The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 46.2 - Happiness is Fleeting Cont’d

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Chapter 46.2 Happiness is Fleeting Cont’d

She bit her lips, her rational side struggling with her heart. When the seeds of desire popped up in her heart, she forced it back down. Never moving from her original spot, her posture was still in the midst of taking half a step. Zongzheng Wuyou’s eyes dimmed, even the semblance of liveliness that had returned to his face earlier had disappeared. Her heart felt like it was pricked by a needle, and she unconsciously turned around.

Seeing her turn her body, Zongzheng Wuyou’s eyes lit up, waiting for her to take that first step. Suddenly, there was the sound of chiseling coming from above their heads, each ringing louder than the previous. When Zongzheng Wuyou originally entered this place, he had destroyed the mechanism outside, making so that the stone door could only be opened from the inside. Most likely those people outside were getting restless for not seeing him for the past three days and wanted to create a tunnel.

Man Yao returned to her senses as her mind cleared up. If she did not already complete the ceremony with Fu Chou, then there might still be a chance for things to turn around. But now that everything’s been done, if the matrimony between two countries were treated as a child’s play, on one side is Qiyun and the other the talented military general of Lingtian, even the Emperor of Lingtian would not be able to change anything. Moreover, was it not enough for her to have been tricked by Zongzheng Wuyou once already? How could she forget so quickly! Was she going to wait for him to declare victory and gloat how this was just another one of his schemes, to prove how there was nothing in this world that he, Zongzheng Wuyou, could not obtain. How can she hand over her feelings so easily to him, she was a person, not an object.

Thinking up to here, her tumultuous heart calmed down. Slightly raising her chin, her gaze calm and chilly, “I will not believe you again! Some roads, if you take even one step, there is no going back.” Finished, she turned around and went up the steps, not taking even a single glance back. As a result, she did not witness how the gaze of the person behind her shattered, how he laughed bitterly without a sound.

The setting sun was blood-red, dying the skies nearby. Next to the hot spring, there was a crowd of people kneeling on the ground, each and every one of their foreheads touching the cold ground, afraid to even take a deep breath.

The imperial face of the Emperor of Lingtian was filled with fury and spoke in a heavy voice toward’s the steward of Prince Li’s residence, “Zhen‘s royal son entered this stone basement for three days already, why did not one report to zhen? You bunch of useless servants, what is the purpose for zhen to raise you? If…zhen‘s royal son has something happen to him, I will kill all of you!” As the term “royal son” came smoothly out of his mouth, it was a term solely reserved for Zongzheng Wuyou. His words were full of anxiety, none of his usual calmness could be found. Whenever he recalled what happened thirteen years ago and how lifeless Wuyou appeared when he came out of here, the Emperor of Lingtian became even more anxious. He walked to the mound of mud in front of him, and disregarding his own status, he kicked the diggers that were working slowly, furiously yelling, “Hurry up, before night comes, if zhen is unable to see huang’er(1), zhen will exterminate your entire family(2)!”

Those people were frightened out of their wits, “We will obey.”

Pieces of yellow dirt flew into the air as the setting sun turned bloody red. The sudden onset of cold sweat dampened the ground around them. Chen gonggong brought over a chair but the Emperor of Lingtian was too restless to sit down. His face was so dark and heavy it frightened everyone as he walked back and forth with his hands clasped behind his back. Behind him, a crowd of officials had their heads down as they stood guard, too afraid to look up.

A banging sound came out by the boulder. When the anxious people heard it, they trembled and raised their heads to look over. Within the entrance the stone door revealed, out walked a female so stunningly beautiful, it was actually Princess Rong Le who had disappeared with Prince Li. Everyone’s faces were full of joy, but they only saw the female, not Prince Li. Looking at her current state of a pale face and lifeless steps, her long hair was laying against her fragile shoulders, her white robes were disheveled and the red wedding robes from three days ago had long disappeared.

Everyone sucked in a breath, digesting the sight before them. Their minds could not help but wander off about how during these past three days, she and Prince Li were in the same room together alone, and whether anything happened. All of them looked towards General Fu who was standing behind the emperor. A man was publicly humiliated on his wedding day by being told that his wife was no longer chaste, and then when they had finished the rites, his wife was kidnapped and spent three days and nights with another man. Faced with such a scene, one definitely needed a certain ability to endure.

Fu Chou’s hands were tightly clenched. When he saw her dazedly walking out, her body swaying as if she would topple with just a slightly blow of the wind, his eyes were gloomy and full of pity.

Seeing so many people in front of her, Man Yao stopped in surprise and then walked forward to bow, “Greetings to the Emperor.”

The Emperor of Lingtian was stunned for a moment, a flash of shock ran through his eyes. No wonder why such a mess would happen this time, it was a case of hong yan huo shui(3)! When he saw that she was the only one who came out, his eyes darkened and rushed into the stone room, only to stop after a few steps. After thinking about it further, he slightly turned his body around and glanced at her, speaking in a heavy voice, “You are Princess Rong Le?”

Man Yao responded, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor of Lingtian walked in front of her and stared at her, coldly asking, “Princess Rong Le, do you know the crime you committed?”

Man Yao raised her head in suspicion and frowned, “Replying to Your Majesty, Rong Le does not.” What crime did she commit? She really did not know.

