The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 3 - Rejecting the Royal Marriage Decree (1)

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Chapter 3 Rejecting the Royal Marriage Decree (1)

The Emperor of Lintian slammed his hand on the reports and stood up, furious, “Scoundrel! Coming to court like this, what are ou trying to do? In your eyes, do you even have me, this Emperor?”

The Ninth Prince’s heart trembled and he hurried knelt down, shooting a glance at the furious Emperor of Lintian, he furrowed his eyebrows and spoke in a low voice, “Fuhuang, you were the one who said that no matter what methods I use, as long as Seventh Brother comes to the hall…”

“Shut your mouth!” The veins on the Emperor of Lintian’s face bulged out, not even waiting for him to finish. Pointing at him, the expression on his face seemed to say that he couldn’t wait to just fiercely kick him out of the palace.

The Ninth Prince trembled and lowered his head, not daring to say another word. The various court officials were shocked and shrunk their necks, hurrying to lower their heads, not daring to even breathe.

In the entire great hall, under the anger of the emperor, everyone was badly frightened. Only Man Yao still leisurely looked at the eight guards that were carrying an ebony chair, upon which sat a person that was in deep sleep. Although the Emperor of Lintian was furiously shouting, that person looked as if he had no intentions of waking up anytime soon. She couldn’t help but smile, thinking that this person’s sleeping skills were first-rate. Prince Li, Zongzheng Wuyou, definitely does things both arrogantly and with disregard. Thinking about it, if he did not agree, who would be brazen enough to carry him out of his residence in this manner?

The Emperor of Lintian stepped down from his dragon throne, and seeing that the person on the chair still did not react, he became even angrier, “Wuyou, you dare to be this brazen coming to court? Hurry up and scram down for me!” Finished, he tore off the dark red quilt, and as if it grew wings, the quilt flew directly out of the hall, with no trace of it in sight. At this moment, seeing the situation on the chair, his entire body froze as if he was a stone statue.

When the quilt was thrown away, the person on the chair was displayed in full view, without omitting a single detail. The hundred or so officials took a look and gasped. Their hearts seemed to be stuck in their throat as no one dared to make a sound. As to what they saw, what type of scene was it!

Man Yao gave a start as time seemed to stop at that very moment.

She was only able to see a male peacefully laying on the ebony chair, his eyebrows as sharp as a sword, with a straight nose, and his long and narrow eyes were closed. His thick and full eyelashes were like fans, and his lips were as red as the peach blossoms, giving off a seductive feelings.

As someoone who lived through two lifetimes thousands of years apart, she’s seen countless handsome men. No matter how handsome a man was, she had never had a situation like now where she was unable to look away. She never thought that in this world, there would be such a clean-looking face born to a male, carrying not even a sliver of the aura of strength, yet no one would mistake him for a female. In front of his face, she felt that all of the phrases that could describe perfection would not be enough.

As the Emperor of Lintian stared into that face, he seemed to fall into a trance, and a complicated look flashed through his heavy eyes. His previous anger slowly disappeared until no one could tell that he was once furious.

The male on the chair wore a silk white robe with dark satin embroidery and there was a slim belt loosely tied on his waist. If one pulled on it slightly, it would immediately fall away. He didn’t have any wrinkles, and as the sunlight poured down, it scattered, showing off his beautiful features. The slight breeze lifted the black strands of hair near his temples and caressed his face so gently as if it was afraid to disturb his rest yet couldn’t resist the temptation of feeling his perfect face.

Zongzheng Wuyou, precisely the person who was carried to the great hall, slept as if he was a dead person. That pure and sweet face looked as if he was in the sweet embrace of his mother’s arms, looking so defenseless.

Man Yao couldn’t help but wonder what type of eyes would match this peerless beauty? Would it be the pure beauty of innocent and shining eyes? Or maybe the gaze of a fairy, seducing multiple people? Or maybe it would be the gaze of a deity, looking as if nothing on earth mattered? She unconsciously kept guessing, yet she was soon shown that she was wrong, everything was wrong, and it was a big wrong!

When that pair of closed eyes slowly opened, everyone’s hearts chilled for those eyes, those eyes…looked as if they came from the very depths of hell. If it weren’t for them seeing it personally, no one would have believed that there was such a person in this world, someone who could combine both innocence and evil so perfectly.

Zongzheng Wuyou slowly raised his body, one hand supporting himself on the ebony chair and another carelessly placed on his bent kneecap. Clearly it was a lazy pose, but when he did it, it gave others a feeling of elegance. Sweeping his gaze, he didn’t look at the emperor nor did he bother with the court officials and princes, only settling his gaze on the female wearing the bright red wedding robes. His eyes seemed to have accumulated thousands of years worth of coldness as they emitted a chill in the air.

Man Yao only felt that her blood froze when his indifferent gaze landed on her, yet she never looked away, staring through the pearl curtain right into Zongzheng Wuyou’s eyes.

Through the white paper pasted on the windows, the sunlight slowly scattered around his long and slender body. Like the flow of quicksilver, it highlighted his perfect curves, gently enveloping his body, unable to hid his legendary coldness and evil charm.

It turned out that there was such a person that could produce such a drastically different feeling depending on whether their eyes were opened or closed, so drastic that it was as if it was two different people!

Within the great hall there was complete silence, as if even the air froze. Zongzheng Wuyou suddenly raised his lips into a smile, giving off a cynical vibe. With no remorse at all to the female behind the pearl curtain, his eyes drooped, and he lazily opened his mouth, “Your Majesty’s taste has become even more unique. I had no interest in the beauties you bestowed upon me last time, so this time you found a twenty year-old old maid that has no virtues or beauty for me to marry! Are you that impatient to shove a girl at me?”

His slow drawl contained hints of mockery, hearing it Xiao Sha’s gaze became frightened. He was never a reckless person, but his master, Qiyun’s most precious princess, has been constantly humiliated by a foreigner! His hands balled into fists, and right as he was about to step out, the female in front of him felt his intention and suddenly raised her slim hand. That hand was as white as jade, small and delicate, and every finger seemed to contain immeasurable strength, causing him to involuntarily pause. He furrowed his eyebrows and suppressed the anger that was rising up, slowly retreating.