The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 44.2 - The Princess’ Grand Wedding (2) Cont’d

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Chapter 44.2 The Princess’ Grand Wedding (2) Cont’d

Afterwards was silence, it was dead quiet.

Everyone’s gazes pointed to her alone. The royal offsprings who were clamoring to see her true looks earlier now all had their eyes so wide, their eyeballs were about to fall out from the staring as they couldn’t believe that this was the woman they once treated as a snake. All of them had the same question running through their heads, “She, she…she’s really…Princess Rong Le?! This…is impossible!” There was no such thing as impossible, the truth was right in front of them!

The rumors said the Princes Rong Le was ugly beyond compare, but this woman…in what way was she related to the word ‘ugly’? They always thought very highly of themselves in being well-educated and scholarly, but at this moment, they had no idea how to describe this woman’s beauty. No, this woman did not just simply have an extremely beautiful countenance, the most bewitching part were those glassy eyes that were filled with a sort of intelligent light, as if the light of the sun and the moon gathered in her gaze, even a glance from her would look through someone’s heart. And the noble aura that seemed to emanate from deep within her bones, something that commoners could only reach for. These hot-blooded royal offsprings felt a deep sense of inferiority and took a look at the radiant Xiang furen again, but no matter how much they looked they couldn’t find any part of her that was mesmerizing?

This time, they really felt that they were shallow beyond comparison, they actually believed these groundless rumors! They missed out on a once in a thousand year’s chance, sending this celestial-like woman into the arms of someone else.

The Crown Prince was in an even greater state of disbelief as his mouth was wide open. How could there be such a beautiful woman in this world? If he knew, he would have come up with all sorts of ways to divorce the Crown Princess Consort in order to become the best choice to marry the Princess.

Within the hall, there were more than a hundred people, and each of their thoughts were different. Seeing the Crown Prince’s soulless look, Xiang furen glanced at him with a mocking look in her eyes before she turned her head. Looking at the man in the wedding robes, she saw him staring at that woman with starry eyes, the joy in his gaze uncontainable. Her heart fell with a heavy thud.

The moment the veil was lifted, Zongzheng Wuyou felt his heart breaking apart. Standing only six steps away, he dazedly stared at that lofty woman, his heart turning over a thousand times, losing the ability to speak or move. Only three days ago, she willingly offered herself to him, but three days later, wearing a set of wedding robes, she was perfectly composed as she completed the wedding rites with another person. Using that cold and apathetic gaze to look at him, it was the same as if she were looking at a stranger. His heart was in great pain, as if there was a heavy hammer knocking upon it, a bleeding dark hole appeared in his heart all of a sudden.

It really was her!! So he wasn’t the only person who wasn’t completely honest. And she, she was lying to him the whole time! Zongzheng Wuyou felt that something was wrong with his brain. He should’ve been raging but instead he curled his lips up, his thin lips carrying a sneer. Even he did not realize that his expression could not hide his bitterness and pain.

Seeing his smile, Man Yao froze for a moment, feeling it odd. She actually felt from his expression that he wasn’t angry like she expected but was actually in pain. His gaze was abnormally complicated, as if the thousands of grasses within had suddenly dried up, causing the hearts of others to also be anxious. Man Yao gave a self-mocking smile, was it not enough to fall for his tricks last time? Towards this man with such high-level acting skills, forget about what she was seeing with her eyes, she could not even rely on her gut feelings. She turned around, speaking indifferently, “Now that you’ve all seen it, can I leave?”

Fu Chou smiled, “I’ll escort you. Everyone please be at ease, this general will be back.” He was the most calm amongst everyone here. Most of the time, all of his attention was focused on Zongzheng Wuyou, and occasionally, a glint of light would flash through his eyes. In a very natural manner, he held the hand of the woman beside him and gave an incomparably gentle smile that was full of tenderness.

Zongzheng Wuyou’s gaze immediately darkened as his eyes sharpened into knives. Was this the unchangeable situation that she told him? So she had already planned for this day! He suppressed the waves raging in his heart, suddenly letting out a cold laugh, “Where is Princess Rong Le going?”

Man Yao paused but didn’t turn back. Fu Chou gave a relaxed smile and was about to speak when he saw a cold light flash through Zongzheng Wuyou’s eyes, “In such a hurry…are you trying to enter the bedchambers? Did Princess Rong Le forget the night from three days ago already? Should benwang remind you? How you willing offered your own body, how you writhed in pleasure under benwang‘s movements? It’s only been three days, but you’re so eager to throw yourself into the arms of someone else…the people say that a man is fickle, but when a woman becomes heartless, she surpasses men countless times.”