The Emperor of Lingtian slammed a hand down on one arm of the chair then stood up, yelling furiously, “Hng! You sure have a lot of guts, six days ago at the palace banquet, you dressed up as a man to enter the palace, and even found a fake princess to select a husband for you, that is the crime of deceiving the Emperor! As a princess here for a marriage alliance, instead of sitting quietly at Princess Rong Le’s residence, you went around showing your face everything, first seducing zhen‘s royal son then seducing my nation’s General. Scheming to sow discord between Prince Li and the General, you have thrown my court into chaos, this is an extremely vicious crime. Someone come, throw her into prison, and have her wait for execution.” His voice was extraordinarily loud as if he infused it with the strength of his inner force, to the point where it directly entered into the stone basement.

Man Yao’s heart was stunned and her lips unconsciously curled up. Saying all of this, the Emperor of Lingtian essentially allowed Zongzheng Wuyou to escape from all responsibilities. All of the crimes were then pushed onto her alone. Causing chaos in the court? This was such a big hat to put onto her head, it looked like the Emperor of Lingtian really wanted her life!

Fu Chou hurriedly kneeled, “Your Majesty…” Before he could say any more, the Emperor of Lingtian shot him a sharp glare as he spoke, “Beloved official Fu wouldn’t be asking for mercy for her, would you? She humiliated beloved official and caused beloved official to lose all dignity. You…you should hate her!”

Fu Chou was stunned. Of course, he knew how to read between the lines. As such, he replied, “Replying to Your Majesty, this official is thinking on behalf of the peace between the two countries. Your Majesty, please do not break off the century-old peace and friendship between two nations and send border troops to meet each other just because of a woman. May Your Majesty think thrice.”

The Emperor of Lingtian gave a cold sneer, “If the Emperor of Qiyun really placed importance on the friendship between our two countries, then he would understand why zhen is dealing with Princess this way. If he cannot understand and border troops really must be moved, then must trouble beloved official. Zhen believes that as long as beloved official is here, no one should think about even taking a single step onto my Lingtian’s ground.”

Before Fu Chou could open his mouth, the Emperor of Lingtian waved his hand in annoyance, “Alright, zhen has already decided so beloved official does not need to say anymore. Someone come, take her away!”

Man Yao smiled bitterly and didn’t argue. Truthfully, she didn’t even have the energy to talk and could only let the two soldiers capture her.

Seeing this, the Ninth Prince began to anxiously speak, “Fuhuang please calm down, this matter requires long-term considerations…”

“Enough.” The Emperor of Lingtian forcibly cut him off, “Zhen already said that zhen has decided. Whoever wants to beg for mercy will be punished the same way! Take her away.” With the unique force of an emperor, his words left no room for disagreements.

The Ninth Prince could only shut his mouth and quietly retreat to the back. The court officials were clear in their hearts that if Princess Rong Le were to be executed, then it was inevitable that the two countries would go to war. However right now, even General Fu and the Ninth Prince had been met with a wall so they were even more afraid to protest. All of them could only bow their heads and look at their shoes, too fearful to raise their head even half an inch. Fu Chou and the Ninth Prince helplessly watched as she was dragged down the hill by the guards.

“Let go of her.” A cold command rang out, carrying the natural aura of a royal, causing people to unconsciously acquiesce. The guards instinctively stopped. Man Yao did not need to look back to know that other than Zongzheng Wuyou, no one else would have the guts to issue a command in front of the Emperor of Lingtian.

The Ninth Prince’s face lit up with joy and immediately went up to welcome him, “Seventh Brother, you finally came out, I was worried to death.”

Zongzheng Wuyou stepped out of the stone room and turned back into his lofty and arrogant Prince Li. His eyes were pitch-black like the depths of hell, cold and full of evil. His thin lips moved as he spoke in a calm voice, “Let her go.”

Seeing him, the Emperor of Lingtian finally felt as ease but also came to a realization. He walked forward a few steps and looked at Zongzheng Wuyou with a complicated gaze full of worry, tenderness, anger, and blame. In the end, he only let out a long sigh and spoke with resignation, “Wuyou, you made a big mess again. Seal this stone room, you are not allowed to go in there anymore.”

It was as if Zongzheng Wuyou didn’t hear him. Without even glancing at him, his voice was calm and cold as always but a bit more forceful, “I said, let her go!”

The Emperor of Lingtian looked at the female held by the guards and spoke, “Alright, since Prince Li asked for mercy, then this matter will end here. In the future, no one can bring this up again. Understand?” As he spoke, his voice became extremely cold and everyone anxiously agreed, “Understand.” Their voices were in unison.

Fu Chou walked ahead to steady her faltering body, his voice full of care, “Careful.”

Man Yao struggled to restrain herself to not look at Zongzheng Wuyou and nodded at Fu Chou, forcing herself to give him a faint smile. Borrowing his strength to stand up straight, she responded, “Thank you!”

Zongzheng Wuyou coldly watched them, the hands inside his sleeves were clenched into fists while his face did not betray any emotion, cold and expressionless as always. Taking a deep breath, he looked away and didn’t bother about the people around him. He walked forward, brushing past her as he walked step by step down the hill.

The wind gently rustled his black hair, his back was stiff and straight like a painting drawn from cold and straight lines. His white figure was bathed in the blood-red light of the setting sun, adding hints of desolation and coldness, separating him from the rest of the people in this world.