The Strongest Gene - Chapter 852 - Luo Yuan’s Realization

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Chapter 852: Luo Yuan’s Realization

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At this time, in the enormous Kingdom of Luo Yuan, Luo Yuan had finally awakened. He was way too used to be high and mighty and unequaled. When the strongest of others had not even amounted to one percent of his strength, he had become totally fearless and hadn’t cared about anyone else.

Because of this, he had become egotistical and arrogant. The only thing he had cared about was controlling the world. Everything else had been irrelevant. Qin Hai? Wang Chun? He had not cared about them. If not for the destruction of his clone, Luo Yuan wouldn’t even have cared about the alien worlds. After all, the alien worlds could never truly descend to this world. As such, he had not needed to care.

Despite that, controlling the world wasn’t an easy feat. He hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that he was being extremely passive. However, he hadn’t been able to find the source of this feeling no matter what and had only been able to give up on trying to figure it out. Now, when he once again had the same guess, he confirmed it with his Luck Aura immediately.

“Is Chen Feng still alive?”

After a long time, Luck Aura gave him the correct answer. Chen Feng was still alive. That’s right, he had confirmed Chen Feng’s status many times, yet this time, he received a completely different answer. Luo Yuan laughed. So it is indeed you!

At this moment, his line of thought became unprecedentedly clear. The appearance of the mysterious person, the disappearance of his clone, Wang Chun’s alien world, the connection with Ming Yue, the existence of Xiao Ying… At this instant, all of his information overlapped to give him the full picture.

A cruel smile formed on Luo Yuan’s face. So it turned out the crux of him obtaining control over this world was still with Chen Feng. He did not do anything rash when he realized this, nor did he rage about. After all, the anger he should vent had been vented a long time ago. When he found that Chen Feng was still alive, Luo Yuan entered his highest state of vigilance, the vigilance he used to have. Also returning to him was also the supreme intelligence he had relied on all those years ago.

“You have been hiding for me just so you can become a true god.”

Slowly, Luo Yuan joined all the clues together, and in a short few minutes, Chen Feng’s goals were thoroughly analyzed by him.

“You destroyed my clone to stop him from syncing with me. Otherwise, the instant you attempted to ascend to the true-god stage, I would know.

“So this is your real goal. You can’t destroy my clone yourself. Therefore, you tricked me into forming a new clone so as to collapse him. I see.”

A smile crept onto Luo Yuan’s face. He had fallen for this trick. However, it was still not too late, as he had still ultimately discovered Chen Feng’s secret. At the same time, he had also discovered the true reason for his failure to obtain full control over the world even after so many years.

In fact, he felt somewhat relieved now that he had realized this. The unknown was the only thing that could give him the jitters. Now, he was clear that so long as Chen Feng was killed, this would end.

“Crystal Palace! He is hiding there!”

Luo Yuan was sure. His instinctive reaction was to charge into that world. However, this thought only lasted momentarily, as he had suddenly recalled another familiar person: Ye. Back then, had Ye fallen to that alien world by himself, or had he been banished there? Since Ye had prepared to rebel back then, his strength had to have reached a sufficient level. Perhaps he had even reached a level capable of contending against the Creation God.

However, he had still suffered defeat. Why was that? Had Ye been stupid? Clearly not. With the years he had spent in preparation, the preparation had to have been completed by the time he decided to act. If so, why had he suffered defeat? Based on Luo Yuan’s guess, Ye might have chased after some enemy to the Twin-Horns World only to have the enemy destroy all the connections between the two worlds. And thus, Ye had suffered the fate of an eternal banishment.

Slowly, Ye’s strength had dropped. Without the power of faith, he’d had no choice but to sink into slumber. This had lasted until a new life-form came into being on that world. Thus, Luo Yuan was sure that if he dared to enter The world of The Crystal Palace, the same fate would befall him. Chen Feng would first sever all connections. Next, he would ensure they both suffered mutual annihilation. Based on Luo Yuan’s understanding of Chen Feng, Chen Feng was indeed someone both willing and capable enough to do something like that.

