The Strongest Gene - Chapter 861 - Time Kill

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Chapter 861: Time Kill

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

After a millennium, Qin Hai’s gaze radiated the vicissitudes of life. Only after personally stepping into this area did he realize how fast the flow of time was. Even his consciousness, which had undergone a transformation, couldn’t leave this place. Duma was extremely familiar with the laws of time. Therefore, Duma had once altered Qin Hai’s consciousness, allowing him to survive from ancient times until the present era, becoming the leader of the Mysterious Organization.

Qin Hai had a certain amount of immunity to the power of time. That was why the reversed time flow hadn’t erased him from existence. After his time was reversed many years into the past, his change had ultimately stopped at the child stage. At moment, Qin Hai had come up with his very own unique plan.

He wanted to cultivate, to cultivate using this region of flowing time. Only this would allow him to tread a path unique to him alone. He was someone who had once been crippled. This had always remained his biggest regret. Even though he had gone back in time and used a unique method to eventually become an expert, it hadn’t been the perfect solution to his problem. Due to him being crippled, his potential had become extremely poor. Therefore, he had slowly been overtaken by Chen Feng.

He, too, had once been one of the chosen, a proud son pampered by the heavens. Yet now, Chen Feng had far surpassed him, to the point that he wasn’t even qualified to look up to Chen Feng anymore. This was a pain he had been hiding in the depths of his heart. He had a love for swords, yet due to the circumstances surrounding his body, he could not walk the path of the sword.

Now, he was given a new start. Bringing him back to his youth, the reversed time flow had granted him the perfect opportunity. The little degree of time immunity he possessed had preserved his sense of self. The only change aspect of him that time had been able to alter was his physical body. A body brimming with potential was returned to him.

Therefore, Qin Hai had taken the initiative to enter the terrifying region of flowing time. Equipped with a sword in his hand and a cultivation manual in his heart, he had begun to walk forward, one step at a time. From a child, he reached old age. Eventually, his body began to wither, yet his sword was still as resplendent as ever. He was holding the sword up. With his life, the sword was held up.

“Chen Feng. I will not allow you to leave me behind. I, Qin Hai, am not willing to keep being baggage.”

His crooked body was host to a pair of resolute eyes. Finally, he walked out of the region of flowing time.

After a millennium, even his body, which was somewhat immune to the power of time, appeared to be on the verge of collapse. His body was extremely withered, yet his eyes were shining resplendently. Sword in hand, he strode forth one step at a time. At this time, the gods were still watching. This result had somewhat surpassed their expectations. After all, the flow of time in that region was obviously somewhat abnormal. Why had the flowing time not erased Qin Hai? With such fast-flowing time, Qin Hai was still alive? That was inconceivable.

“I thought the humans only had a life span of several hundred years?”

“That is correct.”

“But… since he is still alive, are we going to let him go just like that?”

They looked at their leader. Let Qin Hai go? That was not possible. There were so many of them here, so how could they allow a mere mortal to leave just like this? This was especially true since they had encountered a mere child, and even now, their target was but an old man.

“If Qin Hai can survive that region, the same should apply to us. Kill him!” the leader said, a cold gleam in his eyes.



With a flash, a certain god took the lead and stepped into the region of flowing time. However, the instant he entered, his face fell. The speed time was flowing at here was…


The same expression appeared on the other gods’ faces. Time was flowing so fast here that it was terrifying.

The various gods were horrified.

“What’s going on?”

“If it was truly this speed, how did Qin Hai survive?”

“The time flow is definitely different across this region,” a god concluded. “If even a mortal like Qin Hai can survive this place, what is there to fear for us? Look at the swirling radiance in this region. Each radiance is different. Therefore, the flow of time should be different as well. Don’t hesitate here. As we continue forward, the speed time is flowing at will surely decrease.”

At this time, a certain god stepped forward. Instantly, an expression of joy appeared on his face. “Time is indeed flowing more slowly here.”

“Sure enough.”

The various gods exchanged glances. In this region, time was indeed flowing at varying speeds.

Since that was the case, they no longer needed to be anxious.

They exchanged glances and made up their minds.

“Charge forth and capture Qin Hai.”

“That’s right.”


The gods charged forth, each of them transforming into a streak. They moved as fast as lightning. They were all gods, after all; how fast could they move? Unimaginably fast. Alas, as they moved like lightning, the instant they reached the deepest part of the region, horror appeared on their faces. The flow of time here… After charging forth, the flow of time only decreased slightly before intensifying many times over.

The flow of time here was ten times greater than in the starting area. Their strength grew multiple times over. Alas, the same expression of horror was still on their faces.

“This is bad!”

“This godly power…”

“Damn it. The flow is too fast.”


“Are you trying to die? If we retreat now, the flow of time will be further amplified. Our only option is to continue charging forth. Since Qin Hai could survive this, it means that forward, time will flow backward.”

“Yes, that must be the case.”

They were filled with anticipation. As such, they could only continue on, since they had no other option anyway. Retreating would only result in their death. They had to continue forward, just like Qin Hai. After all, even Qin Hai, the mortal, had survived this, so what about them, the gods?

Shua! Shua!

Numerous figures streaked toward Qin Hai. However, what happened was completely different from what they’d expected. The flow of time was still intensifying. It became stronger and stronger, and the speed they were moving at become faster and faster. This rate of growth was so great that they despaired.

Swish! Swish!

Their speed was still increasing. With the increase in their strength, this increased speed was out of their control. They could only stare blankly as they neared Qin Hai as their physical bodies continued to age without stop. Finally, their bodies began to wither.

Ultimately, they transformed into nothingness. Each of the rapid streaks of light transformed into nothingness just as they were about to leave this region of flowing time. They all died of old age.

Before his death, a certain god indignantly howled, “Not possible! I am a god! I have a life span of 7,500 years!”

He truly couldn’t believe that he was to die here.

“I have a life span of 9,000 years,” a different god said with his eyes shut. Indeed, he managed to advance 10 meters more than the other god. These 10 meters were equivalent to 1,500 years.

Shua! Shua!

The various streaks transformed into nothingness right as they were about to reach Qin Hai. Each of them was a god. They transformed into countless light particles before dissipating, truly dying, each blooming like fireworks in their moment of death.

Qin Hai’s mouth curled up into a smile. “How… beautiful.”

The fireworks of gods. Tsk tsk. What a sight to behold. He smiled. His figure appeared even more crooked now. With some difficulty, he stepped forth. The sword in his hand was still shining brightly. Slowly, he walked away.