The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 46.1 - Happiness is Fleeting

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Chapter 46.1 Happiness is Fleeting

Three days. Man Yao had been confined in this pitch-black house for three whole days. No food, no water, even the air was thin and cold, emitting a moldy smell. She had no idea if it was daylight or nighttime outside or what happened at the General’s residence after she was taken away.

“Seven Devil Asuras” were the seven greatest assassins from jianghu‘s mysterious Wu Yin Lou. It was rumored that these seven people were martial arts experts that appeared and disappeared like ghosts. The base price to hire them was five hundred thousand and two hundred silver taels. Each person only accepted one job per year and would act alone. They never failed and always completed their missions in a clean-cut manner. The moment they appeared, the officials’ faces all paled. When she finally came to, she was already taken out of the General’s residence by Zongzheng Wuyou. That speed was so frightening she didn’t dare to think further. Afterward, she was stripped of her wedding robes and thrown into this completely sealed and dark house. On top of this house was the place where they had entangled with each other that night, next to the hot spring. Confined with her in this place, was Zongzheng Wuyou himself.

She couldn’t understand why he did so, so she could only protect herself by retreating into a corner, waiting for when Zongzheng Wuyou would finally open his mouth. As she waited, one day turned into three, yet Zongzheng Wuyou was still as quiet as ever, so quiet to the point it was almost as if he was not even here. He did not speak, did not move, even his breathing was so faint that it was imperceptible.

This house was not very large, but it was bare; other than the floor it was the wall. She curled into a ball against the wall, feeling cold.

“Are you cold?” In the darkness, Zongzheng Wuyou finally spoke his first words in three days, asking if she was cold. His voice carried magnetic hoarseness, as cold as the floor underneath her.

Man Yao pursed her lips, not making a sound, continuing to curl up into a ball. In this environment, one could not help but reminisce about their past life. Yet her life, other than the word tragic, she could not think of any other word to describe it.

After going without food, water, or sleep for three days, she felt extremely exhausted. Her head felt dizzy and heavy. As she leaned against the wall, she felt sleepiness take over.

In a daze, she felt that the wall she was leaning on suddenly became very warm, and she instinctively desired for more of that heat and thus nestled even closer, wanting to burrow her whole body into it. She didn’t even notice that the warm “wall” moved.

Zongzheng Wuyou circulated his inner force to warm up his body and tightened his embrace around the slender woman. His chin rested on top of her head, gently rubbing against her hair. His heart became soft. This house was the place where he would recuperate from his wounds. After that nightmare thirteen years ago, he would often shut himself in here without food or water, refusing to see anyone. In this darkness, he eventually ground his heart down into becoming cold and unfeeling. Ever since then, he had not returned to this place for thirteen years. But now, he once again stepped foot in here with her, which could only mean one thing. Those days of interacting with her, when he purposely faked a gentle and infatuated demeanor, was the one who actually fell first her or himself?

When Man Yao woke up, she still could not see anything when she opened her eyes. The wall behind her was as cold as always, unlike the warmth in her dreams. She could not help but mock herself, how could a wall be warm. A dream would always be just a dream.

“Zongzheng Wuyou.” She was unsure if he was still here, so she called out his name. When she didn’t receive a reply after a long time and her surroundings were as quiet as always, she suddenly felt her heart tighten. She could not help but admit that during these three days, even though her defenses were raised, she was never truly afraid because he was here.

After a long while, when she finally thought that she was the only one in this place, a quiet voice sounded out from her left side, “En.” For some reason, her heart was at ease.

She straightened up and restrained her emotions. Turning her head in his direction, she calmly asked, “Until when do you plan on confining me here?”

“Are you scared of being with me?” Zongzheng Wuyou’s voice was emotionless, but she somehow felt a sense of resignation and sadness. Maybe it was because after being in the dark for so long, her intuition was not as sharp as before. She let out a laugh and then sighed, “Let me go. Don’t forget that I am the princess that came to marry, furthermore it was through the decree of your Emperor. Although General Fu’s status is not as high as yours, he still commands the army and holds the trust and admiration of his troops; he holds the life of this country in his hands. No matter what you do, it will not change the reality that the marriage is complete. As long as he does not divorce me, I can only be the General’s wife with no further relations with you.”

“Then if he divorces you, you…”

“He won’t.” Her voice was calm and confident. If Fu Chou wanted to divorce her, then he would have done so three days ago.

“You’re that confident?” His voice suddenly became very cold, with hints of anger seeping through. Zongzheng Wuyou turned around, grabbing her shoulder, his cold eyes staring directly into hers. He had already mastered the art of night vision when he was ten.