Luo Yuan sighed. “What a righteous main character.” At times, these righteous characters were truly annoying. Chen Feng would truly choose to perish together with Luo Yuan for the sake of humanity. However, such righteous characters also had a fatal weakness. Hehe. Luo Yuan stood up with a cold gaze.

“Capture everyone from the Genetic Union, Gene Production Association, and Research Agency,” Luo Yuan commanded.


His command was carried out speedily. As far as these people were concerned, humankind was but one of the various races in existence. And thus, members of those three organizations, numbering in the several hundred thousands, were captured and brought to the public square in the Kingdom of Luo Yuan. These were all people that once had some sort of connection with Chen Feng.

“Tell them that Chen Feng is still alive,” Luo Yuan said cruelly. “If they want to stay alive, pray to Chen Feng to return. Force him to fight a battle with me. After all, he is already a true god, right?”

Luo Yuan was very happy. If Chen Feng were not yet a true god, this method wouldn’t work. However, he was already a true god. Therefore, he had to come. At the very least, for these normal life-forms, the battle between Chen Feng and Luo Yuan would be one between two true gods.

“Righteousness kills, right?” Luo Yuan said with a faint smile. Chen Feng, how long can you keep hiding, with these people that were once close to you dying for your sake? Hehe. There were several hundred thousand of them… Within were figures such as the president, the deputy president, and Chen Feng’s friends from the Gene Production Association, as well as his seniors and various other humans he was so familiar with. Could he endure this?

Luo Yuan knew Chen Feng all too well. If Chen Feng were not a true god, he would have no choice but to endure this so he could avenge them in the future. Now, though, since Chen Feng was already a true god… hehe. How long could he endure? The smile never left Luo Yuan’s face. He was sure that Chen Feng would definitely come.

“Prepare for battle,” he commanded his underlings. He was going to prepare everything to face this so-called true god. He was going to return to Chen Feng the grief he had suffered for more than 30 years!

“Chen Feng. I will let you know that even between true gods, there are still differences.” Luo Yuan was filled with confidence. After all, he was one only a step away from becoming a world controller. How could Chen Feng compare to him?

Thereupon, in the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, everything was prepared. He stood on standby, waiting for Chen Feng’s arrival. Alas, after one who day, Chen Feng had yet to appear.

“Hmph.” Luo Yuan sneered. “Kill some of them.”


Over ten thousand people were cut down like they were grass. The next day, Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen.

“Continue killing,” Luo Yuan commanded coldly. Alas, shocking him, after continuous deaths, Chen Feng was still missing. The seemingly righteous Chen Feng had suddenly become cold blooded. Kill! Kill! Kill! Luo Yuan started killing everyone. Rivers of blood flowed on the public square, and yet Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen.

This gave Luo Yuan an ominous feeling. Could it be that he had made an error in judgment? Had he reached this conclusion due to yet another one of the many misconceptions his enemy had thrown his way? No, that wasn’t possible! He had been wrong for over 30 years. This time, there was no way he was wrong. Chen Feng was definitely still alive. Luo Yuan was very confident in his gut.

But then, why had Chen Feng not appeared? Luo Yuan’s thoughts moved rapidly. In his state of high vigilance, his mind spun at a speed surpassing his previous self. With “Chen Feng still alive” as the foundation, he started deducing. Why had Chen Feng not come? Did he not care about those people? Unless… their deaths were not real deaths? But they had obviously died for real!

Under what circumstance would their deaths be fake? Suddenly, Luo Yuan realized something. Time! At this very instant, he gazed toward the sky. There, his final roots were planted. A thought flashed through his mind. Like thunder, his mind roared. Instantly, Luo Yuan’s mind cleared. So it turned out Chen Feng was trying to get his hands on the power of time! He was looking for Wang Yao! Even though Luo Yuan had not received an intruder alert from his palace, he was able to confirm with his formidable deduction capabilities that Chen Feng’s next goal was outer space!