The White-Haired Imperial Concubine - Chapter 14 - The Consequences of Violating a Taboo

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Chapter 14 The Consequences of Violating a Taboo

She wasn’t the only one that froze, he did too.

Before when they were playing chess, she intentionally avoided touching his fingers so that she would not violate this taboo and bring disaster upon herself. But right now, her whole body…her whole body was in the embrace of this rumored woman-hating man!

Time seemed to freeze.

All the black-clothed men were dead and Leng Yang disappeared once again. She was still on top of him in an ambiguous position. One of her hands was on his slender yet firm waist, and the other hand was curled around his elegant neck. The feeling of his skin was very nice, but his whole body was cold! It was completely ice-cold, without even a hint of warmth! Her face was plastered against his chest, but she couldn’t feel his…heartbeat!

Man Yao was stunned as her brain completely blanked out, forgetting that she should be immediately removing herself from him. She abruptly raised her head and her eyes met his sinister ones that were currently squinting at her. His gaze was deep and unfathomable, one could not tell what he was thinking.

When that slight fragrance entered his nose, it was like the peach blossoms blooming in the spring, their fragrance being carried by the gentle wind, making people feel very comfortable. Through the layer of clothing, he felt the heat radiating off of her body to warm him up. The hands against his body had some sort of magical power, beckoning the desires he had hidden deep inside of him long ago.

Those black and sinister eyes flashed as a fire seemed to come to life inside of them. The current Zongzheng Wuyou was like a beast that had been confined for many years, giving off a dangerous feeling. Coming back to her senses, she immediately climbed away from his body, and before she could properly stand, she felt her world turning as that man used that moment to press her against the ditch next to the stream.

“Violating benwang‘s taboo, you must shoulder the consequences.” The man’s voice was low and hoarse, his sinister eyes seductive, as his breathed hotly against her slender neck. This type of heat and sultryness made her a little numb.

Her heart was thundering.

“I didn’t do it on purpose…” Sensing the change in him, she tried to explain as her heart was in confusion. She once thought of many different scenarios in which she could have possibly violated his taboo, but she never thought…it would be a situation like the one she’s in right now! “Aren’t you…not interested in women?….Hurry and get up.”

“It’s not that benwang isn’t interested in women, but since you’ve already touched benwang‘s body, tell me…how should benwang deal with you?” His voice was clear, his sinister eyes red, and his smile was so pure it could raise dead souls.

Under the bright moonlight, a gentle breeze blew out the candles in the lotus lamps floating ont he water. The garden was completely silent other than the breaths they could hear the other was taking.

Man Yao gazed at the perfect face that was within hand’s reach, her heart in turmoil, and slightly turned her head away, “Your Highness Prince Li, you should get up first and then talk…” Her skin was tender, and her bright eyes were glistening with the reflection of the water. Her moist and delicate lips were too seductive. Zongzheng Wuyou only saw red as he suddenly lowered his head and fiercely kissed her lips.

The soft and tender feeling of her lips were so beautiful that one would never want to part with it after experiencing it. The two people were pressed against each other, Man Yao’s eyes were widened in disbelief, her cries of protest being swallowed by him. His strong tongue took the opportunity to slide in, fiercely entangling with hers, not allowing any chance of retaliation.

She felt a buzzing in her ears as she lost control of her body and weakened. She had been kissed before in her previous life, but such a fierce kiss that seemed to be sucking away her soul made her mind go haywire as her heart trembled.

His hand gently cupped her warm face as his ice-cold fingers skimmed down her neck, unconsciously arriving at the softness of her chest. Suddenly with a wave of his hand, her clothes were ripped and she only felt a cold sensation in front of her chest. Shocked back to her senses, she was very upset, she actually lost control of herself while kissing a man! Man Yao frantically tried to push him away to no avail, twisting and turning to try to escape his clutches only to prompt him to act even more fiercely.

She had already been kissed breathless. Her heart already felt stifled, but there was a numbing feeling that was spreading throughout her body. She had never known that a kiss could actually bring forth such a feeling. But she didn’t want him to take advantage of her. Man Yao’s heart was pounding as it quickly rose and fell, and she hurriedly stuck a hand into the water, fumbling for one of the lotus lamps. She couldn’t care anymore as she flung it onto his head.

“Peng—” A dull sound rang out. The man suddenly ceased all of his movements. As he blanked out, she took the chance to use all of her strength to push him into the pond, forgetting that his hands were still wrapped around her waist. With a cry of surprise, she failed to avoid falling into the water with him. The two bodies were still as tightly pressed against each other as ever, the only difference being that she was on top while he was on the bottom.

An April night, the air was chilly and although the water was not deep, it was cold. Zongzheng Wuyou suddenly came back to his senses as the red haze in his eyes disappeared to reveal his clear gaze, once again returning to being black and cold. Gazing at the woman laying on top of him, his eyes were cold as he suddenly flipped over and pressed Man Yao underneath. His ice-cold fingers gripped her slim neck as he narrowed his eyes, his voice ice-cold, “You have a lot of guts. Do you know what you’re doing?”

The air in her lungs were decreasing and her chest was throbbing with pain. She raised her eyebrows and with difficulty, let out a cold laugh, “This sentence, Your Highness should…actually be asking yourself! I only…only did this because I was being taken advantage of, it was…for protection.”

Zongzheng Wuyou paused as he recalled the events that happened just moments ago, his eyebrows tightened as his eyes were as sharp as swords, full of coldness. The bright red blood flowed out from his temples where the colored glass lamp hit him. Under the haze of the cold moonlight, the bright red blood followed the groove of his face, making it seem as if he was crying blood tears. This face coupled with his clothes that were stained with the blood of the ten or so corpses created a frightening sight.

