The World after the Fall - Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Catastrophe (3)

“I’m a God?”

[Yes, you are.]


[Because you opened a ‘Creation.’]

An Awakener who created the world. Master of one distinct world.

[Awakeners who open Creation are referred to as Gods in the <Depth>. They can even be considered somewhat higher than Gods in some instances.]

Power beyond that of the Gods.

[Unlike them, an Awakener does not require a Vicegerent to do their bidding.]

“A Vicegerent?”

At that moment, a memory from the Record of the Depth was unlocked, giving him more information. As he read the memory, he also listened to Eniac’s words.

[Yes. All Gods of the Depth require a Vicegerent as they cannot work alone. They exist because they lend their world to their Vicegerent or their followers.]

Jaehwan continued listening.

[The more followers they have, the more powerful they are. It is very rare for a human spirit like you to become a God.]

“Then, how were the other Gods born?”

[Most Gods represent the outcome of higher entities that obtained enough Karma over a long period of time.]

“Higher entity?”

[You must know the beings that are called [Cultivators] in the <Great Lands>.]

Of course, Jaehwan knew. They were the Demons or Angels that cultivated [Products] within towers. Jaehwan then remembered they called themselves ‘higher entities’.

[They acquire Karma through cultivation. You may think of it as… ‘public service points’. If they have enough Karma points, they can be permitted by <<Big Brother>> to be independent and receive their own world.]

Jaehwan then realized why Beastlain was working so hard. He then realized that he had not asked an important question. He heard it from time to time, but he never cared to ask.

Big Brother.

An entity that can ‘permit’ one to become a God. Even the Record of the Depth did not have entries about Big Brother.

“What is <<Big Brother>>?”

All Overseers flinched at the question. The one that broke the silence was not them.

“As far as I know, they are the organization that protects the System,” Karlton answered.

“That’s how I know it too… but it’s awkward. Are we wrong?”

Chunghuh spoke as he looked around at the Overseers. Eniac smiled bitterly.

[You can consider it that way. To most humans, <<Big Brother>> is certainly that.]

Jaehwan then thought Karlton and Chunghuh had not really informed been about the Big Brother, hence their calmness.

[Gods… but God among the Gods. Guardian of the System. That is <<Big Brother>>. But I do not want to go deeper than that.]

Eniac spoke, but it seemed like he was sad after he said that. It was an unanswered question, but Jaehwan decided to not ask any further. But then…

[Big brother~~ Scary man~~]

A song was heard. It was Johniac who was singing.

[Hide~ Hide away~ Or you will be found~]

[Keep quiet, Johniac!]

Edsac smacked Johniac’s head and he became silent. It was short, but there was a hint hidden within the song.

‘What if…’

Jaehwan then realized why they were so sensitive about Big Brother.

[…Johniac.] Eniac sighed.

Jaehwan asked, “Did Big Brother kill your Gods?”


“Is that the reason why you all are staying in <Chaos>?”

[…You sure have good insight.]

Johniac walked up to Eniac, and Eniac rubbed Johniac’s head and spoke.

[Yes. We lost our God to Big Brother and were expelled from the <Depth>. That is why we are here.]

Then the memory was unlocked. Eniac’s words had triggered some part of the Mulack’s memory. Jaehwan closed his eyes to concentrate on the voices from the memory.

-We lost our God.

-But our power was still useful, so we contracted Big Brother.

-At the price of our lives, we were sent to <Chaos> to protect the living.

It was Eniac from Mulack’s memory.

-If we had the Giant Golem – Machina, we wouldn’t have had to…

-Mulack, please. If you can, find our Machina.

The voice was cut off from there. Jaehwan then opened his eyes.

[HEY! Let’s stop chatting and cut to the chase!]

[Right, right.]

Ias was annoyed and Eniac nodded.

[Jaehwan, I called you for one reason.]

Jaehwan then realized what’s to come was the real reason why they had called him up.

“What is it?”

[You must give up on going to the <Depth>.]

Give it up?

“What are you talking about?”

It was Chunghuh who spoke instead. Karlton also added, “Please, explain to us.”

Eniac nodded.

[To tell you the truth, you cannot go to the <Depth> right now.]

Chunghuh then shouted in anger, “What? Who are you to decide?”

[Human, if you think your insolence can…]

[Ias, back off.]

Eniac stopped Ias and spoke again.

[You are right. It is not for us to decide. But the ones who ‘can decide’ will not accept you.]

The one who can decide on who can enter the <Depth>. There was only one being throughout all of <Chaos>.

“…The Sole-King will not let us?” Chunghuh asked.

[Oh, he will do more than just not allow you.]

Chunghuh stopped talking.

[If you are thinking of 900 years ago, things have changed. You know it as well. The King did not fight you seriously back then.]

Chunghuh’s eyes shook. Eniac then added, [Besides, you had ‘him’ that time.]

Mulack Armelt.

He was the reason why they managed to get past the King. Mulack did not defeat Catastrophe however.

‘He made a deal.’

Chunghuh remembered. He did not know the details, but Mulack made a deal with the Sole-King.

“Why will he block us?” Jaehwan asked.

Eniac turned to Jaehwan again.

[It’s because of you.]


[He is angry at you.]

Angry? What did he do? Jaehwan then remembered what he had been involved in with the Sole-King. He fought him directly at Gorgon Keep and…

“…Is it about that Extra Large Dead Man?”

Eniac nodded.

[Yes. Magrit was one of his favorite servants.]

So the situation was simple. The only one who could open the path to the <Depth> was Sole-King Catastrophe. However, he was mad at Jaehwan for killing one of his favorite pets. So, the angered King would not open the way for Jaehwan.

“Is that right?”

[…The wording makes it seem like the situation is less serious then it actually is, but yes. You are right.]

Jaehwan nodded. Eniac then smiled. It seemed Jaehwan had understood. If he gave up…

“Open the door then.”


“Open the door to the King.”

[I don’t think you understand…]

“No, I do.” Jaehwan was determined. “I’ll settle the score with him directly, so relax and open it.”

The Overseers were shocked and Ias shouted angrily.

[What the heck! Did you even hear what we said?]

Chunghuh was cackling while holding his sides. Eniac then spoke coldly.

[I cannot do that.]

“Really? Then we have no choice.”

The air around them became tense as Jaehwan began letting out the energy from his body. Ias also let out her energy while shouting.

[We should’ve done this from the beginning!]

Chunghuh and Karlton braced themselves and Eniac also began focusing his energy. He couldn’t dare to open the door to the Dead Man Palace. It was better to fight Jaehwan to stop him from going in, rather than risking to open the door to the place.

Before the fight broke loose, Jaehwan spoke.

“Giant Golem, Machina.”


The air suddenly froze. Eniac was shocked to hear the unexpected name from Jaehwan.

[How did you learn…]

But what came next was even more surprising.

“If you open the door, I will find the lost Golem and bring it to you.”

[H-how did you know about Machina?]

No one knew about Giant Golem Machina in <Chaos>, but Jaehwan had no intention of explaining where he had learned about it.

“Will you open or not?”

Eniac turned back to the gate. On the wall of the giant room was a keyhole. Eniac looked down.

His finger was shaped like the key.

It was the key to the door, the door of disaster itself.