The Strongest Gene - Chapter 864 - Decisive Battle (1)

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Chapter 864: Decisive Battle (1)

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Qin Hai seemed to be studying a certain sword art. The moment he figured something out, he would have to kill and baptize his sword in blood. When he was in his studying phase, the gods who encountered him would be the lucky ones. At the thought of this, the hearts of the various gods ached. It seemed like now, Qin Hai was the scariest one of the three. Random acts of killing? What the hell?

They couldn’t wrap their heads around this. The only thing they knew for sure was that their lives in this world had suddenly become difficult. They only knew that now, the number of encounters with Kong Bai, Xu Fei, and Qin Hai had suddenly increased. It was quite a dramatic increase. It was said that Xu Fei, the water lover, had even appeared in the inner lands, where there were few bodies of water.

This rumor remained unconfirmed, as those who had seen him had all died. Only a certain god survived, a god who had been very far away from Xu Fei at that time. As for Kong Bai, it was said that he had become even weirder. At times, even if the gods disfigured themselves before claiming that Kong Bai was the most handsome one, he would still kill them. Nobody knew why this was.

Nobody knew what he was thinking. However, the gods were helpless. They weren’t his match at all. Suddenly, these three humans had become subjects of mystery. Their actions were truly too weird. Didn’t Xu Fei only kill where there was water? Didn’t Kong Bai only kill based on looks? Wasn’t Qin Hai focused on cultivation? As of this moment, the three had become unfathomable.

The only thing the various gods knew was that this world was now a terrifying place. At present, they were nothing like the almighty gods they had once been. They were more like brats longing for their mother’s milk, whining left and right and waiting for Luo Yuan’s reappearance.

After all, this world was presently too scary for them. For some reason, there were times when two different groups of people returned from two completely different directions and claimed to have both encountered Qin Hai. This further intensified the fear everyone was feeling. The gods that were supposed to be hunters were now trembling in fear. Like this, time passed slowly.

At a certain location that was the core of the time flow.

Luo Yuan, who had been cultivating for an unknown period of time, suddenly opened his eyes. At this instant, a terrifying power seethed within his body. His strength had returned to its peak. The grave injuries he had sustained all those years ago and had failed to heal had finally been healed. Moreover, his strength had increased, reaching a new height. This strength could surpass anybody, apart from the Creation God, including Ye.

He stood up. “Hehe. I am back.” A terrifying might pulsed out of his body. He was the only one who knew exactly how strong he was when he was at his peak. Everything had progressed as he’d planned. He had first destroyed this world before casting this world’s time into chaos. Then he had used the power of time to cultivate, to heal, and to reach the peak of his strength. However, he was aware that Chen Feng had done the same thing. If his guess was correct, Chen Feng should currently be…

Countless abilities began to operate within him. Soon, Chen Feng’s present strength was deduced: mid-tier true god. Indeed, Chen Feng had similarly moved up a stage. However, he was still too weak.

A disdainful smile formed on Luo Yuan’s face. “Time to end this.” This farce that had lasted several decades should end now.


He no longer hesitated. He stood up and prepared to charge toward Chen Feng.


The border he’d set around him for his cultivation dissolved. The moment he did that, he was alarmed. Around him were several dozen trembling gods. At present, they looked like beggars, each donning an incredibly sorry look.

Luo Yuan blanked. What was going on with these gods? In his plan, shouldn’t they be killing those from Chen Feng’s side? Oh, they should have finished that mission long ago. But their appearance…

The gods were overjoyed when they saw Luo Yuan. “Lord, you have finally returned.” They resembled beggars that had finally had their first full meal after years of hunger.

Luo Yuan calmed himself. “Yes. Where are the others?”

“Dead,” the gods lamented, “all dead.”

“Those damnable friends of Chen Feng’s are too scary.”

“Heavens, those three are as scary as the devil…”

“Even with several dozen major gods joining hands, we still couldn’t defeat them…”

The group of gods complained endlessly. Their words were disorderly, but Luo Yuan was able to capture the main point. Qin Hai’s group had all became true gods. Not only had they survived, but they had even emerged as true gods! Among Chen Feng’s friends, only that Wu Hui had died. He had accidentally died when encountering a time wave. As for the other three, they had all survived, become true gods, and slaughtered these gods.

Luo Yuan sank into silence. True gods! Three true gods! Since when were true gods so common? Even though he was already a peak true god, far surpassing them in strength, this stage was an extremely terrifying stage. Why had the three of them obtained strength matching that of a true god? Luo Yuan couldn’t wrap his head around this.

However, he knew why his subordinates had failed to become true gods. They were all gods he had rapidly produced out of a mold. They were no different than manufactured gods. It was already very good for them to have been able to become major gods. To become true gods? That was nigh impossible.

Luo Yuan looked around at the world of time. “Is it because of the new environment in this world?” This was the best environment for him to heal and grow, to truly reach the peak of the true-god stage. However, this environment had also given his enemies the chance to grow, creating three enemies at the true-god stage. Of course, Luo Yuan was still of the opinion that those three were useless weaklings. He stood up.

“Lord.” The gods looked at him, trembling all the time.

“Hehe.” Luo Yuan merely laughed lightly. Next, he spun a certain button on his wristband.


Suddenly, all the gods began coughing up blood. They stared at Luo Yuan, unbelieving look on their faces. Finally, they all fell to the ground, their wristbands blood red. Luo Yuan had killed everyone.

“When you people can’t even finish your mission, there is no longer any point to your continued existence,” Luo Yuan said emotionlessly. After all, he had way too many of these manufactured gods. Out of 1,000 of them, only several dozen were left. What was the point of keeping these pieces of trash?

They wouldn’t be able to participate in the coming battle anyway; they would only drag him down. Moreover, they might even be manipulated by Chen Feng. Therefore, Luo Yuan had decided to clean them up. Now, his target was clear. There were only four enemies remaining. Chen Feng, Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and Xu Fei. Killing them would end everything. Now, these four were the only ones in the way of him becoming a world controller.

His eyes shone. “Time to end this.” He was sure that these four had gotten in touch with each other. Although their movements seemed completely random and they seemed to appear at completely different locations, this was, after all, a small world. With their strength, it wouldn’t be hard for them to communicate through thought transmissions.

Therefore, these four were most certainly preparing for the final battle as well. This battle would be against a mid-tier true god, Chen Feng, and three beginner-tier true gods. How pitifully weak.

Luo Yuan smiled. “Let’s end this.” He stepped into the void, charging directly toward Chen Feng. Since, compared to him, all four of them were weaklings, he had decided to first end the weakling with the largest effect on him. This was certainly the correct choice.


Suddenly, space trembled as a terrifying power swept past. Luo Yuan’s charge toward Chen Feng was forcefully intercepted. Right in the middle of the shockwave, a frail figure stepped out. He looked at Luo Yuan before flashing a grin.

“Excuse me. Who is the most handsome man?”