She instinctively wanted to avoid his eyes, but she couldn’t move and could only spit out, “Yes.”

She felt his body shake; he did not speak. Such a pervasive feeling of heaviness caused her heart to become restless. After a long time, that cold voice with hints of pain sounded again, “Why? Do you think that his motives for marrying you despite how I have already obtained your body are pure? How do you know that he’s not using you?”

Man Yao gave a bitter smile, “I am willing…” She wanted to say that she was willing to be used by anyone, but the only person she did not want to be used by or lied to was him. But she could not finish that sentence and left it like that. When those three words landed in Zongzheng Wuyou’s ears, his heart felt like it was being stabbed multiple times, a stab for each word.

He tightened his grip, and when she thought her bones would be crushed underneath his fingers, he suddenly lowered his head and harshly kissed her. The kiss was full of anger, as he punished her, forcing his tongue in, wanting to crush and swallow her.

She struggled against him, but he was like an iron wall. No matter how much she struggled, he held her tighter and tighter.

The taste of blood filled her mouth, entering her throat and settling on the tip of her heart. She didn’t know if it was hers or his but…it was bitter beyond words.

He pushed her onto the ground, crazily showering kisses upon her, not stopping for even a moment. It was as if he had no need for air.

After a while, when the air in his lungs was all used up, the suffocation he felt mixed with the taste of her lips and tongue gave him a wonderful thrill. How could he stop when there was such an enticing person in front of him? Being able to touch her right now reminded him that at this moment, she was still his. She was still in his embrace, underneath him. His hands quickly slid underneath her clothes, desperately seeking to console the despair in his heart with her body.

Man Yao trembled and couldn’t help but let out a moan, shocking her. In such a situation, she could still react? A feeling of shame washed over her, what did this man take her for? She didn’t know where she got the strength from but taking the chance when he was distracted, she pushed him away and without hesitation, a resounding slap landed on his handsome face.

Zongzheng Wuyou was stunned, for a moment his mind was completely blank. What is he doing? Is he actually forcing the woman he likes? That was something that he could never tolerate! As if a big blow struck him, he sat up, his thin lips pursed into a straight line. He didn’t even notice the pain from his face.

Man Yao hurriedly sat up, clutching her clothes. Escaping from the corner, no matter how many deep breaths she took, she still felt suffocated.

Who knew how much time passed before Zongzheng Wuyou opened his mouth to ask, “Ah Man, towards me…are you sincere?”

Man Yao suspiciously raised her head. An arrogant person like Zongzheng Wuyou, he would ask these kinds of questions too? She lowered her head again, not answering him. No matter how strong her feelings were towards him, she would bury them.

As time slowly trickled on, Zongzheng Wuyou heavily leaned back against the wall, a thudding sound rang out when he made contact. He laughed bitterly as he spoke with self-mockery, “Not even just a little bit? Then…go.”

Man Yao was stunned in disbelief. He was going to let her go this easily? He revealed his actual strength and kidnapped her from her wedding, confining her with him in this space for three days, all for what purpose? A whooshing sound came nearby, and the stone door opened. A ray of sunlight lit up the room and she turned her head away, her eyes not used to the brightness. Zongzheng Wuyou spoke in a desolate voice, repeating, “Go.”

She forced herself to stand up despite her body feeling limp and drained of energy. She could only use her hands to steady herself against the walls as she slowly walked out. When she exited the door and took the first step, she couldn’t help but look back. When she did, she saw a self-mocking smile on those thin lips, looking abnormally desolate. It drove straight into her heart, and she felt extremely pained. Zongzheng Wuyou’s face was pale and he sat lifelessly on the ground, his eyes full of pain. He had none of the arrogance and pride from his former days. Instead, he was like a child that was fatally wounded.

Zongzheng Wuyou seemed to have felt her gaze and raised his eyes. When the woman outside bathed in sunlight looked at him with a flash of distress in her eyes, a sliver a hope raised in his heart. He gazed at her and using all of his sincerity, he spoke, “Ah Man, if you are willing to turn back, I will give you…my love that will transcend our lives.”

Her heart shook and her body froze. The foot that was preparing to take the next step seemed to be nailed to the ground, not lifting up even half an inch. A love that will transcend a lifetime? When hearing such words from the mouth of the man she loved, it sounded so enticing. His eyes were full of sincerity and expectations, telling her that as long as she was willing to turn back, even if she just took one step, then she held their happiness in her hands. Who could reject this temptation?