The Strongest Gene - Chapter 849 - That Damnable Friend!

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Chapter 849: That Damnable Friend!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng did not get involved in the affairs of Chen Yuan and Lian Er. He merely watched on silently. He had been waiting for so long. It did not matter if he had to wait even longer. And thus, Chen Feng waited until Chen Yuan took the initiative to seek him out.

“So you’re done preparing?” Chen Feng asked with a faint smile.

Chen Yuan nodded. “Yes.” He had known for a long time that, since Chen Feng had tried to subdue him, there had to be something he needed to do. As such, he had been spending all his time with the young lady recently.

“We will succeed,” Chen Feng said with a calm smile. The contract of life and death alone was insufficient to guarantee that everything would be fine. They first had to ensure that the feelings between Chen Yuan and Lian Er had developed enough before setting Chen Yuan free. As such, a year had passed in such a fashion. Chen Feng believed that Chen Yuan was also aware of this.

Chen Feng smiled calmly as he asked, “You don’t have an issue with me?”

Chen Yuan was very calm. “Although you have restricted me with the life and death contract and some other methods, I don’t have any have an issue with this. After all, I witnessed half of your life through the wristband. So long as I don’t betray your cause, you will not harm me. This alone is sufficient for me.”

Chen Feng chuckled as he heard these words. It was quite unexpected that his prestige was useful even against a villain.

“What exactly are you planning to do?” Chen Yuan was curious. If Chen Feng could breakthrough into the true-god stage, he wouldn’t need Chen Yuan anymore, right? After all, he only needed to hide from Luo Yuan. Perhaps he was intending to have Chen Yuan protect him while he broke through?

“Becoming a true god is only the first step of my plan.” Chen Feng’s gaze became resolute. “Without you, Luo Yuan will never find out what happened here. The only thing he will know is that somewhere, someone is becoming a true god. That’s all.

“However, with Luo Yuan’s character, he will most certainly set forth to investigate. Therefore, The Crystal Palace must return to the alien world as soon as possible so as to not allow Luo Yuan to discover this world. Otherwise, things will get dangerous,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Yuan agreed with this. Now that he had family here, he had to take note of the safety of this place as well. The plan was made clear to him. The first step was to connect this world with the outside world. Chen Feng would then begin to break through. The second step was to sever the connection between this world and the outside world before Luo Yuan could arrive. He would most certainly set forth after sensing that someone was breaking through. And the third step was to reach outer space.

“Outer space?” Suddenly, Chen Yuan understood something. There in outer space, someone was waiting for Chen Feng. Wang Yao! Wang Yao was part of the crucial step of Luo Yuan’s plan to rewind time.

Chen Yuan shook his head. “A huge trap has been set there by Luo Yuan.”

If Chen Feng could think of something, Luo Yuan had long considered it. As such, a trap had been set there. If Chen Feng dared to go to outer space, it would be no different than suicide. The type of trap that Luo Yuan had set there was something that might even kill Luo Yuan himself. He would not allow anyone to undo the trap, not even Wang Yao.

In Luo Yuan’s plan, only after he had gained full control over the world would he have the strength to undo this trap. Before that, even Luo Yuan himself would not be able to undo the trap. Therefore, this was a trap that would show no mercy even to the trapper. As for Chen Feng, he definitely wouldn’t be able to make it. Even after breaking through into the true-god stage, he still wouldn’t be able to do it.

“That is why I need you,” Chen Feng said with a bright gaze.


Suddenly, Chen Yuan realized something. So this was the actual reason Chen Feng had wanted him to switch sides.

No matter what, that was a place that had been built by Luo Yuan himself. Even that trap had been personally produced by him. Therefore, he was clear on every single trap there. He knew every single energy in use there as well. Moreover, there were even some traps that he could deactivate. This would greatly reduce the difficulty of breaking into that place.

This was what Chen Feng wanted. Finally, Chen Yuan understood Chen Feng’s reasoning. Perhaps, the moment Chen Yuan stepped foot into this world, Chen Feng had already been thinking of recruiting him. Killing him was just an excuse Chen Feng had used to threaten him.

“Worthy of being Chen Feng indeed.”

He was somewhat filled with admiration. Now that they were no longer hostile to each other, his issues with Chen Feng had lessened. However, even with his help, that place was still laden with danger.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “I understand.” He had been preparing for so long. Wasn’t it precisely for this?

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. Wang Yao… here I come! Instantly, he stood up and stepped into the void. His next step was to become a true god.

At this time, in the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, the internal disorder had long been dealt with. The so-called new kingdom was but a joke. It had appeared grand yet hadn’t been able to withstand even a single blow. Despite this, Luo Yuan still felt uneasy. Why? Because he couldn’t understand it. His clone was dead? Why? How? And what had happened on that alien world?

He had way too many questions. He kept feeling like he had overlooked something. Moreover, he felt like it was something extremely important. Due to him neglecting this something, he had fallen behind at every step. He felt like he was in an extremely passive situation now. This gave him an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

“What have I missed?”

Luo Yuan thought about it for a long time. Alas, even after a year of pondering, he was still lost. He did not know why he had lost his powerful deduction and inference ability. He did not know why his omnipotent Luck Aura had failed to see anything.

Why? He did not know. He clearly had no opponents anymore. However… what was up with that mysterious person? And what happened to his clone? Luo Yuan was getting twitchy. Ye had died. Chen Feng had died as well. And yet he was stuck on such trifling affairs. He raised his head. Beneath this sky, he was the strongest. However, something was still provoking him.

Luo Yuan tried using Luck Aura. “Luck Aura! Tell me, where is the source of this?”


Nothingness. That’s right. Luck Aura couldn’t see anything.

“So… the source is still from an alien world?”

Luo Yuan sighed. He had already tried investigating this numerous times, yet he had never gained anything. Therefore, the only answer was that his clone was the source of his discomfort. Why, though? Luo Yuan still couldn’t understand. Naturally, the main source was definitely that damnable Wang Chun. So long as he killed Wang Chun, the alien world would disappear.

“Where is Wang Chun?” Luo Yuan asked. Nothingness was his answer.

Luo Yuan clenched his fists tightly. “So Wang Chun is also on the alien world?”

Those damnable clowns. So the source of all this was Wang Chun? Luo Yuan calmed his twitchy heart and focused all his hatred on Wang Chun. After all, Wang Chun was the only logical answer to all this. At the very least, this was a more reliable answer than continuing to guess blindly. He couldn’t believe that he had previously thought of something as ridiculous as Chen Feng’s resurrection.

He had even used his Luck Aura to confirm once again that Chen Feng was indeed dead. Therefore, he could only reach the conclusion that despite being dead, Chen Feng continued to disgust him. Naturally, he might have been led into this line of thought by Wang Chun’s actions as well.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan understood. “True. That must be it. They are trying to make me think that Chen Feng is still alive to plant fear in me. They are not aware that I can confirm Chen Feng’s death at any time. That is why they have done what they have done. They are trying to imitate the feeling Chen Feng usually gives off.”

With this, all his questions could be answered. Mhm. That had to be it. All this was their work. With his intelligence, Luo Yuan easily saw through their scheme. As he thought back, these schemes indeed gave off the similar feeling to Chen Feng’s schemes. Why? Well, because Wang Chun was trying to make him think that. No, hold on. Wang Chun was not capable of this. In Luo Yuan’s memories, the only person capable of this was a certain person, the one most familiar with Chen Feng: Qin Hai!

That damnable close friend of Chen Feng’s!