The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 20 - Living in Prince Li’s Residence

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Chapter 20 Living in Prince Li’s Residence

An ice-cold blade flashed, landing in between Man Yao and the Crown Prince.

“Who dares?!” Zongzheng Xiaoren was furious, swiveling his head to find that wooden person Leng Yang facing him. Behind Leng Yang was Zongzheng Wuyou’s indifferent face, his eyes cold and dark. Zongzheng Xiaoren was stunned and let go of Man Yao before standing up and raising the corners of his mouth into a smile, “Seventh Imperial Brother, why did you come? You never come to this sort of place.”

Zongzheng Wuyou gave a mirthless smile as he spoke mockingly, “Second Imperial Brother is exerting so much effort for me, as your imperial brother, how could I just idly stand by?” He looked past the Crown Prince, watching the sorry figure of a woman being held up by Xiao Sha. She was drenched and her face didn’t look quite right as her body was weak and had no strength. He turned his head back and coldly stared at Yu daren who followed him in as he asked in a heavy voice, “You guys tortured her?”

Yu daren‘s entire body stiffened as he frantically explained, “No, we didn’t. This official only saw that he was asleep and wouldn’t respond when he called out, so I ordered someone to splash…splash some cold water.”

Xiao Sha gave a cold snort, but held in his anger. Man Yao finally released her tension and could not hold on any longer. Before she lost consciousness, she looked at Zongzheng Wuyou and gave a light smile as she softly said, “You, finally…came!”

Zongzheng Wuyou was startled. Such a light smile and such a soft sentence seemed to carry countless different meanings. Was she that confident that he would come? His heart was slightly moved, and when he saw her falling into another man’s embrace, he couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. In a flash, he took her into his arms, as swift as the clap of thunder.

Xiao Sha felt that his arms became cold and was stunned for a moment. He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but couldn’t utter a word in the end. Leng Yan raised his eyes and then indifferently lowered them again. The Crown Prince and Yu daren were stunned, their eyes widening with suspicion, as if they encountered a legendary creature under the heavens. This cold and indifferent Prince Li who doesn’t even let a maidservant serve him, would actually steal a man from another man’s embrace to embrace him himself? This was…beyond logic!

Zongzheng Wuyou was also stunned. Feeling the slim and burning body in his arms, he felt that it was only natural for him to do such a thing because this woman would be his sooner or later! As Zongzheng Wuyou’s woman, how could he let another man touch her? Looking at her unusually red face, he unconsciouslly tightened his arms as he held her and walked out of the interrogation room.

Yu daren returned back to his senses and frantically protested, “Wangye please wait!”

Zongzheng Wuyou’s face immediately became heavy and had no intention of going around in circles with them as he spoke in a cold voice, “Does Yu daren still have anything else?”

His cold eyes made Yu daren‘s heart jump, and the Crown Prince answered instead, “The person in Seventh Imperial Brother’s arms is the wanted criminal that fuhuang has declared. If you take the person away like this, how is Yu daren supposed to explain to fuhuang? Seventh Imperial Brother, don’t make things troublesome for Yu daren!”

Yu daren nodded his head in agreement. Zongzheng Wuyou raised his eyebrows, his gaze flickering with impatience, “It’s your responsibility to explain it, what does it have to do with benwang? I will definitely take the person away! Whoever wants him, tell him to come find benwang.”

Yu daren: “This, this, this…wangye…”

Zongzheng Wuyou didn’t spare him another glance as he turned to look at the Crown Prince and gave a cold laugh, “Exactly who wants benwang‘s life, benwang naturally knows! This is the last chance I’m giving him. If it happens again, benwang…will no longer show mercy, so go ahead! Also, Wu Xiao Men actually dares to go against benwang, so within three days, benwang will definitely make their Wu Xiao Men…disappear, forever, from, this, world.”

Zongzheng Xiaoren’s heart froze as he secretly clenched his fists, unable to say another word. Yu daren could only helplessly look on as Prince Li brazenly carried the Emperor’s wanted criminal away from his prison. He lowered his head, afraid to speak.

Prince Li’s Residence.

The rays of the bright morning shot through the gaps of the tree leaves, shining the spacious room with its half-opened windows, giving the room a warm yellow glow.

Zongzheng Wuyou sat at the side of the bed as he watched the calm and peaceful face of the beauty sleep. She slept so peacefully, it made one jealous. Would she only be willing if love was involved? For someone who had no heart or emotions, love was such a strange and unfamiliar word! He mockingly laughed at himself, raising a head to pick up the bowl of medicine next to him. She should be waking up soon.

When Man Yao woke up, that immortal-looking male was holding a bowl of medicine, gazing into her brooding eyes, his gentle gaze crashing into her own, catching her offguard as she sank into that spring water. She fell into a daze, as she hesitatingly called out, “Your Highness…Prince Li?”

Zongzheng Wuyou leaned against the bed rail, his ink black hair careless spread out over the bed, entangling with hers lying on the pillow. As he gave an “En” sound of reassurance, half of it was a nasal tone, as he lazily drew out the word. To her ears, it was like a warm and gentle hand, lightly stirring her heart.

Her bright eyes still held hints of sleepiness, causing the hearts of those who looked at her to soften. He swept his gaze down and reached a hand out to hold her. With a very light voice and a soft tone, he spoke, “Get up and drink your medicine.”

As Man Yao sat up, he brought the bowl close to her mouth. She stared at the hand holding the bowl in a daze, such slender and strong fingers, the knuckles were also clear. This owner of this hand was Zongzheng Wuyou! He was feeding her medicine?! Her gaze followed the hand as she slowly traced upwards to look at that perfect face that looked like an immortal when the eyes were closed but like a devil when the eyes opened. His eyes were currently half-lidded, giving off a lazy aura as if there was a mysterious veil over his face. His whole body was fatally captivating, causing one to unconsciously want to draw closer.

Zongzheng Wuyou saw her fall into a daze looking at him, and his sword-like brows furrowed as his seductive mouth curved up into an ambiguous smile, “You’re not satisfied with this feed method?”

Man Yao returned back to her senses and lowered her head, reaching out her hand to take the bowl of medicine. Suddenly, he raised his hand and brought the bowl to his lips to drink a large mouthful. Astonished, she raised her head, still confused on what just happened when his hand already raised her chin and their lips met. She wasn’t able to fully experience that soft feeling before the bitter medicine already entered her mouth. She widened her eyes, losing her ability to react and forgot to swallow.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Her strong coughs caused her entire face to become red as she glared at the culprit by her side.

Zongzheng Wuyou lightly raised an eyebrow as he hooked up a corner of his mouth and gave her a mirthless smile as he looked at her, “How did such an intelligent person suddenly become dumb?”

Man Yao was so angered she couldn’t speak coherently and raised her hand to snatch the bowl of medicine, downing all of it at once. She didn’t bother to be polite as she slammed it back into his hands, her face full of suspicions, “Did someone…take over you?”

The corner of Zongzheng Wuyou’s eyes twitched as he didn’t speak, only shooting her a look that seemed to say, “What do you mean?”

Man Yao’s tone was light, “Zongzheng Wuyou who never approaches women suddenly changed and took advantage of me. I can only suspect that some soul took over your body!”

“Oh?” Zongzheng Wuyou put down the bowl and turned his whole body to face her, his arms on either side of her body, trapping her. His sharp gaze was focused on her as if he was trying to peer into her soul as he softly asked, “Then…which body did you occupy?”