoon was astonished, and he came to fear them at the same time.

If all Awakeners born with the tower are like this, could he really sell them to the <Depth>?

‘I’ll kill them all and just return with the [Product].’

He could always create Awakeners again. What’s important was the [Product] and the tower that was made by the [Product]. The others were irrelevant.

Sameng Hoon then unleashed his energy. From his back, blueish pure energy came out from his body formed a giant blue lion and charged forward.

One slash threw Chunghuh and Karlton away. The other members who were barely standing were covered by the giant shadow.

The shadow of death.

It was the last, but they weren’t wrong.

There was no miracle. The world did not change.

Even then, their efforts weren’t in vain.

That’s why they did not close their eyes. They faced their death.

Yet because they did not close their eyes, they saw it.


The lonely sword that fought against despair. Bolts sparked up as the sword clashed against the claws.

And through it came the man.

“I’m sorry. I’m late.”

Jaehwan was here.