The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 5 - Rejecting the Royal Marriage Decree (3)

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Chapter 5 Rejecting the Royal Marriage Decree (3)

Watching as the woman moved closer to him, Zongzheng Wuyou scrunched his eyebrows, clearly expressing his dislike. When she came next to his chair, his pair of evil eyes suddenly became abnormally cold shooting out killing intent.

Man Yao unconsciously stopped. It seems like the rumors that Prince Li disliking women coming near him were true. She stared straight into his eyes as her mouth opened and clear voice called out, “I heard that Prince Li’s achievements include forcing the enemy to retreat with just one strategy, conquering lands stretching thousands of li(1), and is highly intelligent that few in the world can match up to. I have long admired you, and now that I have personally witnessed Your Highness’s appearance today, my admiration for you is even greater. I am aware that my looks are unworthy of Your Highness, but for the sake of peace between the two countries, I hope that Your Highness can give me a chance for us to understand each other. If in half a year Prince Li still…has no interest in me, then I will willingly marry someone else without regrets.”

Zonzheng Wuyou narrowed his eyes, so many women have their eyes on him yet this woman in front of him who is saying that she admires him, within the deep affection shown in her eyes, she is also measuring him and there is expectations. The only thing that isn’t present is adoration and love. Since neither of them like each other, then what is the purpose of her saying all of this? What’s the reason for waiting for half a year? Who cares what her reason is, what does it have to do with him?

With a wave of his robe, Zongzheng Wuyou stood up in front of her, his actions flowing like quicksilver, naturally captivating those around him. As he condescending gazed at her, she felt a type of unnatural pressure causing her to stiffen, as if each of her nerves were pulled tight. However her eyes still stared back at him, watching as the corners of his mouth lifted to mock, “You want me to agree to marry you within half a year? You’re dreaming.”

Man Yao raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Since Prince Li is this confident, then let’s make a bet. I wonder if Your Highnes…dares to do so?”

Zongzheng Wuyou laughed, “You want to provoke me? Just with this little ability, you dare to act in front of me?”

The sunlight from outside suddenly darkened, causing the bright rays that originally lighted his body up to become a little dark and cold, lining his pair of evil eyes. As if the day became night, there was both a cold and humid feeling in the air, carrying a chill that went straight into people’s hearts.

Man Yao suppressed the dissatisfaction in her heart, during such a crucial time, she definitely cannot retreat. She needs to make this bet. Since she cannot escape this marriage, then she should at least fight for half a year’s worth of freedom to find a husband of her own choosing. Even if there’s no love, there’s still mutual respect so that after marriage, neither party will conflict with the other. Thinking of this, she held her chin and stared, “Let’s just put it that way then! Could it be that Prince Li doesn’t dare to bet with me? Who knew…Prince Li whose name causes tremors in the nine provinces would be so unconfident with himself!”

There had never been such a woman who dared to act so brazen and fearless in front of him. Zongzheng Wuyou held a glimmer of interest in his eyes and slowly smiled, although his smile carried hints of cruelty with it.

The Emperor of Lintian thought that this was the best option available, “We’ll do this according to Princess Rong Le’s wishes, with the deadline being half a year later. Wuyou, if after half a year you’re still unwilling to marry the princess, I will not force you!”

Zongzheng Wuyou turned around to look at him, a cold expression on his face, “Who gave you the right to decide my matters? Even if I don’t agree right now, you still can’t force me!”

These words were spoken so brazenly, the court officials faces changed colors, secretly thinking: Qiyun’s princess is still present, yet with Prince Li continuing to rebel against His Majesty, it really harms our country’s reputation.

When the Emperor of Lintian heard this, he became furious again, pointing his finger at him and fiercely yelling, “Zongzheng Wuyou, you’re…too reckless! Zhen(2), other than being your father, I am also the emperor of this country, don’t think that I won’t punish you!”

“Father?….You?” Zongzheng Wuyou’s raised his eyes and sharply retorted. Man You paused, seeming to have seen a flicker of hatred and tolerance hidden in the depths of his eyes. As she saw the Emperor of Lintian’s face changed again, unable to speak, she became curious. Why is Zongzheng Wuyou able to act so fearlessly in front of the Emperor of Lintian, yet he is never punished?

