The Strongest Gene - Chapter 865 - Why Don’t You Guys Ever Answer Correctly?

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Chapter 865: Why Don’t You Guys Ever Answer Correctly?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Luo Yuan frowned. “It’s you.” With the gaze one would use when looking at an idiot, he looked at Kong Bai. He truly did not understand from where this fellow had gathered the courage to confront him. He knew who this fellow was. This was Kong Bai, a very ugly person who had a hobby of asking others who the most handsome person was. Luo Yuan even knew which abilities Kong Bai had, and he had also copied those abilities.

He had copied that Demonic Mirror ability from Kong Bai. Naturally, this was also one of the abilities that needed to be nurtured to grow. As such, since Kong Bai had stopped using the wristband, Luo Yuan’s version of the Demonic Mirror had stopped growing.

However, so what? Luo Yuan knew all too well the essence of this ability. He needed to first ask the mirror who the most handsome was, then use the mirror to unleash a terrifying attack. The only reason he had even noticed this ability in the first place was due to the unstoppable attack the mirror was capable of unleashing. It had a defense-ignoring effect, one that normally only existed in games.

Unfortunately, this mirror only worked against those uglier than the user. As such, the mirror was as good as crippled in the hands of Kong Bai. It seemed like this mirror of Kong Bai’s had upgraded somewhat this time. From his dead subordinates, Luo Yuan had been able to gain a clear understanding of Kong Bai’s present strength.

He was now a true god. Perhaps his luck had been good and he had been carried to the realm of a true god by the power of time, granting him a brand new ability. To be precise, though, this wasn’t a new ability, since it was essentially identical to that mirror’s attack.

“You have devoured the Demonic Mirror.” Luo Yuan was able to see through this with a single look. “The mirror is too weak for you, since you are too ugly. Therefore, you decided to use this method to improve the mirror’s attack. Before you were hit by the tidal wave of time, you sensed danger. As such, you fused with the mirror. The tidal wave of time was supposed to directly turn you into ash. Thanks to the support of that mirror’s never-ending energy, you survived. After spending a millennium in a time flow, your body eventually fully fused with the mirror. Since then, you and the mirror have been one. You… have also entered the true-god stage because of this.”

What his subordinate gods had failed to understand no matter what was thoroughly seen through by Luo Yuan with a single look.

“Therefore, your method of attack has changed as well. In the past, you could only attack those uglier than you. Now, you can attack as you wish. The question of who is handsome or not is just an excuse you use to attack.” Luo Yuan sneered. “You were bored and decided to do this purely for entertainment.” After fusing with the Demonic Mirror, Kong Bai had gained control of all of the mirror’s abilities. What was the point of asking the question? This question was nothing but a form of entertainment for him.

“If you had hidden in some corner and played with mud, I would have ignored you. After all, you are nothing but a clown to me. However, you actually dare to stand in my way?” Luo Yuan’s voice went cold. “Then I shall destroy you in passing.”


The terrifying aura of a true god rippled out. Just as he had said, as a peak true god, this brand new true god here was nothing but a clown.

“Hehe. Wrong answer,” Kong Bai replied seriously. Evidently, he was still stuck on the question of who was the most handsome.

Luo Yuan shook his head. “How pointless.” Kong Bai, since I have already seen through your ruse, why are you continuing with this pointless act? How… boring.


Luo Yuan attacked. Instantly, a powerful attack poured out. Even though Kong Bai was a weakling, Luo Yuan did not intend to hold back. Therefore, the moment he attacked, he used his full power. A powerful force shot straight at Kong Bai.

Blood Slaughter! This was one of Luo Yuan’s true-god abilities. It was an extremely terrifying attack. Alas, just as the attack reached Kong Bai, a crystalline radiance emanated out from Kong Bai’s body with a hum. Luo Yuan’s attack was reflected and shot back at Luo Yuan.

“Damn it!” His face fell. He was too clear on the strength of this attack.


He unleashed a terrifying might.

A new powerful attack was formed to neutralize the reflected attack. However, in this short instant when he was focused on dealing with the reflected attack, he saw Kong Bai’s elderly eyes aiming straight at him.


A shocking beam of light shot out from Kong Bai’s eyes, straight at Luo Yuan. This was the punishment that Kong Bai subjected upon anyone who answered his question incorrectly.

“Defend!” Luo Yuan hastily erected a defense. With his present strength, even a high-tier true god wouldn’t be able to harm…


Blood splattered everywhere before Luo Yuan could even finish his thought. The expression on his face went taut. With a blank look, he rubbed his cheek. Blood? He had actually been injured? He was somewhat dumbstruck. He was now a peak true god, yet he had actually been injured by a little beginner true god? He found this hard to believe. Was this due to his moment of weakness after defending against the reflected attack earlier? No, that was unlikely. After all, he had still successfully erected his defense.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled something. Defense-ignoring attack! That was the mirror’s attack! It ignored defenses! After fusing with Kong Bai, this ability had gone toward Kong Bai’s eyes. Now, this damnable titanium beam that Kong Bai shot out was in fact the mirror’s attack, one that ignored all defenses.

Luo Yuan cursed in anger. “Damn it!” Was this guy truly of the opinion that he could punish Luo Yuan?

Once again, that aged voice drifted over. “Excuse me. Who’s the most handsome man?”

Luo Yuan sneered. “Hehe.” This damnable fellow dared to provoke him? If Luo Yuan actually answered, Kong Bai would probably say something like “Correct. But I still have to attack you. Haha, what an idiot.”

Something that idiotic was indeed something Kong Bai was capable of.

Since Kong Bai had fused with the mirror, he surely had full control over this ability. Why did he insist on asking this pointless question? This was truly infuriating. Luo Yuan was truly angered by this provocation. He wiped the blood from his face. To the present him, a small injury like this was nothing. He turned around and immediately sent another attack toward Kong Bai. The mirror could reflect energy attacks, but what about physical attacks?

The elderly Kong Bai sighed. “Wrong answer. Why don’t any of you ever know the answer?”


With a single punch, the elderly Kong Bai punched into the ground. He started coughing up blood from the attack, yet in his eyes, that brilliant radiance was forming as usual.


The beam shot out, nearly penetrating Luo Yuan’s fist. The attack this time was even stronger than before. Evidently, when used on the same person, the damage this attack could deal would increase continuously. Despite this, Luo Yuan did not care.

Bang! Bang!

He continued raining punches down upon Kong Bai.