His words were like a bomb exploding in the hall. The audience was shocked, and they looked at each other in dismay. Three days ago was the day Princess Rong Le personally picked General Fu as her husband, she actually rolled around with another man when she was preparing to become a wife?! The regretful royal offsprings from earlier finally found a balance of some sort. Their surprise and envy from earlier was replaced with despise. Their gazes all landed on this cuckolded groom who was made to wear a green hat(1) on his wedding day, their faces full of sympathy and some had expressions of glee as well.

Fu Chou’s face immediately changed and turned to look at the woman next to him. He clearly saw the hurt in her eyes caused by the person she loved. The answer was as clear as day. His heart quaked, his usually gentle eyes instantly turning sinister. On the day of his wedding, in front of all the court officials, scholars, and soldiers, it was announced that his wife was touched by someone else. How could he stand for his pride and dignity to be trampled on like this? He slowly released her hand, his eyes full of complicated feelings.

Ling’er was extremely shocked, she disregarded her own status and hurried tried to explain, “Your Highness Prince Li, don’t believe it.(2) Nonsense, defaming our Master, how could our Princess possibly…” Before she could finish speaking, she was pulled back by Xiao Sha and she raged, “Xiao Sha, what are you doing? Master is being bullied by someone, it’s fine if you don’t help out but you dare to stop me!”

Xiao Sha pursed his lips, not speaking, using his eyes to warn her to not meddle too much. It was clear from Master’s gaze that Prince Li was speaking the truth. If they continued to argue, it would be equivalent to pouring salt on Master’s wounds.

At this time, a small voice was heard from the sea of people, “I didn’t think that she was so vulgar despite looking like a fairy!”

Another person chimed in, “That’s right, she’s even a princess. Willing sending herself to seek a man, how she any different from the girls from Heavenly Fragrance House…” Before the sentence was finished, a few sharp glares shot his way at the same time, wanting to rip him apart. He reacted quickly and shut his mouth, shrinking back.

The rain outside began to fall harder, the winds pounding against the windows. Something seemed to block her eyes as her vision became fuzzy. The cold winds blew through her light clothing and her entire body shivered. She could not believe that the man she once loved was this heartless. It wasn’t enough to break her heart, he had to trample all over her dignity as well! She really wanted to walk over and fiercely slap him a couple of times, but in the end, she did not do so. She told herself over and over again that he was someone she had no relation with. He could say whatever he wanted to, but as long as she didn’t care, he would not be able to hurt her, not be able to…but why was her heart in so much pain? She felt like she was about to die! She raised her head, opening her dry eyes, she gazed at the thick fog outside the windows. She suddenly tasted something salty inside her mouth. She didn’t know when she bit two holes in her lips, the blood trickling inside her mouth. When she swallowed, the saltiness traveled all the way down her throat to the bottom of her heart, bitter beyond words.

Countless eyes were staring at her, waiting for her to make a fool out of herself. She inhaled deeply and turned around. Walking towards Zongzheng Wuyou, she stopped in front of him, raising her head to look at him and spoke as if nothing happened, “Your Highness Prince Li, do you know…the difference between man and beast?” Her voice was very faint, but each word was clearly sent to the crowd’s ears. The onlookers were startled, breaking out into a cold sweat for her. Did this woman go crazy from being provoked, she actually dared to call Prince Li a beast?! Did she forget the time when she almost lost her life at the imperial palace? With Prince Li’s personality, as long as you made him angry, even if it was the Princess of Qiyun, there would not be a good ending waiting.

Zongzheng Wuyou’s eyes darkened, his gaze turning sharp as he saw the broken skin of her lips. His body shook and the anger inside of him immediately disappeared, pain replacing it. He unconsciously raised his hand, wanting to wipe away the traces of blood, only to snap out of it halfway and lowered it back down. He looked at her, not speaking a word.

Man Yao: “Man, has a heart, has blood and flesh, has feelings, but beasts do not.” Her lips were slightly curled up, revealing an apathetic and shallow expression, as if she were speaking to a stranger. Finished, she sneered, turning around to leave. Before she could take a single step, however, her arm was firmly grabbed by someone.

(1) To wear a green hat means the person in question was cheated on.

(2) This translator thinks that the author meant to write General Fu, not Prince Li, but this is what the raw says, so this is the name I put.