The Strongest Gene - Chapter 851 - Outer Space

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Chapter 851: Outer Space

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the boundless darkness that was outer space, several faint silhouettes appeared. This was precisely Chen Feng’s group.

Chen Yuan had a faint smile as he asked, “Are you truly so cold blooded?”

News of what Luo Yuan had done recently had spread everywhere.

Chen Feng glanced over. “What is the point of being bothered by that?” In this final battle, if he emerged victorious, the entire world would be changed. Everything could be reversed. Whether those people died or not, it did not matter. And if he was the loser, everyone would die anyway. If so, did it matter whether they died sooner or later? Chen Feng was one who cared deeply about those close to him. However, he was also extremely calm.

“Luo Yuan will notice this very soon,” Chen Yuan said emotionlessly. He was the only one who knew how terrifying Luo Yuan could be when he was serious. The speed at which he processed his thoughts far surpassed ordinary people. A scheme like this was something he could easily see through. Since he was aware that Chen Feng was still alive, he would definitely be able to deduce Chen Feng’s real goal soon enough.

With a cold gaze, Chen Feng said, “Therefore, we are relying on the time gap. Before he arrives, settle everything.”

There in outer space, nothing could be seen. However, they were clear that a huge concealed region had been constructed here. This was Luo Yuan’s territory, also where Wang Yao was imprisoned.

“Here it comes!” Chen Yuan said.


He waved his hand. A faint radiance flashed out. Next, some rays of light appeared, and everything became clearer and clearer. Ultimately, an immense space emerged before them.


The ice-cold radiance shone brightly. Here in outer space was actually an immense palace.

“Ah.” Chen Feng looked around. “Luo Yuan, you sure love your palaces.”

This was, in fact, a space station that had been constructed in the shape of a palace. As the founder of the Stormtech Company, Luo Yuan was very well versed in science and technology. Naturally, from its appearance, this was just a crude palace. It was huge and imposing. If they followed the road in front of them, they would be able to easily enter the palace. At the entrance was a restriction that seemed particularly powerful.

Chen Feng looked at Chen Yuan. “Can you remove the restriction?”

“No way.” Chen Yuan shook his head as, in a low voice, he said, “This restriction is bait. Near the restriction, many temperature sensors and detectors have been installed.”

Chen Feng: “…”

Had this been created through the combination of technology and godly power? What in the world? Luo Yuan was so powerful, yet he was still using such cheap tricks?

“After all, sensors are relatively unknown and are hard to detect. They also won’t release any energy fluctuations. As such, it is actually the best choice here.” In a low voice, Chen Yuan continued, “In any case, he does not intend for these security measures to stop intruders. He only needs to be notified that an intruder has appeared. That alone is sufficient.”

“Mm.” Chen Feng nodded in understanding. Clearly, if he wanted to avoid detection, he had to first prevent his body temperature from leaking.

“The surroundings of this palace seem similar to that of a planet.” Chen Feng had a pensive look when he noticed this. Within the palace, there were a lot of flowers and other vegetation. Evidently, the ecology within the palace was normal. They could even see rabbits wondering about. As such, this was definitely a place one could breathe normally.

“Indeed.” Chen Yuan paused before adding, “However, I do not recommend breathing in the air here.”

“Oh?” Chen Feng was once again amazed. There were sensors here as well?

“Yes. The quality and proportion of the air components here have a constant value. The moment you breathe in the air here, the value will change. And then… the palace will self destruct. Moreover, Luo Yuan will probably arrive shortly after as well.”

Chen Feng: “…”

He glanced over at the distant restriction, his body sweating profusely. What in the world? Normally, when people discovered ruins or a dungeon, wouldn’t they then enter by breaking the restrictions one by one? Luo Yuan was truly somewhat excessive with his sensors. For him, the restrictions were merely bait. These seemingly useless sensors were the actual trap.

“What else is there? Just tell me all at once,” Chen Feng said with a sigh.

“Sensors.” Chen Yuan pondered and continued, “Within the palace, sensors are everywhere. It is impossible for Luo Yuan to focus on the sensors at all times. As such, back then, he put in place some fixed rules. For example, the moment a mobile life-form is detected, regardless of size, the alarm is triggered. Another example is the rabbits. If any of the rabbits die, the alarm will be triggered. In this sensory net established by Luo Yuan, these rabbits are the only beings capable of moving freely. Therefore, they have to stay alive.”

Chen Feng listened on in silence. This was obviously a place that no normal person could find. In other words, apart from Luo Yuan himself, nobody else should ever come here. Even so, he had such strict security measures installed? Why?

“To be safe. He is used to preparing for everything. Moreover, the security measures here are not just installed as a precaution against outsiders. They are here to keep Wang Yao in check as well,” Chen Yuan explained.

Chen Feng finally understood. “Oh. In short, these rabbits are only here to prove that one can breathe normally in place. This will lure others over so that they can be killed?”

Chen Yuan shook his head. “No. The rabbits are part of the sensory network as well. They are all fake rabbits, and their bodies laden with sensors.”

Chen Feng: “…”

What a trap. Luo Yuan was a god, right? He possessed supreme godly power! Could he not set up some powerful restrictions or something like that instead? Sensors? Monitoring? How cheap. Chen Feng wanted to curse at Luo Yuan. Alas, it was precisely these cheap methods of Luo Yuan’s that were rendering Chen Feng helpless now. He had no way of dealing with them except for breaking in with force.

He looked at Chen Yuan. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Nope.” Chen Yuan spread his hands. “Even in the past, when I or Luo Yuan came, we entered while the alarms blazed nonstop around us.”

Chen Feng: “…Let me give it some thought.”

His head ached. At present, so long as he took a single step in, Luo Yuan would notice him. Naturally, it was only a matter of time. However, Chen Feng was still intending to make use of the time difference. Since becoming a true god, he hadn’t done anything. The first thing he had done was rush here. All this was to make use of the time he had before Luo Yuan realized what his real plan was. Alas, the sensors here were truly quite troublesome.

Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “What if everything is frozen?”

If all the sensors were frozen, perhaps…

“You won’t be able to freeze them.” Chen Yuan pointed ahead. “Apart from the sensors, this place is also laden with godly power, which Luo Yuan personally granted this palace during its construction.”

“Fine.” Chen Feng had indeed forgotten about this. However, there did not seem to be any other alternatives? He focused his gaze. Suddenly, he thought of something. “Chen Yuan. Although you are completely separated from Luo Yuan now, at the very least, these sensors here won’t be able to differentiate between the two of you, right? If so, can you intercept the transmission of information to Luo Yuan? After all, it isn’t possible for two real Luo Yuans to exist. If this were before, the moment you received the transmission, Luo Yuan would have received it as well. You two were synced together, after all. Therefore, Luo Yuan shouldn’t have set this up in a way that multiple transmissions would be sent, right? In other words, you can be the one to receive all the transmissions here.”

When Chen Yuan heard this, his eyes brightened.