The Strongest Gene - Chapter 847 - Sink

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Chapter 847: Sink

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

After completing his plan, Chen Feng had returned to the world of The Crystal Palace.

Chen Feng smiled. “Luo Yuan should be rather stupefied, right?”

For the past few days, he had been using the identity of “Luo Yuan’s clone” to establish a brand new kingdom. Then, before the moment of the decisive battle, he had departed in secret. Luo Yuan was probably still stupefied even now.

Chen Feng had never intended to fight Luo Yuan. In any case, he couldn’t defeat Luo Yuan. So long as his plan was completed, it was fine for him to return. And now…

Chen Feng looked at around. His gaze stopped on a cage, the cage containing Luo Yuan. At this moment, this clone, who had been never stopped throwing insults at Chen Feng, appeared dazed, merely staring ahead blankly in the cage. His eyes appeared empty and blank.

“How’s the situation?” Chen Feng asked.

“He’s been like this since yesterday,” Wang Chun said with a shrug.

Chen Feng understood immediately. “Oh, that’s when he was abandoned by the real body.”

When Luo Yuan heard this, he abruptly turned toward Chen Feng. “What did you do?” He couldn’t believe this. He and Luo Yuan were the same person, and yet Chen Feng had been able to put a division between them? Chen Feng had been able to so easily make the real body give up on him?

“Mhm…” Chen Feng gave it some thought before explaining. “I pretended to be you and established a brand new kingdom.”


The clone’s expression changed greatly. A new… kingdom?

“No! How is that possible?” The clone suddenly raged. “It’s impossible for you to pretend to be me. Even if you can assume my appearance and voice, the unique connection between me and him is something you can never feign.”

“Why would I need that connection?” Chen Feng was wearing a smile that was not at all smile-like. “In any case, the connection between you two has been severed, right?”

“No synchronization…” The clone blanked shortly before finally understanding everything. He was extremely intelligent person as well. With a single hint from Chen Feng, he was able to reach a terrifying conclusion. If this was indeed the truth… He slumped down weakly. It was no wonder that his real body had suddenly abandoned him.

If he were in the same position, if he’d been betrayed by his clone, what would he do? He wouldn’t just stop at that. He would create a new clone, reinforce his control over the clone. He was certain that, for the new clone, so long as the connection was severed for a fixed amount of time, the new clone would self-destruct. Luo Yuan was not someone who would permit betrayal.

Naturally, Luo Yuan didn’t know that The Crystal Palace was a weak world. This world was so weak that they couldn’t even kill a captured clone.

Chen Feng had made use of Luo Yuan’s lack of understanding of The Crystal Palace. He had been especially assured after hearing from this clone what Luo Yuan had experienced in the world of Godly Model Creator. He was sure that Luo Yuan would not dare to come here. This was his biggest advantage against Luo Yuan.

“Yet you still failed to kill me for real, right?” The clone merely looked at Chen Feng coldly. The situation now was somewhat different from the plan. One could say that he could understand what Chen Feng had done up to now; Chen Feng had needed to ensure that the main body would give up on the clone. Had Chen Feng’s goal not been to make the real body abandon the clone, resulting in the clone’s death so he could break through into the true god stage?

Why, then? Why had Chen Feng not transmitted the real body’s thought to this world so as to complete the destruction? The clone was unable to make sense of this. After all, he had been prepared to transmit all his information to the real body the moment a connection was established with the real world. With that, even if he’d had to die, he would have had no regrets.

Unfortunately, no such opportunity had come. Chen Feng had not bothered to try to establish a link between the two worlds. Nor had he allowed this clone to die completely.

“What are you planning to do?” the clone howled.

“You are Luo Yuan.” Chen Feng smiled. “Although you are just a clone, one somewhat weaker than the real body, you are still Luo Yuan. With Luo Yuan’s intelligence, how could you not have made any preparations to strike back at me? I believe that, during the moment of your destruction, you will be able to transmit everything that has happened here to him, right?” Chen Feng had a faint smile on his face.

The clone’s eyes went wide. How had he figured this out?

“I do not know what your plan is,” Chen Feng continued calmly. “However, I will not take such a risk.”

The clone sneered. “Therefore, you still can’t kill me.” This trip of Chen Feng’s had been for the sake of killing him. Since he was still alive, hadn’t Chen Feng done all that work for nothing?

“No.” Chen Feng had a grin on his face. “You are Luo Yuan! Are you truly willing to forever stay a mere clone? Are you willing to be imprisoned here forever? Hehe. If it was in the past, this would not matter. But now that you have been abandoned and a new clone has replaced you, even if you re-appear, you will be useless and will still be killed by him. Therefore… are you interested in working for me?” Chen Feng asked emotionlessly.

The clone nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood in his anger when he heard this. What in the world was this? Coaxing him to work for Chen Feng? He looked at Chen Feng with the same gaze he’d used when looking at that idiot from the neighboring village when he was young.

How was this possible? He was a clone of Luo Yuan. Even though he wasn’t a proper clone now, he still shared the same memories and intelligence as the real body. Submit to Chen Feng? No way!

“Are you sure?” The grin was still on Chen Feng’s face. “You and Luo Yuan are now two different individuals. You two are no longer capable of syncing with each other. At most, you will only be able to transmit one-way information to him. Even that will depend on whether he is willing to accept your information in the first place.”

The clone sneered. “So what?”

“You still don’t understand,” Chen Feng said with a smile. “I’ve already heard your story. I even investigated it somewhat. Moreover, I have also withdrawn all the data from the gene bank to complete a rather amazing undertaking.”

The clone sneered. “Hehe. What does that have to do with me?” He knew that this scammer Chen Feng was trying to scam him once again. He understood Chen Feng way too well. Therefore, he would not be coaxed by Chen Feng. Right at this instant, Chen Feng waved his hand in a certain direction.


And from there, a lass walked over. She took graceful steps forward. That familiar appearance of hers was so very intoxicating. With a single glance, a deafening boom resounded in Luo Yuan’s head, and his heart started pounding madly. This was… that flower-like young lady!

Luo Yuan stood up abruptly. “You… how is this possible…”

No, this is fake! This is fake!

The clone was certain.

“Is he the one you mentioned? The lover from my previous life?”

The young lass curled her lips. Her eyes, which seemed capable of speaking, brimmed with satisfaction. “Why does he look so stupid?”

That smile and that face caused Luo Yuan to sink into a state of infatuation. Both seemed completely the same as the woman he remembered.

“Think carefully,” Chen Feng suddenly muttered by his ear. “You are completely independent of the original Luo Yuan now. You are two different individuals now. If time is indeed reversed, will the flower-like young lass be yours or his? In the past, you were essentially one. As such, you never cared. What about now? He enjoys the joys of victory while you can only watch on helplessly as your loved one lies in his embrace? This young lass… is one you will think of even in your dreams…”


The clone’s heart pounded as he heard these words. True, even if the plan succeeded, what would it have to do with him? He knew that these devil-like whisperings of Chen Feng’s were meant to tempt him, yet he couldn’t help but fall for this temptation.