The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 16 - First Meeting at Night

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Chapter 16 First Meeting at Night

Man Yao didn’t want to spend another second in the garden filled with the stench of blood. Consequently, when she left, her head was still wet and her clothes were still plastered against her body. When the wind blew, her body shivered and she felt a little dizzy. It seems like she would not be able to ride a horse. She was always like this. She liked to get rid of the surrounding people and walk alone. It’s just that she never expected that such an incident would happen at night.

It was already late at night. The clouds covered the moon, plunging everything into darkness.

Man Yao walked a couple of steps before her instincts told her that there were people following her. Whether they wanted to kill her or not, because she currently did not have any inner force, she could not determine their intentions. It looks like tonight she would not be able to return to the princess’ residence, and the garden was not safe either. The path she took was quite remote. If anything happened, no one would be able to help her, what should she do? Too many things had already happened tonight. The assassins, how she suddenly lost her inner force, Zongzheng Wuyou’s sudden loss of control, and now this stalking. None of these things seemed to be simple. She has already stayed in Lintian for two months and she has never had any enmity with anyone. Even her identity was kep a secret. Exactly who wanted to go against her?

Her head felt heavy and her body was weak. The blowing wind smacked the tree branches against each other, causing them to swing back and forth in the lonely night. Her surroundings were filled with the steps of people walking, and although they were light, she could tell that she was trapped in the middle. Her forehead was burning and she forced herself to hold onto the wall to keep standing. In the darkness, she felt the people slowly come closer and closer…danger filled the dark night, enveloping her heart. She couldn’t help but become nervous as her hairs stood up, her body was like a taut bowstring, so tense it was about to snap.

“Jia, jia, jia(1)…” At this moment, there was the sound of a carriage nearby, as well as the sound of a whip urging the horses. It was clear that the driver was in a hurry. Her eyes lit up and using the last of her strength, she ran into the middle of the road, ready to die if he didn’t stop.

“Yee—!!” The carriage was forcefully stopped. The driver was a forty-something year-old boorish fellow, and he pointed the whip at her as his eyebrows scrunched up, “Who are you? Daring to block our carriage, are you tired of living?”

Man Yao took two steps forward, her arms outstretched, “This big brother, I am in a rush to reach the bottom of the mountain, but unfortunately I caught a cold. I hope that big brother can be generous enough to take me with you and drop me off at the nearest clinic. I will be eternally grateful. For accumulating good karma, your future will definitely be fruitful.

Her voice was low and hoarse, carrying a nasal tone. One only had to listen to know that she was not lying about having a cold. Her manner of speaking was very sincere, causing the driver to slightly hesitate as he turned back to glance inside the carriage, “We’re in a rush to Dongcheng, we don’t have time to care about you. Plus this late at night, who knows where the clinic is? Hurry and get out of the way! If you ruin our zhuzi‘s matters, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

Man Yao froze. Hearing his words, it didn’t seem like this was an ordinary person’s chauffeur, who was the person inside this carriage? Even though the carriage itself didn’t seem to be very extravagant, the three horses that were pulling it were ones that were of a rare quality. It was clear that the person sitting inside this carriage had some status. They were going to Dongcheng? Thinking quickly, she smiled, “Big brother, the place I’m going to is also in Dongcheng. Since it’s along the way, please help me, just drop me off near Prince Li’s residence.” Anyone who has status has to give Prince Li some face right?

That fellow froze and hurriedly asked her, “You’re one of Prince Li’s people?”

Man Yao: “Prince Li is my friend.” Since they played a round of chess, they could be considered chess friends right? Even if they weren’t, she still had borrow his name to escape those people before taking anything else into consideration.

“This…just based on your words alone, who would believe it?” That fellow looked at her suspiciously.

“Old Ma, let her in.” A soft and elegant male’s voice sounded out from inside the carriage. The fellow whose name was Old Ma hurriedly nodded his head when he heard the voice and politely welcomed her aboard the carriage.

There wasn’t any light inside the carriage. She could only make out the outline of the man sitting across from her, but she couldn’t see his face very clearly. Even so, she could feel his gaze on her body. Out of etiquette, she put her hands together in greeting, “I have disturbed you!”

The man gave a gentle laugh and returned her greeting, “There are always times when one encounters difficulties outside. Guniang you…don’t need to take it to heart.”

Man Yao was surprised. One couldn’t see their fingers in front of their face in this dark carriage, but he was actually able to see that she was a woman! Seeing her suspicious expression, he laughed, “Even though guniang has caught a could causing your voice to become low and hoarse, your tone is elegant and your figure is slender. As a result, I have determined that you are a woman.”

In the darkness, a person’s other senses would become more astute. Man Yao relaxed and laughed, “Gongzi is such an observant person! I admire!”

The man gave a faint smile, not speaking. Man Yao’s head was dizzy and her whole body was on fire, causing her to be unable to sit properly. The carriage hit a bump and she lost control as she fell towards the opening of the carriage. Seeing as how she was about to be thrown off from the carriage, she was so shocked she didn’t even have the strength to breath.

A long and slender hand filled with strength caught her arm in time, pulling her back into the carriage. Her whole body crashed into the man behind her. His warm and clear voice was next to her ears as he gently reminded her, “Guniang be careful!”

“Many thanks to gongzi for saving me!” Man Yao awkwardly thanked him as she tried to stand up. The man held onto her shoulder, placing her next to the wall so as to prevent her from falling again. Man Yao gave a grateful smile as her mind became muddled. She couldn’t hold on any longer and fell into the man’s arms, fainting.

In the darkness, the man’s gaze was a little unusual as he smiled and straightened her eyebrows with his hand. Towards the drive, he commanded, “Go to the inn in the eastern suburbs.”

(1) The sound of someone whipping a horse to make them run faster.