The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 30 - Whose Heart is Falling? (2)

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Chapter 30 Whose Heart is Falling? (2)

As he continued to passionately kiss her, his spirited tongue twirled and pushed open her teeth. At some point in time, Zongzheng Wuyou’s hands had already slipped inside her clothes, gently rubbing her slender waist back and forth, leaving behind trails of small fireworks.

Man Yao opened her eyes slightly, gazing at Zongzheng Wuyou through the narrow slits, only to see his eyebrows pressed together and beads of sweat gathering at the tip of his noise. His breathing was becoming more rapid and his usually pale face was slowly turning bright red, and his soulful eyes were closed. Sensing her gaze, Zongzheng Wuyou opened his eyes, his once sinister and ice-cold eyes full of passionate desire. Man Yao’s heart quivered as she felt like a lighting bolt passed through his gaze to hers, causing her whole body to tremble. She had no strength to resist against this gentle and tender version of Zongzheng Wuyou.

She hurriedly shut her eyes, her cheeks burning as her heart furiously pounded. She lived in a cautious state her whole life, never forgetting to remind herself what she should do. Even in her previous life, she only began dating her fiance after obtaining her father’s permission. Even if it was just a kiss, it was only after a certain period of time had passed and it was at the appropriate time to proceed further in the relationship. At that time, she thought that was love, but it turns out…she thought wrongly! As Man Yao was lost in her thoughts, she felt a cold breeze sweep over her shoulder, not knowing when her clothes had fallen to her waist. Her body stiffened as her mind cleared up. Was she really going give herself to this unreadable and quick-tempered man? Although she was sure that she liked this person, she was unable to grasp his feelings and moreover, what would she face after tonight?

Zongzheng Wuyou seemed to have sensed her hesitation and his sword-like eyebrows furrowed, she didn’t…seem to completely trust him. His touches became even more gentle as his fiery-hot lips glided over her ears and he bit her earlobe. His tongue darted out to lick it, causing her to immediately feel lightheaded as she let out a light moan, her breathing coming in gasps as her eyes seemed to be in a state of drunkenness. He let out a light breath beside her ears as he spoke in a bewitching tone, “What’s wrong? You don’t like me?”

His voice was hoarse and full of desire, his hot breaths landing on her collarbone, each one jolting her sensitive mind. Her instincts told her to hide, but she was blocked by Zongzheng Wuyou. Staring into his watery eyes, her heart was a mess and she didn’t know what to do. Man Yao murmured, “I, I…”

Zongzheng Wuyou knew that he could not afford to rush the woman in front of him. She was so intelligent and rational yet he was unable to quench the thirst and desire from within him, causing the atmosphere to change. He slightly frowned, unable to wait any longer for her to finish thinking. He no longer hesitated, lowering his head to block her tender lips and his tongue darted out and played and licked her lips. One of his hands reached inside her dudou(1) to grasp her breasts, caressing its softness. Man Yao panted as she hurriedly raised her hands to try to block him, but Zongzheng Wuyou used his other hand to grab it and held it against the grass as his kisses became even fiercer. Man Yao fought against him out of instinct, because even though she had feelings for him, she still had not decided yet.

Zongzheng Wuyou was panting when he raised his head. Slightly raising his body, he looked down at her, the light in his eyes dimmed as the helpless look of a child surfaced on his face again.

Man Yao’s hurt ached, did her rejection hurt him? “Wuyou, you…I…” She did not know what to say.

Zongzheng Wuyou breathed, “Ah Man, don’t reject me…” During the days they interacted with each other, she would talk to him endlessly about everything from her world, the only exception being that she always avoided topics about herself. The her from that world definitely did not have a happy life. This woman’s self-defense was very strong so he must let her understand with affection. As his frantically made these calculations in his heart, he decided to retreat in order to advance.

Zongzheng Wuyou reached his hands out to cup her face, treating her extremely gently. His expression was very serious as he pressed a soft kiss down on her lips and spoke in a low voice, “Ah Man, you should know that in my heart, you will be my, Zongzheng Wuyou’s, only wife in this life! If you are truly unwilling, I will definitely not force you.”

Man Yao’s heart shook. In her past life, she had lived for over twenty years, yet no one had ever looked at her with such a treasuring gaze like this, so considerate of her wishes! Man Yao felt her heart being squeezed and tears began to surface from her eyes uncontrollably. She widened her eyes, trying to not let the tears fall.

When Zongzheng Wuyou saw the tears swimming in her eyes and how she stubbornly refused to let them fall, his heart was overcome with a feeling that he could not name. He couldn’t help but kiss the corners of her eyes, his gentle actions conveying his love and anguish for her.

At this moment, Man Yao truly felt Zongzheng Wuyou’s feelings for her. It wasn’t through her eyes or her ears, but rather…through her heart. She took a deep breath and her eyes moved to see the desire he tried to conceal within his eyes. A shy smile bloomed on her face as she timidly reached her hands out to hold onto his slim waist. Feelings did not require one to overthink them, after many years, whenever she would recall this unforgettable night, she would always feel very sorrowful.

Zongzheng Wuyou suddenly stiffened, his eyes carrying anxiety and happiness as he asked anxiously, “Ah Man?”

Man Yao slowly closed her eyes, her blushing cheeks revealing her embarrassment as her fingers held onto his body, her movements conveying to him her answer. Zongzheng Wuyou sucked in a breath and was unable to suppress his inner desires anymore. Man Yao only felt his hot lips landing on her own soft ones before making its way down, causing her to breathe faintly as she gasped, her body growing limp. After a while, both of their clothes were fully gone and their hot flesh touched, feeling the rapid heartbeats of the other. A lonely soul traveled through thousands of years to find her other half in this different era. Two lonely and cold souls were unknowingly pressed together.

In the dark night, even the half-moon hid itself into the clouds, not wanting to disturb the two figures entangling together. The light breeze carried hints of ambiguity, caressing the grass and marking it with the traces of love.

The night was filled with thr thores of passion, he was like an uncontrollable wild beast, taking her everything. When night turned into day, Zongzheng Wuyou’s movements became even quicker all the way up to his last furious thrust, finally releasing himself inside of her. He felt the inner force inside his body breaking through his acupoints as his body stiffened and he let out a low grown. Man Yao reached her climax at the same time and her mind blanked out. She couldn’t handle the intensity anymore as she fainted away.

Zongzheng Wuyou looked down at the woman who fainted and fell asleep in his arms. Her beautiful face still traces of the ecstasy she felt, and he used the back of his hands to lightly rub against her fair and smooth skin. A light flashed through his eyes, full of complicated feelings. This was the only woman in his life and also the only woman that he did not feel any disgust towards. In order to borrow her to break through his originally blocked meridians, she said that she would only allow relations to happen if love was involved, and thus he used around ten or so days to obtain her love. He lightly laughed, in this world, as long as he wanted something, there was nothing he could not obtain!

Zongzheng Wuyou lightly lifted the corners of his lips, looking at the woman’s tightly closed eyes and spoke in a low voice, “A mirror? Sometimes a mirror’s reflection is not true. Ah Man, you’re so intelligent yet in the end, you’re still prone to feelings.” Finished, he picked up the woman in his arms and walked towards a nearby cottage. Laying her on the soft mat, he placed a blanket over her, not realizing how gentle and caring his current actions were.

(1) dudou: An inner garment worn by women in ancient times