Zongzheng Wuyou laughed crazily, “You want to punish me? Good! I wonder which crime Your Majesty will charge me with? Disregarding the Emperor, disobeying royal commands, being rebellious…whichever one you choose carries the punishment of exterminating nine generations! If Your Majesty doesn’t want to be dragged down, then please kick me out of the imperial family quicker, then give me my punishment.”

“You, you…” The Emperor of Lintian was furious as his chest violently heaved up and down, speechless as he could barely form sentences, “Good, good, good…You have always tested my bottom line. Since you don’t want to enter this palace ever again, then Zhen, Zhen will fulfill your wishes. Someone come—”

The court officials were shocked, it looks like this time, he’s for real! Ninth Prince hurriedly went to the front, “Fuhuang quell your anger! Seventh Brother was impulsive, he didn’t actually mean it, please forgive Seventh Brother on account of his military merits.”

Another court official agreed, “That’s right, Your Majesty, this time we were able to successfully defeat the barbarians in the north largely due to Prince Li’s effort. May Your Majesty be magnanimous and pardon Prince Li.”

“May Your Majesty be magnanimous!” The numerous officials bowed, including the crown prince who had been on the sidelines this whole time.

Man Yao swept her gaze over to Zongzheng Wuyou, seeing that his face never changed as if he had never cared about his life or death, or maybe he was absolutely confident that the Emperor of Lintian would not charge him with a crime? Yet the Emperor of Lintian stared at Zongzheng Wuyou’s perfect face in a daze, complicated feelings could be seen between the fury in his eyes. Finally his anger dissipated, leaving on pain and helplessness. He turned around and towards the son he doted on the most, he waved his hand, “You, leave.”

Zongzheng Wuyou was indifferent, “If there’s nothing important, don’t make me come into the palace in the future, otherwise I can’t guarantee that I won’t be even worse next time!” Finished, he swung his sleeve and turned his head to Man Yao, his voice full of scorn, “As for you…a woman whose old and ugly like you wants to step into my residence? Maybe in your next life.”

Even someone with the utmost upbringing would not be able to tolerate being continuously insulted without striking back, not to mention her status as a princess was equal to his. To be able to tolerate it once was being calm, tolerating twice was good upbring, tolerating anymore would make others think that she was weak and easy to bully. Man Yao coldly smiled, “I thought that Prince Li was wise beyond compare, but who knew that it was only to this shallow extent. If Prince Li likes beauties, then why don’t you go home…and stare at the mirror, wouldn’t that be better?” She can’t let him just walk away like this. For her freedom, she has to take this gamble.

Before her words were finished, the male in front of her suddenly turned, and heard a piercing sound by her ears as something flashed in front of her. The cold aura of the sword enveloped her body. At that moment, she smelled the scent of death.

The killing intent permeated the air. Everyone stiffened, even the Emperor of Lintian’s face changed colors. Xiao Shao was unable to react in time before the sword in Zongzheng Wuyou’s hand returned to its sheath. The head guard was rooted to the ground, from the moment when he drew his sword to putting it back into the sheath, it was done all in the blink of an eye. He didn’t even see Prince Li pass by him, how could he have seen him draw his sword?

Fast, way too fast! It was so fast to where Man Yao only saw a blur and felt herself fall into the cold depths of hell. The feeling of fear slowly crept up on her and her heartbeat quickened. As her blood flowed throughout her limbs, it was as if a nimble snake was in her body, trembling in her heart.

In the entire great hall, the air was dead silent. Everyone’s eyes were widened and none dared to breathe.

The red dragonfly shattered into pieces before her, whistling as they passed by her nose. Blood-red, they danced in the air of the great hall, as if it was a snowstorm during a winter day. On her, however, there was only a thin piece of clothing left, and she stood there frozen like a statue, her whole body was cold as it stiffened.

“Drop, drop…” Suddenly there was the sound of pearls dropping to the ground, one, two, three…

Everyone was shocked as they gazed up, the pearls in the air mixing amongst the blood-red luster as they fell from the woman’s white sleeves.

The pain from the sharp fragments caused her face to pale, yet she forced herself to stay calm, her eyes still not wavering as she stared through the dancing fragments straight into that pair of frightening eyes. If she wasn’t the princess from Qiyun who came to marry, she certainly would have died long ago.

(1) li: An ancient unit of measurement in China, equivalent to about 500 m.

(2) Zhen: The way the Emperor uses to refer to himself.