The World after the Fall - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Catastrophe (4)

The corridor was pitch dark. Jaehwan only relied on the sound of Eniac’s footsteps coming from the front to walk.

‘They probably have come by now. I don’t have much time.’

Jaehwan was concerned, but he did not express his concerns. Eniac then spoke.

[I have never seen a human like you.]

“I hear that a lot.”

Eniac laughed.

[You really think you can PERSUADE the Sole-King?]

Jaehwan did not answer. He was not sure at all. However, he was never sure about anything for all the things he had done until now.

“I’ll see when I try it.”

He also had his reasons for doing this.

Record of the Depth.

After he came across the memory, he had planned for this. The memory had nothing about Big Brother, but there was a lot of information about the Sole-King.

[I wish you luck.]

“Thank you.”

Within the corridor, there were a lot of horned monsters, even if they weren’t visible. Some growled, but some seemed to be friendly toward Jaehwan. It was because of his serpent tattoo, or the sign that he was the Master of Gorgon.

[You don’t utilize your ‘Seal of Daeus’. If you activate that from now on, you will never be attacked by horned monsters.]

Eniac explained.

[We gave that seal to the humans. We gave 7 Horned Guardian monsters along with it, but it seems that your guardian horn has disappeared. I am not sure where or why it’s gone…]

Jaehwan remembered that when he was given the seal, the previous Master wasn’t in the best state to do such a thing. It seemed that had resulted in an imperfect transfer.

Eniac examined the seal and repaired it.

[If you find any of our disciples hiding within the Depth, this seal will help you get their help.]

They walked. And after a long time, Eniac stopped.

[You will have to go alone from here.]

His voice was shaking. It was a sign of fear.

“I will be back.”

[Please come back within an hour. If you cannot come within that timeframe, I will have to seal the door.]

Jaehwan nodded and walked forward. And after a while, he arrived at the door. It was made out of horns of horned monsters. Then he realized that the entire corridor was made out of the same material.

‘So, these stopped Dead Men from coming out.’

Jaehwan opened the door and walked in. The power inside immediately swept up to him. Beyond him was a giant palace. There were a lot of Large Dead Men, and within them were Extra Large Dead Men. There were two of them that were as powerful as Magrit, and about 10 others who were a bit less powerful. And there were countless Large Dead Men at the level of 7th stage Adapters.

But these weren’t the real enemy.

‘It’s coming.’

Jaehwan shivered. After he had reached the 4th step, [Theory], he could now understand.

This being was a God. Chaos itself.

[Finally, you have come.]

One sentence. It was just a voice, but blood spat out from Jaehwan. He realized he had no chance against this power. He then remembered the factory as well as its corridors and the gates. Was it made to ‘seal’ this being inside?

It was not possible. How could one ‘seal’ such a being?

[You have come to die, Human Awakener.]

Jaehwan felt like he would choke even by just being watched, but he barely spoke.

“I’m not here to die.”

He raised his head to see, or tried to see. Catastrophe asked,

[…Then? Are you here to ‘defeat’ me again?]

Jaehwan felt his insides being damaged again as he spat out blood, which turned into silvery powder.

‘Dammit, I can’t even speak well.’

Jaehwan talked again.

“I’m here to make a deal.”

Silence fell. In the next moment, laughter filled the Dead Man Palace. Every Dead Man was laughing. Jaehwan took a deep breath and spoke again.

“First Awakener, Catastrophe, the King of the Chaos. Once God, but now a King.”

It was the information he read from the memory. Jaehwan then knew there was no going back after saying this. His plan that he thought up after getting the memory from Record of the Depth required him to overcome this moment.

“You, the once best God in the Depth, is now the mere gatekeeper. How ironic.”

The laughter stopped immediately. The surrounding energy began to spike and all Dead Men began to breathe heavily. It was the anger from their master being shared to them. Jaehwan could barely fight back his fear. Jaehwan added, “Catastrophe, do you not wish to get revenge?”


“To the one who kicked you out of the <Depth> and sealed you into this cursed place.”

The power loosened a bit at once, and Jaehwan continued.

“I know the promise you made with Mulack 900 years ago.”

The atmosphere had been altered to a point where Jaehwan could feel it too.

[…How do you know?]

A deal made 900 years ago. The deal that was never made. Jaehwan spoke to him.

“I will fulfill that promise. I’ll be Mulack’s successor.”

[Human… do you know what it means?]

Jaehwan then realized his gamble was moving in his favor.

“Yes. Catastrophe, I will bring you to the end of the <Depth>.”

At the same time, outside of the factory, the one who was sleeping woke up.

“…Are you awake?”

Sirwen Armelt opened her eyes and frowned at the bright daylight. She moaned as she tried to get up, and the man next to her helped her up. Sirwen glanced around. There was a forest to the north, a desert to the east, and plains to the west. To the south was a giant factory.

Sirwen was confused. Was she back in <Uncanny>?

“You’ve been sleeping for too long.”

Sirwen then realized it was Euren who was beside her.

“Where are we…?”

“We are in front of the Void Factory. You’ve been sleeping for 2 weeks.”

Sirwen then relaxed. She wasn’t at the Uncanny. She had finished Squeeze.

‘I see. The Void Factory.’

She then realized the weird scenery of the place. This was the center of <Chaos>.

‘Wait- Void Factory?’

Sirwen was then struck cold. If they were at the factory, they were now right before <Depth>. That meant…

“Jaehwan! Where is he?!”

“Oh, he is…”

Sirwen became pale as she heard where Jaehwan was. It has been 2 hours since he entered the factory.

“I have to go! He should be stopped!”

“What are you…”

Euren was confused by Sirwen’s panic, but before he could do anything, a member who was scouting the area came running to him.

“We’re doomed!

People turned to the man who was running and panting, but nobody was worried. This was the group of the most powerful fighters in <Chaos>. Whatever happened was not going to be much of a problem. Kanghwang, who was bored of waiting, stood up immediately.

“What are you…”

But at that moment, the man froze and disappeared into silvery powder. Everyone stood up in shock. No one had sensed any sign of attacks.


In the next moment, a figure appeared through the desert dust. But there were more. Someone moaned.


This was the power that they knew well. They hate and feared this power. There were hundreds of such, and in front of them, all five of them were greater than any of the others.

‘No! The <Great Lands> has made a move already? But how?’

Sirwen was shocked as well as she checked the face of the person who first appeared. She knew him well. He was the most feared Commander of the 9th region.

“B-bring Jaehwan!”

Nobody could hear her voice. It was the beginning of the massacre.