The Strongest Gene - Chapter 868 - Liar! Everyone Is a Liar!

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Chapter 868: Liar! Everyone Is a Liar!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


Numerous barriers were erected before Luo Yuan. It was pointless to run, since that attack had already locked on to him. He could only face it forcefully, face the attack unleashed by a mere beginner true god.

Luo Yuan had a resolute gaze. “Qin Hai. Let me take a good look at how strong this attack you have unleashed with your life with.”

Then, for the first time, Qin Hai’s sword touched Luo Yuan’s barrier. Instantly, the barrier, which was capable of defending against a peak true god, melted. That’s right, rather than shattering, the barrier melted. Everything this sword touched melted, like snow that encountered heat. Like a fireball slamming into a pile of snow, Qin Hai’s sword slammed into Luo Yuan’s barriers. All of them melted at a rapid speed.

Luo Yuan was alarmed. “Damn it. What’s going on?” This was that so-called Random Swordplay? No way! Such a sword shouldn’t exist! An attack of this caliber… Damn it! Luo Yuan started retreating speedily while erecting barrier after barrier. Alas, none of the barriers could stop the advance of this sword, nor were any of his attacks capable of counteracting this sword. All that happened was a never-ending process of melting. What Random Swordplay? This was totally Melting Swordplay!


A single slash of this sword seemed capable of melting an entire world.

“Damn it! Damn it!” Luo Yuan’s scalp felt numb. This sword had most definitely reached the level of a peak true god. How was this even possible? Hadn’t Qin Hai only reached the true-god stage recently? It was impossible for him to be able to unleash such an attack. The gaps between gods in the true-god stage weren’t something that could be surpassed so easily.

Something was wrong with this sword. Luo Yuan’s brain began to spin rapidly. When an attack far surpassing logic like this appeared, there were only a few possibilities, such as illusions, projections, and so on. These possibilities were nothing but false appearances. Something so illogically powerful was not supposed to exist. There had to be something governing this single sword. If so, why was this sword so powerful?

Right at this instant, when Luo Yuan’s gaze landed on Qin Hai, he found with horror that Qin Hai had transformed into ashes and was scattering with the wind.


Luo Yuan was stunned. He was sure that this was definitely not an effect of his attack. Although his attack earlier had been a powerful one, it was definitely not capable of bringing forth such an effect. If so, could Qin Hai’s death perhaps be related to the sword he had hurled out? Had Qin Hai hurled that sword out using his very life? That seemed unlikely.

If so, what about this sword? Luo Yuan looked at the sword, which had now lost its luster. At this moment, he activated his entire arsenal of deduction abilities together with Luck Aura. He finally discovered the truth, the reason this sword was so powerful.

Luo Yuan had a horrified expression. “It’s actually due to…” In that instant earlier, he had seen a terrifying truth. Qin Hai had actually nurtured that sword with his life. Returning to his childhood, he had restarted his cultivation. He had successfully cultivated for a millennium. In his old age, the year he was going to die of old age, the sword he held had been nurtured to its pinnacle.

Then, when facing Luo Yuan, he unleashed this sword with his life, this sword comparable to the attack of a peak true god. He had used his entire life, a millennium of nurturing this sword, just to wave it once. With his own life, with a millennium, this sword was unleashed, a sword capable of melting everything.

“Madman! This is a complete madman!” Luo Yuan was completely infuriated. Making him even angrier was the fact that, once again, he had suffered from those gods’ misinformation. In his entire life, Qin Hai had only been capable of sending this sword out once, only one time. Therefore, what on the earth had those gods been on about when they’d claimed that Qin Hai had been killing everyone with his Random Swordplay?

Random my ass!

Luo Yuan was furious. This was the second time he had suffered because of his own people. Naturally, with his intelligence, he also thought of the possibility that Chen Feng was creating the misconceptions. He might have not spent his time cultivating properly and instead wasted it manufacturing these rumors.

Hehe. Continue on with that, then. Using the most precious period to create rumors instead of cultivation would only weaken Chen Feng himself. However, this idiotic action was also capable of weakening Luo Yuan. It was also an action that Luo Yuan was most disgusted with.

“Can’t you fight me fair and square?”

Luo Yuan took in a deep breath. At present, he had no time to spare for all those thoughts. He had to use everything he had to stop this sword.

Pu! Pu!

That sword continued melting the numerous barriers. A myriad of thoughts flashed through Luo Yuan’s brain. Alas, he could not think of a single method capable of blocking this sword. This sword was too terrifying and powerful. Finally, the sword reached Luo Yuan. At this moment, Luo Yuan recalled the smile he had seen on Qin Hai’s face before his death.

Damn it! Luo Yuan clenched his teeth and decided to once again use the method he least wanted to use: Clone! That’s right, once again, he had to create numerous clones, clones that were exactly the same as him. With his teeth clenched, he watched on as clone after clone was melted. That’s right, that damnable sword was capable of melting even his clones. Fortunately, it seemed like melting his clones exhausted the sword greatly as well. After melting ten-odd clones in a row, that terrifying sword was finally not as terrifying anymore. Together with the final clone, the sword dissipated into nothingness.

Finally… it was over. Luo Yuan heaved a sigh of relief, his heart thoroughly chilled. Just Kong Bai and Qin Hai had already exhausted a huge amount of his strength. Even though he had successfully killed them both, the strength he was left with… Luo Yuan clenched his teeth as he thought about this.

He decided to first rest and recover before facing Chen Feng. Unfortunately, just as this thought surfaced, a completely naked guy appeared in his vision. With a wide smile, that guy looked at him. “Hey, old chap. Did you think you would get the chance to recover?”

Luo Yuan sank into silence.

“Xu Fei!” He took in a deep breath. That’s right, this was Xu Fei. The only person running around naked in this world was Xu Fei. He was also the person Luo Yuan found the most annoying due to his energy immunity. Now that he was a true god, he should be immune to godly power as well, right?

Therefore, the only way to deal with him was to fight using his physical body alone. However, when Luo Yuan thought about how he had to have a brawl with this completely naked guy, he felt an extreme sense of unwillingness welling in his heart. An illustrious peak true god like him, one fated to become a world controller, had reached this point where he had to have a brawl with a naked guy? And in this situation, when he had just fought two exhausting battles in a row?

He felt like his mind had collapsed too many times on this day alone, far surpassing what he had ever experienced in the past. Before he could even meet Chen Feng, he was already being annoyed to death by these fellows. How infuriating!

“Come at me!” Xu Fei howled before charging at Luo Yuan.


Luo Yuan unleashed one of his abilities: Blood Slaughter. A terrifying bloody radiance engulfed Xu Fei. Alas, what caused Luo Yuan to despair was the fact that his guess was indeed correct. Xu Fei was completely immune to this ability capable of instantly killing true gods. This fellow was indeed immune to godly power now. Was it due to his bloodlines from a dragon and a turtle? Luo Yuan inhaled deeply. Since Xu Fei wanted a brawl, then a brawl it would be!

Luo Yuan was someone who had fused with countless abilities. Among these abilities were also numerous passive and fleshly body abilities, numbering in the hundred thousands. Therefore, Luo Yuan was not a regular true god. Even his physical flesh had reached the realm of a true god.