The Strongest Gene - Chapter 867 - How Powerful Is This Random Swordplay?

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Chapter 867: How Powerful Is This Random Swordplay?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“Leave!” Luo Yuan decided. Since he couldn’t stop this attack, his instinctive reaction was to flee from it.


His figure flashed away and transformed into a streak that vanished into the distance. Alas, right at this moment, those fragments finally finished gathering energy. More than 1,000 fragments, each forming an attack that was three times stronger than what a single eyeball had unleashed, all erupted together.

Since Luo Yuan had already fled, all the beams were fired off in the same direction. They all met in midair, forming a thick beam of light and becoming an extremely terrifying current.


Where that current passed, space itself was shattered apart. The beam, which was as thick as a bucket, directly hit Luo Yuan’s body.

A miserable scream echoed. “No!”


His body was instantly penetrated.


A scorching whiteness rippled out. Nearly the entirety of the scorching whiteness was blasted directly into Luo Yuan’s body, cramming Luo Yuan’s peak true godhood to the brim before it started leaking out of numerous holes in his body.

“No, this won’t do!” Luo Yuan was horrified. Clone! Without hesitation, he utilized his strongest ability: Clone! Another Luo Yuan was immediately formed. This clone shared the same intelligence, consciousness, and thought processes as him. This was the only way for him to have the clone take on the attack on his behalf.


The clone appeared. Alas, after only absorbing a small part of the damage, the clone was destroyed.

“Clone!” Luo Yuan howled, and formed another clone. He was planning to keep summoning clones to act as cannon fodder, to soak up the damage meant for him. And thus, one Luo Yuan after another appeared. One Luo Yuan after another was destroyed. Ultimately, this terrifying defense-ignoring attack was fully soaked up by Luo Yuan using this method. He had finally succeeded in blocking this attack. Luo Yuan was deathly pale, looking every bit like someone who was completely devoid of energy. Damn it!

Normally, the destruction of a single clone was already extremely costly for him. After all, the clones he created were no different than the real him. This time, more than 10 of them had been destroyed in a row. This had nearly killed him from exhaustion alone. He had indeed emerged victorious from this encounter with Kong Bai. Alas, it was a Pyrrhic victory.

“I shouldn’t have crushed you into pieces,” Luo Yuan muttered with a sigh. How could he have known that every single piece of the shattered Demonic Mirror would be capable of forming an attack as powerful as what an entire eyeball was capable of? With over 1,000 of them… That was equivalent to receiving over 1,000 attacks at once. Holy hell. If he had known this, he would most certainly have told Kong Bai that he was indeed the most handsome. Wouldn’t things have been over with that?

Truly… Luo Yuan smiled bitterly. He had underestimated the Demonic Mirror. Similarly, he had also underestimated Kong Bai.

“I will not give you guys any more chances.”

He stood up. After taking in a deep breath, his body’s injuries healed up. Healing from this cost him greatly. It was at this exact moment, after his recovery, that he felt a sense of crisis. Abruptly, his head turned around. There, a figure had appeared, an old man with a long sword. Qin Hai had arrived.

“It’s you.” Luo Yuan was now fully alert. He had initially believed that Xu Fei would be the one to appear first. After all, Qin Hai was the one who posed the biggest threat to him here. This was especially true since Qin Hai had traveled to the ancient times. Qin Hai was someone that Luo Yuan was incapable of seeing through.

Thanks to his wristband, Luo Yuan was able to see through almost everyone. Even if he couldn’t, he had still witnessed the life experiences of all these people. As such, with the information he had, he could deduce whatever he needed to know. It couldn’t be easier. The only exception to this was Qin Hai.

His disposition? Heh, after staying in ancient times for so many years, he was already a changed person. His abilities? Heh, the abilities Luo Yuan had actually copied with his wristband had long been crippled. After all, back then, Qin Hai had left the tournament as a cripple.

Therefore, this was a person that Luo Yuan did not understand at all. This sword… Luo Yuan’s gaze landed on the sword Qin Hai was holding. It was said that a lot of people had died to this sword. A single wave was all it required to instantly kill all opponents. It was an extremely terrifying sword, a legendary sword called Random Swordplay.

Luo Yuan narrowed his eyes. “I have wanted to have a taste of this sword for a very long time.”


He hardened his entire body, pushing the prowess of his physical body. Terrifying energy converged in his hands. Without saying anything unnecessary, he attacked directly. He was sure that Qin Hai would most certainly unleash his Random Swordplay.

As such, Luo Yuan was thoroughly prepared to face this sword. As of this moment, he pushed himself to his limit, erecting all the defenses he was capable of erecting. This defense was at the level of a peak true god. Luo Yuan was certain that apart from a defense-ignoring attack like that of the Demonic Mirror, nobody could break through this defense. After all, he was much stronger than Qin Hai.

After his encounter with Kong Bai, Luo Yuan was much more vigilant. In addition to the strongest defense he was capable of erecting, he also unleashed his strongest attack, an attack even more powerful than what he had used on Kong Bai. Was Random Swordplay powerful? Bring it on!

Perhaps the defenses he had erected wouldn’t even come into play. The attack alone would be enough to destroy Qin Hai. The collision of their attacks would probably be sufficient to determine the result of this encounter. He would most likely be the victor.

In this attack, Luo Yuan was fully prepared to deal with anything that might come. At this thought, he looked over at Qin Hai as his attack was still heading over. Surprisingly, Qin Hai had not bothered to counterattack. That’s right, he hadn’t even bothered to hit back, seemingly allowing Luo Yuan’s attack to hit him freely.

What was this fellow doing? Luo Yuan’s vigilance rose. Facing a fellow like this, who did not abide by common sense, his sense of vigilance flared up. Right at this moment, Qin Hai finally moved. Slowly, he lifted his sword up.


A dreadful aura roiled out.

“This is it!” Luo Yuan understood clearly. So this was that so-called Random Swordplay? Indeed, it was exactly as those gods had described it. Just the motion of holding the sword was already capable of unleashing a shocking power, power at the level of mid-tier true god!

Indeed, sword users were all good at fighting those stronger than them. However, this was the end of this. After all, it was impossible for someone who wasn’t a peak true god to defeat a peak true god. It was also at this moment that the sword Qin Hai was holding began to shine brightly. Just like that, Qin Hai slowly waved his sword, aiming straight at Luo Yuan.

This wave caused Luo Yuan’s expression to change. He frowned tightly. This sword of Qin Hai’s actually avoided his attack and slashed toward Luo Yuan from a different trajectory. Qin Hai had never intended to collide against Luo Yuan’s attack.


Easily, Luo Yuan’s attack pierced through Qin Hai. Qin Hai’s already aged body appeared even weaker now. The attack of a peak true god was not something his current body could take. This was no different than suicide.


After seeing this, Luo Yuan’s vigilance intensified. Qin Hai had received his attack just like that so he could return a single slash to him. That ordinary-looking Random Swordplay! Everything was to return a single sword to him, one that did not even seem particularly fast.

Defend! Defend! Defend! Luo Yuan did everything he could to reinforce his defenses. He would not look down on Qin Hai. After his encounter with Kong Bai, he no longer dared to look down on anyone. The sword sent by Qin Hai with his life would most definitely not be a simple one. Luo Yuan was clear on this. Therefore, he defended with all his power, including what he had initially reserved for dealing with Chen Feng.