The World after the Fall - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Millions of Stabs (9)


Beastlain could not believe it, but there was no other way to describe this phenomenon. If that was not the ‘Awakening,’ then what was?

However, there was no time to be shocked. A countless number of sword attacks were thrown at him. The attack power was also increasing. Beastlain frantically used his claws to deflect the attacks. After blocking or deflecting every attack, and just when he thought it was over, he knew he had lost.

“….what… how can this be…?”

He felt a searing pain that seemed to rip apart his very being. His body had no visible damage, but he could feel the pain.

“Don’t worry, it won’t kill you. But it might be more painful to be alive.”

What Jaehwan attacked wasn’t the Beastlain’s spirit here. He attacked the line that connected him to outside of the tower. Jaehwan did not know but this was the ‘Link’ that existed between Beastlain’s spirit to its body.

The link was disconnected by Jaehwan’s stab.


Beastlain screamed in terrible agony.

Jaehwan took a deep breath and began to speak,

“Listen carefully for the last time. Humans are not something you can sell. We are not something you can put some stupid levels or status and put a price tag on.”

The Tower of Nightmares was trembling at a visible level. Jaehwan continued,

“I will not follow the damn scenario prepared by you all. I will destroy this place and move up to the next floor. I will keep going up, and see the end of your world.”

Beastlain, for the first time, felt fearful of this [Product]. Even high ranking adapters over the 4th Adaptation did not give off a feel like Jaehwan.

Awakener at the level of [Void]

A being whose status can’t be shown by the system. Even Beastlain, who was the master of the tower, could not see Jaehwan’s status.

[User Detail]


Title: ??????????????

Class: ?????????????

Skills: ??????????????

Beastlain shouted in pain.

“PLEASE! STOP! There… there’s no next floor!”

“No, there is.”

Jaehwan had been saying ‘Next floor’ not because he was guessing.

“I know there is.”

From the 1st to 99th floor. Jaehwan had found scribbles from the passage between the 77th and 78th floor as he searched for survivors.

[Tower within the Tower. Nightmare within the Nightmare]

There were more clues like this.

On the 66th floor of the tower. There was this scribble at the back of the Succubus’s chair.

[All Tower of Nightmares are copies of the ‘The First Nightmare’ located at the top of the ‘Tree of Imagery’. I only think about one thing when I make my creations. If I borrow its powers, I will always end up with the same problem. All of my creations are just roots to maintain ‘The First Nightmare’.]

Scribbles that seemed to be left by some artist. Jaehwan figured this could be a hidden clue so he took note of it. Similar scribbles were also found on the 47th floor.

[I came to this conclusion. Shouldn’t we climb up to the ‘Tree of Imagery’? Should we not see the secret of true creation? At the top of the ‘Tree of Imagery,’ shouldn’t we face ‘The First Nightmare’?]

He couldn’t realize what it meant back then. But after Jaehwan found out about the truth of the tower, these scribbles held new meaning. He realized it right away.

These were scribbles left by the creator Mulack.

He couldn’t comprehend all the words but it did give him new insights.

Tower within the Tower, Nightmare within the Nightmare.

Tree of Imagery, Roots.

The First Nightmare at the Top.

It pointed to one fact.

‘The world is connected.’

It was only a theory, but enough to try out if it was true.

Jaehwan glanced at the ceiling of the 100th floor and stabbed into it. The ceiling cracked and Beastlain wailed,


Again, and again.

Jaehwan saw it clearly through his [Suspicion].

The great flow of energy that sent particles that allowed the tower to be maintained. From the top to bottom. This area was at the far end of an enormous network of energy flow.

Jaehwan knew if he followed the flow, he would arrive at the secret of the world.

The 100th floor was not the end.

‘If this is a root, I probably can reach up through it.

The ceiling collapsed from Jaehwan’s attack and a bright light began to shine through it.

“NO! If you go through that way, you will never…!”


He might have to play the real game in the future. But this was not the time. He was weak and lacking in knowledge. It was hard to fight off just one Demon. He needed to know more and become stronger.

Light embraced Jaehwan as he jumped up into it.

He was not going to travel to the past, nor would he travel back to the world he left behind.

He chose to be in the present. This was the world he chose to be in.