As half of her body was in the water, the coldness seeped into her bones causing her to shiver uncontrollably. She couldn’t breath and her face had already turned purple as she voiced out with difficulty, “Let me…go…”

Although the woman’s breathing was frail, her eyes were still clear and resolute, unable to see even a hint of fear. Zongzheng Wuyou blankly stared at her, not moving. He realized that when he had lost control just now, he was just acting instinctively! This had never happened before.

Complicated feelings flashed through his eyes as he finally relaxed his hands and straightened his body to sit in the water. One couldn’t tell what he was thinking. Man Yao took deep breaths, suddenly coughing until her pale face became red. Cutting a sorry figure, she stood up to reveal the wet clothes pasted against her body, revealing her voluptuous and curvy figure. This kind of half-covered apperance made people’s thoughts go wild more than if one was just naked. The part of the clothing that he had ripped was slightly open, revealing her perky softness as the drops of water trailed down to settle at the fair and tantalising skin of her breasts. The tender skin glistened with droplets of water, giving off the feeling of a seductress.

Zongzheng Wuyou lowered his gaze, his long eyelashes covering the thoughts in his eyes. Why is it that instead of being angry this time, he actually thought it was a beautiful thing? She was called Man Yao, originally such a beautiful name was explained by her to mean an early death. Exactly what sort of mentality did she have to have her curse herself. “Man…Yao…” He unconsciously gently voiced out the name of this woman who gave him a different feeling.

“Hm?” Man Yao paused, turning her head back in suspicion, her eyes were clear and bright, full of confidence. Her tender red lips were slightly swollen looking even more enticing. Zongzheng Wuyou was staring at her, his eyes looking at a loss. As the blood dripped down from the corner of his eyes, his face was pure like a child’s, causing Man Yao’s heart to slightly hurt.

Suddenly reaching his arm over, he grabbed her hand, fiercely pulling her. Unprepared, she fell straight onto his chest.

Man Yao became annoyed and directly yelled at him, “Zongzheng Wuyou…”

Her words just fell before his lips covered hers, one of his hands tightly pressing against the back of her head, swallowing the rest of her words.

As if she was electrocuted, her mind became blank as the feelings of their tongues entangling around each other spread throughout her entire body, inciting a a desire from deep within her that seemed to come out of nowhere. She struggled to maintain her composure, and finally managed to turn her head when she gasped for air as she held her hand to her chest, “Zongzheng Wuyou, you…are you still not sober?” She only felt that when his eyes turned red, something inside him took over his mind, causing him to do such unusual acts towards her.

Zongzheng Wuyou gasped for air, not believing that he would actually kiss this woman after already coming to his senses?! Yet this feeling was still so…wonderful?! That feeling he had when he had lost control was correct!

Neither of them spoke, causing the temperature around them to plummet again. Man Yao really wanted to escape this dangerous man, but his grip was so strong she couldn’t move an inch. His eyes flashed with numerous mixed feelings as he focused his gaze on her. After a moment, there were flickers of light rising up from the depths of those cold and sinister eyes, and then he actually smiled! His eyes carried traces of warmth. Warmth? She suspected that something was wrong with her eyes. How could this man have such a warm gaze? Her instinct told her that behind that warmth was still an ice-cold heart.

“Call me Wuyou, Ah Man(1)…” He suddenly whispered hoarsely into her ear.

Her heart trembled. Ah Man? It’s been a very long time since she heard this nickname. What exactly is this man’s end-game? She settled her emotions, and looking at him from the side of her eyes, she gently laughed, “I’m not used to Your Highness acting this way.”

He hooked up her chin as his finger ran back and forth over her lips, gently speaking, “Hm? Then what are you used to?” As he spoke, his hand slowly made its way down towards her breasts. She hurriedly raised her hand to block him. Although there wasn’t much force put into it, it was abnormally firm. His eyebrows lightly jumped as a cold light flashed through his eyes. In a gentle voice, he questioned, “You’re unwilling? Do you know how many women in this world dream of benwang just touching them?”

Man Yao furrowed her eyebrows, her voice cold and calm, “Those people…don’t include me.”

“Oh?” Zongzheng Wuyou raised an eyebrow, “You don’t like me? Do you think that benwang is not good enough or are you worried that benwang will not take responsibility for you.”


“Then why?”

“There’s no love between us.” It’s not that she was a prude, but to have sex without love was basically the same as animals mating. For the Zongzheng Wuyou who never touched women to suddenly treat her like this, what’s his motive? She was not so naive as to believe that he was interested in her.

“Love?” His lips raised up into a mocking smile, “What’s that?”

“It the most unreliable feeling in this world.” After saying this, there were feelings of pain and irony that rose up in her eyes, and her curved lips carried a hint of coldness.

Zongzheng Wuyou’s heart was slightly moved, “Since you know that it’s unreliable, what do you need it for?”

They were so close that they could clearly feel each other’s breaths. The light fragrance her body emitted entered his nose, smelling so wonderfully that he unconsciously shifted closer to her. He suddenly came back to his senses and let go of her, standing up. Dropping his gaze, his voice was indifferent, “Since you’re unwilling, then…never mind.”

Returning back to his arrogant and cold demeanor, Zongzheng Wuyou elegant strode alongside the pond. Like this, he walked away, never taking even a glance back at her.

He was such a psycho! Behind him, she gave a laugh without joy, and when his image finally disappeared, she spoke in a small voice, “Because I know it’s unreliable, I…don’t need it!”

(1) Ah Man: A nickname for Man Yao. Putting an “Ah” in front of someone’s name makes it a nickname, usually used between two people who are close to each other (i.e. family members). Has the same use as putting “er” behind someone’s name.